All Tests – Norge GT 8V first test: Moto Guzzi tweaks its road – Surprising handling

Norge GT 8V first test: Moto Guzzi tweaks its road

All Tests - Norge GT 8V first test: Moto Guzzi tweaks its road - Surprising handling

Five years after the arrival of its road called Norge 1200 GT in homage to the 1928 model, Moto Guzzi decides in 2011 to improve its Gran Turismo: the new Norge GT 8V is intended to be more efficient, from all points of view.. Contact: first try !

Surprising handling

Imposing perched on its power plant, the Norge GT 8V is waiting for only one thing: to devour the hundred kilometers of our road book … !

Those over 1m70 climb easily on the Italian (the saddle is 810 mm high). A little thrust of the back and shoulders is enough to bring her down from her crutch. For the little ones, the operation requires a little more conviction: the bestiau still weighs 257 kg dry!

The maneuvers at a standstill are therefore not always easy, and a gutter will quickly catch the featherweight pilots. Fortunately, the passenger handles provide a secure grip when needed and the very good turning radius limits maneuvering "on foot"..

Once started, the engine effectively takes over. The righting torque which makes the motorcycle lean to the right with each gas stroke in neutral becomes imperceptible as soon as the motorcycle is rolling. A bit harsh, the clutch is progressive enough to suddenly clear the gimbal when starting.

Driving at low speed with the controls of the new Norge GT 8V is an exercise made easy by the 1,495mm wheelbase and wide handlebars. So be careful not to gain confidence too early and to forget when going back up that the suitcases greatly increase the width of the motorcycle. !

Despite the good twenty degrees and a soon heavy sun – yes, the job of motorcycle tester is difficult – the Norge correctly isolates the rider from the calories evacuated by the big engine. Although this remark is to be confirmed in even warmer conditions, the choice to lower the oil cooler and further wrap the cylinder heads seems to pay off..

On the other hand, in winter, the heated grips – supplied as standard like the ABS, side cases, the electric bubble, the center stand, the on-board computer and the 12 V socket – will be greatly appreciated !

Maintained above 2000 rpm, the twin bends rather well to the demands of urban journeys. In addition, the front axle is surprisingly agile. With the handlebars offering excellent leverage, the Norge pulls out really well – and really fast! – from the city: direction the small roads of Tuscany !

The first section crossed in the undergrowth of the Italian hills shows the extreme skill of the Norge GT 8V. The pins are swallowed more than easily, while the engine offers from 3000 rev / min invigorating times accompanied by vibrations … and "good" vibrations !

The soundtrack turns out to be a little less tasty: despite the efforts made by the engineers, the noise of the distribution is still too present and could worry – scare? – novices. Too bad because the silencer has a particularly captivating tone !

The radius of the curves gradually widens as you climb, which allows us to test the impeccable grip of the Pirelli Angel ST – the Norge can be fitted with the original Dunlop Roadsmart as well – and the length of the engine "Otto Valvole".

If it accepts to go beyond the 7000 rev / min synonyms on the technical sheet of 102 maximum horsepower, it is not in these "high revs" that the range of use of the V-Twin is found. Indeed, it is between 3000 and 5500 rpm – speed corresponding to 104 Nm of maximum torque – that the Norge is the most exhilarating … even the most "Griso", protection and comfort in addition !

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