Aprilia RSV 1000 biker test


Aprilia RSV1000 model 2000 biker tests: Emmanuel

Aprilia RSV 1000Historical

Aprilia manufactured until 1999 from 50 to 250cm3 "with holes
that stink ". They triumph on the circuit with the RS series whose
success is matched only by total reliability
random road patterns.

In 1999, the RSV (RS + V?) Came out, the leaders of which had the good idea
to have the engine manufactured by Austrians, ROTAX, known in aviation
ULM, as well as at BMW for its 650.

The Aprilia house took care of the chassis (they know how to do that) and
asked dealers to pay particular attention to customer returns,
in order to quickly identify youthful defects. Results,
from the first endurance season, the RSVs finish their
races without breakage, even after 24h00.

Aprilia RSV 1000Discovery

This, my man, is horny motorbikes. Something for dude. It’s a twin,
it’s written on it. It’s 1000cm3, it comes from the department
Aprilia’s race is also written on it. A finish
sumptuous (Brembo, welding, polishing). The competition is not

In the saddle

You have to have the money or a really nice friend. Always go up
left, it is like horses, by the right, it is not necessary. The crutch
is not mega stable.

By tightening the thighs, suddenly, the knees are embedded in the motorcycle.
Exit the crapaux postion of the 4 legs, GSXR in mind. And then it’s
a sportswoman, whose handlebars must be found in front, a good reason
stop excess at the table on weekends.


Aprilia RSV 1000To take
the option "almost approved pot", because a twin cylinder,
it is made to make "braoum-roa-ploa-roa-plo-grplo-roha-groa-lpolp-braaaooum"
and not "tch-tch-tch-tch-tch".

Under the eyes, the dashboard is ugly: "I’ll see you
in fiat Uno you ". But there is everything, maximum speed by LED, chrono,
temperature, reserve, watch, … it almost feels like
in Goldwin 🙂

First impressions

"-A little hard these shock absorbers anyway … I will have to
relax a chouilla to go get the bread … "Don’t count on it
not, of origin, it is set soft everywhere. During the first
kilometers, you will have the impression that a B12 bomber sticks to you
in the ass … don’t worry, it’s just the sound of your exhaust.
And this feeling of being pushed in the ass, it’s the couple
of a bi. The 4, it sucks you up, the 2, it pushes you
loaves. Don’t look for the feeling on a motorbike, those are the men who
talk about it best … (ladies who are listening to us, we will pass you
hello, … thank you Michel, if you are listening to us ….)
A friend who rides a Guzzi to whom I lent the RSV
sums up the behavior of this bike. "Oh, putaing, at
first roundabout, it was not turning, I almost put myself in the
bunch, motherfucker, yeah "(yeah, we’re coming
from the SOUTH us).

A second mate in an Africa Twin (don’t laugh, he’s taking
well the bugger), summarizes well the engine "Argh, ze engine
is TOP. At the beginning za grows, after za grows and after,
za pouuuuusssse again, ya "(this one is Alsatian).

The soul of a motorcycle is its engine. And the RSV, in the towers,
it’s like a two-stroke, it still asks for more. You will not have
not the mellow, quite full of a 916, but the more you go up in the
turns, the more it takes … the breaker often reminds you to
order … Finally, on condition that the engine is released, because
bridled, no hello for this bi.

In the city

The city in RSV is not made for, well, unless you want to
go to coffee. So we pass 😉 The engine is however relatively
flexible and supports (in pain) the 2000rpm, while with the
Falco, it’s banging in the connecting rods. It’s almost as good as a

On the road

There it is good. The RSV is a very good chassis, a good
feeling on the front and rear axle, to compare to the R1
from 1999 where everything seems to happen around the fork.

It’s a motorcycle that goes where it is asked to go. And
if we look elsewhere, it goes there too. So it’s mega bad for
watch quiet, but mega top to take himself for a pilot.

On the other hand, once on its trajectory, it will take some time to
change option … with good hearing. The 2001 and
more have become more lively and easier to handle…
Too bad … there is no more merit …. :-)))

Comparo rapido

It’s less powerful than an R1, but the feeling is better. It is less
torquey than a Ducati, but it goes up better in the towers.
It is less soft than a TL1000 but it grows more
and it brakes better. It is less reliable than a Japanese,
but you it will take you beyond 50,000km.

On the highway

It is not made for: the license will not resist it. So change
the gearbox output pinion: by removing a tooth, you will lose 30km / h
en pointe, but hello the times. And then frankly explain to me
what is the use of a motorbike that does 280 km / h ?

Aprilia RSV 1000the

TIP TOP. The motorcycle is beautiful, it is a sport. Shock absorbers work
well, suddenly, a passenger who loves sports will love the RSV.
The saddle is thicker than on an R1 and it hits less
that a 998. And then frankly, to roll in Italian bi which makes roplo-roplo-brroooaaaahhhhh,
it ensures more than a thing that does wwwwooouuiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. :-)))
You can mount saddlebags and hop on vacation
in Spain.


Brembo OR. It’s good, it’s said. It blocks less than a Yamaha, the feeling
is average, but it slows everything down. And brembo is
Italian. So, of course, you risk changing the masters
cylinder that may have been mounted too close to the engine
and become porous in 15000km.
Some young kids say that the rear brakes badly, but they
forget that the rear is already taking the engine brake
and that with a big rear brakes, there would be a lot more
bowls after blocking.
Ah yes, there is the PCCCC system, which avoids blocking the back
when downshifting. It works great, because we forget it completely

The tires

You need 120/65 at the front so as not to lose handling.
Above all, do not fit a 190 at the rear. Otherwise you put
what you want.


Aprilia RSV 1000the
new resin tank from models
2001, will prevent you from putting down a magnetic bag.

Service every 7500km, between 200 and 300 euros, excluding tires
Average consumption: 7.5litres
Good duration of the chain kit.

Aprilia RSV 1000Conclusion

Overall, the RSV is a twin (so more fun at low
speed) Italian (class) and reliable (50000km without major worries achieved
by moto-coin-coin).
The chassis is flawless, it does not fall to
acceleration (and bam the lollipop in Ledenon),
it does not harden too much when braking on the angle, it does not go
in weehling like a bitch (the power, my good gentleman, it passes
on the ground and not in the air …)
It must be worked with all the supports (feet, knees, buttocks, arms)
and it will take you wherever you want. In addition, she is
beautiful, … especially mine :-)))
Just look at the number of kaku who buy RSV,
it begins to be known that it is a motorcycle to have
in his garage.

Strong points Weak points
  • motor
  • frame
  • reliability (for an Italian bi)
  • price / prestige / sensation ratio
  • master porous cylinder
  • front discs which are sometimes cloudy
  • varnish that does not hold
  • after sales service lagging behind for the warranty
    and do not panic to deliver the parts.
  • new dressing.

An essay by Emmanuel Eyraud

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  1. "on a 1000 less easy to operate"

    The article says that in the end the 1000 turns out to be more docile and easier to pilot. After that it is not the same budget, of course.

  2. Which bike for which track for which budget and for which "pilot" ?

    Was the right question.

    Personally, small circuit (less dangerous, leisure should not drive in a wheelchair).

    Very low budget (so as not to have frustration).

    Small, light displacement (perfect youngtimer) in relation to the budget.

    For a "pilot" who does not try to ride above his pumps, if I had had to be very good I would have known it a long time ago …

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