Presentation of the Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 and 91-2

Presentation of the Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 and 91/2

Morini Bolognese

At the Motor Show in Bologna, the once so famous manufacturer Morini, based locally, returned to the two-wheeler scene with two self-created strong Big Twins.

The development history of the new Moto Morini models is short. The tradition did not give up until the end of 2003-
rich brand is making its return and has now presented two Big Twins: the Corsaro 1200, a sporty naked bike with 1187 cm3 and 140 hp, as well as the
Prototype of the 91/2 with 998 cm3 and 105 hp, the name is based on the legendary Morini 31/2 V from the 70s.
Their designer Franco Lambertini also developed the two new ones. After the decline in branding in the late 1980s, he said goodbye to the scooter giant Piaggio, but quickly returned to Bologna when the Morini family was considering a return to the motorcycle scene. The three Berti brothers, who joined the company with 50 percent, ultimately tipped the balance. After selling your previous company that produces televisions? to the Merloni Group, too
who in turn owns the Benelli brand ??, the motorcycle enthusiasts Bertis were looking for a new challenge and found it in Moto Morini.
Engineer Lambertini already had plans for a two-cylinder in the best Italian tradition in the drawer. In autumn 2003 the okay for development came. To keep options open for different types of motorcycles, he put the what-
sercooled V2 with the unusual
Cylinder angle of 87 degrees for one
Displacement from 750 to 1200 cm3. Special feature: the two cylinders are integrated into the one-piece crankcase. “It’s the first two-cylinder with a sol-
“The one-piece housing brings many advantages,” says Lambertini with satisfaction-
parts because it allows quick access to the gearbox and the crankshaft. "
Lambertini chose unusual dimensions for the injector with a three-way catalytic converter: with a 107 millimeter bore and
With a stroke of just 66 millimeters, the Corsaro’s 1,187 cm3 engine is very short-
ugly out lift; With a stroke of only 55.5 millimeters with the same bore, the 91/2 even goes one better. No on-
their standard motorcycle engine is currently only approximately as short-stroke
like the »Bialbero Corsa Corta«, so they
Name of Morini, "Bialbero Corsa Corta", in German "Short stroke with two camshafts ". It therefore offers ideal conditions for high performance in the future.
As early as March 18, 2004, the four-valve engine with two camshafts each driven by gears and chains was put to the test for the first time. It almost came to a head because one of the technicians was superstitious like many Italians,
threw a broom at the unit in order to
to protect it from harm? and thus upset Lambertini, who feared for his masterpiece. At least the incantation had an effect: the engine with the mighty, 107 millimeter thick pistons was spared major problems during the course of its testing. What the makers at Morini changed their plans: From autumn 2005 they moved the presentation
at the end of 2004.
All about the supporting engine of the VS.orsaro 1200, the developers built a tubular steel frame and gave the naked bike a fully adjustable chassis with generous dimensions-
ten Marzocchi upside-down fork with a 50 millimeter guide tube diameter, suspension strut from Sachs, brake system and 17-inch wheels from Brembo and Pirelli Diablo tires. This created agile power-
bike, of which MOTORRAD was able to collect a first impression of the ride during a short test drive with a prototype. Already
Below 3000 rpm the engine pulls through powerfully and develops its power linearly up to around 8000 rpm. 250 km / h top-
speed, as promised by Morini, may well be realistic, but on a naked bike it is not really important. In contrast, the opulent torque of nominally 123 Nm at 6500 rpm plays a lot for everyday driving fun
more important role. And that’s where the Corsaro actually has more to offer compared to other two-cylinder engines after the first subjective impression.
The smaller 91/2 is no longer tamer. Except for the hub, the V2 has an identical structure, the output of 105 hp is comparatively moderate, and the torque of 98 Nm is at the usual level for this class. The prototype shown in Bologna was only finished the night before the presentation? Not difficult to recognize at the Motor Show by the dark circles of the two designers Marabese and Frascoli. It should go into production at the end of 2005.
But first the introduction of the Corsaro is planned for spring. Their price should be less than 12,000 euros, so the promise of the Italians. Not only that
The debut in front of the press, but also in front of the clientele, works, the internationally experienced co-owners Berti have been preparing the sales structures for a year, negotiations with possible importers are in full swing, also in Germany. The Morini makers pay special attention to service. "Building a good motorcycle alone is not enough," is how marketing boss Gianni Berti describes the concept. "Before we sell the first machine, all the spare parts will be ready." in the longest possible success story.

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