Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC test


Bacchanal sulphurous

The hyper sport RSV4 APRC is lightened by a few small fairings, adopting the aesthetic specific to the roadster. Riding a day-to-day racing motorcycle is now (a little) less demanding and still exciting with this demonic Tuono V4.

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC


Attractive but muscular, dressed in high-end elements, the Tuono V4 is a bit like Mike Tyson in designer underwear. Thus undressed, Noale’s Harpy highlights her superb underwear, barely veiled by discreet scoops and a forked head. The art of suggestion is so. In this matt black livery, we appreciate all the better the double beam frame in polished aluminum, contrasting with the reinforcements and plates with raw surfaces. This metallic sculpture surrounds the masterful four-cylinder V-shaped core. It is adorned with a two-tone matte black finish on the lower part and for the rest a … accent gray. Difficult to define otherwise the approximate color of the coating. Another detail, we will take care of the slender crutch, ensuring a good balance..

But no matter what, this emphasizes the quality of the whole even more. Reservoir and saddles seem to be one-piece as the rear loop is perfectly sheathed. Airy and angular, it cuts through the passenger seat and forms, via a sheet of metal, two superb grab handles. Splendid. The rear LED light fits just as discreetly at the end of the machine. Only the minimalist and remarkable footrests of the possible companion exceed.

Drawn in this way, the rear part reveals the imposing banana-type swingarm. Superb piece of aluminum, also polished. All in soft angles, the short mat silencer with metal tip elegantly integrates with the right side of the beautiful Italian. Its protective plate matches the elements of competition and contributes to the image of sportiness.

Braking is handled by Brembo four-piston radial calipers for the front and two separate at the rear. The Sachs mono shock absorber is adjustable in any direction, preload, compression, rebound and trim, just like the inverted 43 mm fork whose base is forged in aluminum…

Overhanging it, the fine air intakes of the fork crown thread towards the openings of the frame. The very stylish optical unit is adorned in its center with 6-diode position elements. The low beam headlights do not come on until the engine has been started. Well seen !

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

In the saddle

What is most surprising is the narrowness of the machine. Seen from the front or from the back, the size seems that of a midsize, in no case that of a 1000 cm3. Even less is it imagined that a double V-twin is its guts. The record compactness is felt even more in the saddle, improving accessibility from a seat perched at 840 mm. Here begins the sport because it is a board whose foundation will have to be adapted.

The rest is to suit: toe clips perched high and set back, the leg flexion is very marked, with a bust tilted forward. Not extreme, but you can clearly feel the support of your hands on the large, satin-finished flat hanger with variable diameter. This somewhat hides the hydraulic adjustment screws of the fork. Very flat, the 17-liter tank is easily squeezed and the space available, even for the largest, is appreciable.

Well finished, the inside of the fork crown is not hollow and leaves no visible thread. Composed of a tachometer and an LCD window, the instrumentation is perfectly readable. However, the information provided by the screen is plentiful. We find the usual ones: engine temperature, gear indicator light, time, large tachometer and two partial or scrolling: odometer, average and maximum speed, average and instantaneous consumption and countdown of passage in reserve.

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

But this Tuono V4 also includes the APRC system which includes a set of fully configurable assistance, crossed or not. To summarize, we distinguish between ATC (traction or anti-skid control, AWC (anti-wheeling), ALC (starting assistance). A long press of the Mode button adjusts the anti-wheling. and assisted departure in 3 increments.

The most impressive is undoubtedly the ATC, configurable on eight levels, from the most controlled (8) to the least effective (1) or even completely deactivated. On the left handle are two mini-paddles, + and -, which can be actuated at any time, making it possible to adjust the desired level of traction: the lower the level, the greater the available torque and therefore the sensitive slip . The on-board computer takes into account the speed of each wheel via front and rear ABS type sensors, but also the inclination of the motorcycle (dynamic position).

A reminder of the selected engine map is also displayed (T: track, S: sport and R: rain, actuated by successive pressures on the starter once the motorcycle is running).
In everyday use, the whole is rather ergonomic but a bit slow. On the circuit, the race display will be recommended, with an information provision dedicated to this use, giving pride of place to the stopwatch.

In the city

A roar tears the air, wide but stealthy, as the revs immediately stabilize. The thunder has sounded: you have just awakened the V4 and already the double V-twin impresses. The silencer bears its name badly, delivering a bewitching, serious and metallic sound. The first slap a little and Noale’s bodybuilder ballerina takes off.

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

The balance is perfect and the Italian character weaves its way between the vehicles, resonating its quadruple heart. The first three gears have been shortened compared to the sporty RSV4. Even more expressive, this change requires even more attention from the pilot in order to comply with the code. Changing gears on the fly, thanks to the quickshift, is not the most pleasant at reduced speed because it is too rough. On the road, this automation is rather appreciable, although its use makes perfect sense on the track.

Relatively flexible, the block however does not descend below 2,500 turns, or 50 km / h in 3rd. A bit tight to stick with it, so the second gear will be the most used in urban areas. It can also be combined with the Rain mapping mode, for more softness and less permicidal temptation. And there are !

A real ball of nerves, almost docile when opening the throttle slowly, the Tuono releases lightning if you open wide. The airbox then resounds furiously in unison with the exhaust which, like the trumpets of Jericho, seems to want to bring down the surrounding buildings … Undoubtedly, the Transalpine thunder a merit from other skies to express itself. . Like a beast in a cage, the Italian is uncomfortable in urban settings and manages to steer less well than a Triumph. We can even speak of turning diameter rather than radius, which can make the first maneuvers difficult..

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

Motorway and expressways

After 5,000 laps, the acceleration is lightning fast. Stalled at 130 km / h, 700 laps higher, the hypersport roadster is therefore ready to orbit you, even on the last report. Although restricted to French standards, the V4 retains its vitality up to nearly 10,000 rotations / minute, or 220 km / h in 6th gear, and springs forward at the slightest rotation of the throttle. Some vibrations are felt without being annoying. The restraint, however, transparently regulates national castration, thus retaining a good part of its exuberant potential for the Tuono. The lack of protection remains the best argument to return to a more legal aspect. The interchanges of these rectilinear roads offer a glimpse of many other qualities that should be explored.

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC


The first turn is negotiated quickly, with a surprising naturalness. The excellent balance and rigidity of the chassis make this naked sportswoman a real scalpel with trajectories. The twists and turns of the secondary network follow one another with rare vivacity. The wide, flat handlebars give you plenty of support and the Tuono engages in one block, following your gaze. Much more docile than a Ducati Streetfighter in this exercise, it is however a little less easy than a Honda CB 1000 R. However, it is easy to correct the trajectories that require it. The almost unfathomable ground clearance leaves room for all inclinations of indecent angles.

At the end of the curve, the 11.7 m / Kg of maximum torque at 9,000 rpm plows the asphalt, under the supervision of the anti-slip. Depending on its level of activity, adjusted via the mini-pallets, this system will limit your go-around or allow you to sign certain passages with a gum comma totally under control … A real security that should not make you forget the dangers of driving on the road and not to make the pilot lose his head or the grip of the front tire through overconfidence. However, the Pirelli Super Corsa are responsible for limiting this risk as much as possible..

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

Electronics are an ally, as is anti-dribbling, allowing muscular downshifts without disengaging thanks to the quickshift.

These assists let the V4 express itself at will and blast the next bend. Like a conductor perched on a moving sculpture and swept away by the wild melody of the exhaust, you think you are conducting Ramstein at the Scala of … Noale. A superb setting for a mechanical and sonorous fury. From thunderous raises to rough acceleration, the Tuono extends its arms and demands concentration and experience on its handlebars. The most seasoned will choose the Track configuration for even more performance and ever more explosive engine behavior..

The Italian Tonnerre bursts its power and the weather is cloudy for the permit. The Aprilia then offers very powerful braking that is just as progressive. Barely locking the steering on the angle, it delivers top-notch deceleration despite not being equipped with ABS. The rear caliper does its job perfectly, without blocking.


Remarkably stable in wide turns taken at high speed, the V4 is easy and neutral. In small sequences, its liveliness works wonders. Sachs suspensions work with finesse and, although firm, provide good comfort. On degraded surfaces, the Tuono becomes drier but remains very healthy. If the front axle is light during sharp acceleration, the steering damper limits parasitic oscillations.

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC


The progressive but powerful attack makes braking particularly safe and efficient. Both in emergency situations and on slippery roads, Brembo calipers are reassuring. The absence of ABS on this machine dedicated to more road use, although surrounded by other assistance in addition, may surprise.

Passenger handle on Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

Comfort / Duo

It’s all about sport on this high performance steed. If the cushioning is efficient, we cannot speak of comfort. Sublime, the passenger handles are hardly usable, as the position on the jump seat is vertical. Add an extreme leg flexion combined with the vigor of the double twin and we will realize the illusory possibility of taking a companion for more than 500 meters. Another surprise, in rainy weather, the anti-slip assistance systems will not prevent you from getting cold in your back. Lower back. Minimalist, the rear mud flap in no way prevents the 190 flange from drying out the road as it wrings out on the saddle, transforming the rider’s seat into a bathtub. Would icy sitz baths have virtues on piloting?

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC


To be sure that its pilot relaxes quickly between two taming sessions, your fiery mount will ask to drink every 140 km … With more than 9 liters consumed per 100 km at a sustained pace and a 17-liter tank (reserve of 4 L), Aprilia V4 will list the open petrol stations in detail. On a bleak day, you may find, on the highway, that a constant 130 km / h can put you in nearly double the distance, depending on the computer. The observed average is over 7.5 liters, in relation to the Italian milk soup character.

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC


Few motorbikes give their rider so much sensation. The omnipresence of the V4 and its relative roughness give this 4 cylinder a true twin character. A 2-twin engine, with tasty length and volcanic behavior. An extremely successful mix of genres.

An aesthetic and dynamic masterpiece, the Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC is definitely aimed at the most experienced. Indeed, its performances require a lot of cold blood and its apparent ease should not obscure its unusual abilities. The circuit will also reveal its full potential to the more athletic at best.

Faced with this debauchery of qualities, what remains for the competition? For some the price. Available in the V4 R version at 13,999 euros, without electronic assistance and steering damper, the Tuono certainly only asks for 1,000 euros more in the V4 APRC series, still raising the note to 14,999 €. Much more accessible and consensual, the Honda CB 1000 R ABS requires only € 10,890 and the very stylish Kawasaki Z 1000 ABS (2012), € 12,099. The Austrian KTM and its 990 Super Duke at € 10,990 and 990 Super Duke R at € 12,290, offers an alternative with character, but less equipment. There remains the direct rival and compatriot Ducati Streetfighter, less obvious but just as attractive, at a very close price: 15,290 €.

Aprilia’s road standard is now the benchmark in the premium sport roadster segment. Will BMW come, with a road adaptation of its S 1000 RR, to counter the mastery of the Tonnerre V4? A real challenge to follow…

Strong points

  • Outstanding engine character
  • Cycle part
  • Equipment and finishes
  • Quality of electronic assistance
  • Sound

Weak points

  • Consumption
  • Slow on-board computer
  • Lack of ABS
  • Lack of comfort

The Aprilia Tuono technical sheet

Reviews in the Tuono R test

Competitors: BMW K1300R, Ducati Streetfighter, Honda CB1000R, Kawasaki Z1000, KTM 990 SuperDuke, Triumph Speed ​​Triple

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