Arai Renegade-V: Tried full face helmet

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Arai Renegade-V: Tried full face helmet
Jens Moller-Tollner.



Arai Renegade-V: Tried full face helmet

Arai Renegade-V
Tried full face helmet

The Arai Renegade-V wants to score with a good fit and a simple, yet chic design. How does the full-face helmet fare in the first test?

Tobias Beyl

April 20, 2020

the Arai Renegade-V is aimed at drivers who are more comfortable on cruisers and naked bikes, so it is only partially recommended for racetrack enthusiasts. The full-face helmet sits very comfortably, as is typical for Arai, the removable and washable inner lining fits snugly, comfortably and wobble-free on the head.

In size M, it weighs 1,681 grams

The ventilation is very effective, although it can only be operated from the inside on the chin – due to the clean design. Opening and closing the ventilation is therefore not easy with gloves. There are also slight deductions for the weight: 1,681 grams in size M are a lot compared to other helmet models.

Arai Renegade-V: Tried full face helmet

Jens Moller-Tollner.

The operation of the ventilation elements could be more comfortable.

In the first test, the double-D lock and the Pinlock visor were well liked and made a decent impression. Buyers can choose between sizes XS to XXL. Incidentally, the Arai Renegade-V is not necessarily cheap: at least 579 euros have to change hands to get a copy.

Noticed positively: Good fit as usual, very comfortable

Noticed negatively: Chin ventilation difficult to use

Sizes: XS to XXL

Price: from 579 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 4 stars out of a possible 5


The Arai Renegade-V made a solid impression in the first test. We liked the good fit and the comfortable fit. There are negative points for the difficult-to-use ventilation elements and the relatively high weight of the full-face helmet.

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