Honda CBF 600-S in used advice

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Honda CBF 600-S in used advice


Used purchase

Honda CBF 600 / S in used advice

Second-hand advice: Honda CBF 600 / S
The Honda Tourer as a used one

The cliche is: “Honda builds high-quality, reliable, well-thought-out motorcycles of lasting value.” That’s one hundred percent correct with the CBF 600.


What actually counts in everyday motorcycling – personal bests, lap records, people turning their heads? Perhaps a more comfortable sitting position that can be optimally adapted to your own needs thanks to various adjustment options (seat height, handlebars, windshield). Possibly an affordable, finely regulating ABS, high reliability, low consumption, or even practical things like a stainless steel exhaust and hazard warning lights. But what counts most is the good feeling of having the machine under control at all times. And not only after weeks or months, but from the first few meters. The CBF 600 offers this all-round carefree package like no other motorcycle in its class. And already in the second generation; Because from 2008 everything stayed different: By switching from the carburettor to the injection engine, the choke fiddling was eliminated, the engine run became more cultivated and the vibrations that crept into the marrow, especially on longer motorway stretches, disappeared. Aluminum instead of steel frame, three kilos less mass, 16 kilos more payload, even better ABS, slightly modified equipment (no handlebar adjustment, but immobilizer as standard) – all the small things, the big picture remained. Namely an excellently balanced motorcycle that is child’s play to drive, which is fun for newbies and experts alike. Provided you like 600 four-cylinder; because the CBF does not necessarily have to offer the really big engine punch. But otherwise everything.

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Honda CBF 600-S in used advice

Second-hand advice: Honda CBF 600 / S
The Honda Tourer as a used one

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Sightseeing / market situation

Honda CBF 600-S in used advice


Injection instead of carburetor: The CBR-600-RR loaner (from 2008) runs in a more refined manner and vibrates less, but also does not create noticeably more pressure.

The basic design of the CBF engine comes from the CBR 600 F or the CBR 600 RR, where it can easily cope with 30 to 40 hp more and has to turn significantly higher for this. Conversely, this means that the CBF engine tends to be under-challenged and absolutely stable. Serious mechanical problems are not to be feared with a minimum of maintenance. The used buyer has a lot of time to devote himself to (hidden) fall marks, which are inevitable on a typical beginner bike. A more precise check of the history can not hurt either, because a not inconsiderable number of 600s served as a driving school machine in their first life. Such sweethearts appear now and then as “Re-imports” with cleared papers from Poland or Italy in local Internet sales places. With the PC38 there were occasional problems with rusting tanks, but Honda was mostly very accommodating even after the warranty period. There were three product recalls: PC38, model year 2006 (fuel tap); PC43, Mj. 2008 (speedometer); PC43, Mj. 2008/2009 (fastening screws for the rear brake master cylinder) – more information from your Honda dealer.

Market situation

Off to a third-party retailer: This can be the motto if you don’t want to buy privately and still want to buy cheaply. As a typical beginner and returnee motorcycle, used CBF 600 definitely end up at BMW, Triumph or Ducati dealers – and the Japanese push them through as quickly as possible and sometimes to the dealer purchase price. The naked / disguised price difference that exists for new machines (300 euros) no longer plays a major role for second-hand CBFs. Above all, the ABS is important, machines without an anti-lock device only go away at the absolute competitive price. It is noticeable that a relatively large number of machines of the first series (PC38) are still bobbing in the low four-digit kilometer range – they probably didn’t drive as much as one had originally imagined. For (absolutely sensible) accessories such as suitcases or spoiler windows, large surcharges are often requested – and in practice they are rarely paid.

Availability on the market: very high

Price level in euros  Years of construction  mileage Low: 2800-3900  2004 – 2006  15,000-50,000
Medium: 4000 – 5200  2004 – 2008  8000-20,000
High: 5300-6500  2008 – 2010  1000-12000
Type  in program  Sales
PC38 / PC43  from 2004  approx. 27000

Technical data / facelift

Honda CBF 600-S in used advice


Brake better: Instead of “Standard ABS”, a “Combined ABS” has been installed since 2008, where the pedal is also used to brake a little at the front.

Technical data (CBF 600 S, type PC43, model year 2008)


Water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, wet sump lubrication, injection, regulated catalytic converter, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain.
Bore x stroke 67.0 x 42.5 mm
Displacement 599 cc
rated capacity  57 kW (78 PS) at 10,500 rpm
Max. Torque 59 Nm at 8250 rpm

landing gear
Central tubular frame made of aluminum, telescopic fork, two-arm swing arm made of steel, central spring strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base, double disc brake at the front, disc brake at the rear, ABS optional.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.00 x 17
tire 120/70 ZR 17; 160/60 ZR 17

Dimensions + weights
Wheelbase 1490 mm, steering head angle 64 degrees, caster 110 mm, spring travel f / h 120/125 mm, seat height * 770-800 mm, weight with a full tank * 226 kg, payload * 191 kg, tank capacity / reserve 20/4 liters.

Measurements (MOTORRAD 2/2008)
Top speed **
213 km / h
0-100 km / h 4.0 sec
0-200 km / h 21.1 sec
60-140 km / h 11.3 sec
4.6 l / 100 km (country road);
5.4 l / 100 km (at 130 km / h), normal

* MOTORCYCLE measurements; ** Manufacturer information


Launch of the PC38. Price: 6190/6490 euros (without / with cladding); Surcharge ABS: 600 euros. Approvals in D: 6132 pieces.
No changes, prices unchanged. Travel package “Traveler”: two cases plus a top case in the vehicle color for 400 euros. Approvals in D: 5138 pieces.
Clear glass indicators, longer mirror arms. Price: 6240/6540 euros. Approvals in D: 3845 pieces.
No changes. Price: 6440/6740 euros. Approvals in D: 1948 pieces.
New model (PC43) with new injection engine, aluminum instead of steel frame, larger tank (20 instead of 19 liters), new spring elements, new seat, revised cockpit, longer swing arm, shorter gear ratio, immobilizer, integral brake (with ABS), new main stand. Price unchanged. Approvals in D: 3760 pieces.
No changes. Price: 6740/7040 euros. Approvals in D: 2631 pieces.
No changes. Price unchanged. Approvals in D: 2114 pieces

Price comparison of the Honda CBF 600 and CBF 600 S in Germany

Honda CBF 600-S in used advice

Used Honda CBF 600 and CBF 600 S in Germany

Interested parties should visit the used motorcycle exchange. There the Honda CBF 600 and CBF 600 S face each other in the price comparison. Both motorcycles are in good condition and at low prices: Used Honda CBF 600 and CBF 600 S in Germany

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