All Tests – Test Yamaha Tracer 700: small road, big ambitions – Meeting of the third type of MT-07

Yamaha Tracer 700 test: small road, big ambitions

All Tests - Test Yamaha Tracer 700: small road, big ambitions - Meeting of the third type of MT-07

Six months after the neo-retro XSR700, Yamaha offers a new version of its MT-07: the Tracer 700, with meticulously prepared cycle and plastic parts. Posted 1700 euros more expensive than the roadster, is the small road worth the cost ? Test.

Meeting of the third type of MT-07

Best seller in France in the medium-displacement roadsters category since its release in 2014, the is a centerpiece in the Yamaha range: the manufacturer of Iwata – and St-Quentin, via MBK – intends to extend this commercial success to ‘other segments.

Tracer 700: availability, colors and price

  • Availability: July 2016 in the

  • Colors: Red, Black or Blue

  • Price: € 8,399 (standard ABS)

Thus last fall, the Blues invested the very fashionable middle segment of neo-retro thanks to their "vintage" version of the MT-07. And this summer, the tuning forks firm is attacking the small road motorcycle market with the new Tracer 700, also derived from the roadster (read our .

For Vincent Thommeret, director of Yamaha Motor France who is accompanying us during this new press presentation, this platform policy serves both the manufacturer and the customer. She would also have greatly participated in the success of the small MT !

"This allowed us to offer the MT-07 at an extremely competitive price because we knew that other models using the same engine and the same chassis base were coming behind it.", explains the French big boss.

In the space of two and a half years only, Yamaha would have produced 95,000 "CP2", its twin-cylinder "Crossplane" (270 °) which equips the MT-07 (Euro3 version for another six months), the XSR700 and the Tracer 700 (Euro4 standards) … as well as a ?!

"She would have been seen", replied the CEO of YMF, smirk."As you know, the 660 single-cylinder is at the end of its career while the 700-twin is at the very beginning. It would go very well in a trail … But let’s stay focused: you are here to try the Tracer 700 !"

Our test of the Yamaha Tracer 700 in video

In addition to this first test of the Yamaha Tracer 700, also discover our from the Dolomites massif (Italy).

So let’s take a look at this 2016 novelty … Who is new ?! According to Yamaha, there is no doubt about it, despite the fact that the little roadster has the same engine, wheels and brakes as the other two 700s, with which it also shares two key values: "lightness"and"entertainment".

On the other hand, if the MT-07 claims without concessions its belonging to the dark side of the Japanese force ("Dark Side of Japan") and if the XSR700 claims to be inspired by the past and the Yam ‘heritage (under the banner " Faster Sons "), the Tracer 700, it highlights its versatile and benevolent character (to evolve on the" Roads of Life "…).

Despite the "MT-07 Tracer" inscriptions on its half-fairings, Yamaha also prefers that its new machine be called "Tracer 700". Baptized MT-09 Tracer, the big sister also changes its official name (Tracer 900) in order to distinguish itself from the roadster … Marketing, when you hold us.

Meticulously written, the Yamaha business case assures that the Tracer 700 is "a road available at an affordable price, designed to get away from it all on a daily basis (not "from" the daily, nuance, NLDR!) and live unforgettable moments".

"Whether for a short trip on a country road in the evening after work or for a long trip", make us dream the Blues,"you can count on this versatile and amazing motorcycle to engrave in your memory unforgettable memories"…

A few days before its release in the, the Tracer 700 will first attempt to mark the minds of European test journalists, including Site of course. To do this, the Japanese manufacturer has chosen to organize the event in Italy, in the Dolomites…

"It is one of the most spectacular places in the world to ski in winter.", our hosts tell us in the introduction to their press conference,"for playing sports or relaxing in the summer, and for driving through incredible passes"…

Indeed magnificent, the region is a victim of its own success: stormed by hordes of two-wheelers – motorized or not -, tons of buses and entire lines of cars, its roads are particularly busy on Saturdays. But it is precisely the day of our taxiing: so much the better, the Tracer 700 will be put to the test. !

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