All Tests – Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! – S1000RR Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT)

BMW Test Drives: The 2015 S1000RR in All Its Forms !

All Tests - Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! - S1000RR Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT)

Withdrawn from the World Superbike for two years, the BMW racing department supports numerous teams around the world. MNC had the chance to test six S1000RRs entered in WSBK, BSB, IDM, TT, EWC and South Africa (!) On the Valencia circuit (Spain).

S1000RR Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT)

Cherry on the Struddel, "Icing on the cake": the BMW Motorrad Motorsport department offers us to finish this series of tests with the BMW S1000RR driven during the last Tourist Trophy by the charismatic and fast – member of the "club of five" pilots average over 132 mph on the Mountain Course – Guy Martin himself !

Aesthetically very close to the No. 46 of Bridewell, the No. 8 of Martin differs, once the fairing has fallen, by the presence of a less gigantic radiator. But that’s about it, because for the rest, the TT Superbike category is as open as the BSB: suspensions, brakes and rims are changed..

In terms of electronics, the S1000RR of the Tourist Trophy is closer to that of the WSBK: the Tyco team, who had the choice between the MoTec power station or the original ECU, opted for the BMW kit and its HP preparation Race. Unlike his sister of the "Bi-èS-Bi" therefore, this S1000RR of the "TiTi" is equipped with traction control.

Contrary to what some readers might believe, Site is certainly not disappointed to end its test with this motorcycle: compared to Badovini’s machine, that of "Martine" is much more welcoming !

The saddle, in particular, is more comfortable because it is more padded. Higher at the same time, it decreases the flexion of the legs. Finally, the reservoir has much less angular shapes than that of the WSBK and does not cut the inside of the thighs.

Much more at ease on n ° 8 and benefiting from a better knowledge of the track, Site takes full advantage of the three laps allocated on this last S1000RR racing … on the road! A specificity that makes it closer in its behavior to the standard machine.

Unlike the hyper-rigid machines of the IDM, BSB or WSBK championships, the BMW of the TT seems to be tuned more flexible, which is not to displease MNC. Is it because we finally manage to shake up – a little – the S1000RR? Without being able to do a complete round of the merry-go-round, the question will remain open….

On the big question that all readers are asking, however, MNC has an answer: what is the best of these S1000RRs? Less inexpensive than the S1000RR of the South African SuperGP championship, less sharp than the IDM version, less fun than the BSB, less efficient than the WSBK and less practical than the EWC – which can run at night! – the BMW of the Tourist Trophy is nonetheless our favorite. Mister Martin, we envy you…

Manufacturer sheet

  • Power: more than 220 hp at 14,300 rpm

  • Empty weight: 169 kg

  • Fuel tank: 23.9 l

  • Suspensions: K-Tech KTR3 and DDS Pro RCU

  • Brakes: 320 and 220 mm, Brembo

  • Rims: OZ Racing

  • Tires: Metzeler Racetech RR

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