Backstage at 1000PS: You have to do it right

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Backstage at 1000PS: You have to do it right


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Backstage at 1000PS: You have to do it right

Backstage at 1000PS
You have to go ahead and do it

“Warmly welcome to a thousand be-es.” Almost everyone interested in motorcycles with Internet access is familiar with this sentence. If the Viennese dialect greets you from a YouTube video, then 1000PS is probably running right now.

Fabian Dresler


Over 250,000 people have subscribed to the channel and the videos have been clicked millions of times. 1000PS is on Youtube as successful as hardly any other motorcycle channel. Why? Because “Nasty Nils” and Co. approach the greatest of all passions with Viennese humiliation. Test reports, events, driving tips – diverse content with a lot of humor, but still serious. Company founder and CEO Nils Muller sums up the secret of success with “You have to do it”.

Leiwand means something like good / cool / great, actually everything at the same time. For Nils, motorcycles are canvas or his colorful shirts. In order for a video to be a screen, it must first and foremost be authentic. So it is a good thing that that passion for motorcycling is always present anyway and is also lived away from the camera. “I would prefer if the camera would always run,” says Nils. “Then nothing would be different. The rough sayings, the jokes, we do that all day. “

It’s never good enough!

“1000PS is my life. I’ve worked every day for seven years, ”says Nils. “It’s never good enough for me either. When we have 500,000 clicks, I ask: Why not a million? “

Backstage at 1000PS: You have to do it right


The 1000PS team thanked them for 200,000 YouTube subscribers. In the meantime, over 258,000 interested people have subscribed to the channel (as of February 2020).

So it happens that every employee tries to look busy when Nils walks through the 1000PS offices and recording studios in Wiener Neustadt. Editor Martin “Vauli” Vielhaber demonstratively sits up in a flash, hacks around like mad on the keyboard and looks concentrated. Then he has to laugh – and so does Nils. Good mood, but only a short exchange – then the chopping continues. That’s what they say here when you work.

“Try everything that is new”

Here and there Nils gets short updates, he uniformly comments on suggestions with “Hold on”, there are no long meetings. “The plan is to try everything that is new on the net,” he says. “Now the young people here have said we have to do Tiktok. That’s the biggest shit for me, but it’s just fine. It was the same with Instagram two years ago. So I’m glad I listened to the young ones. “

Backstage at 1000PS: You have to do it right


With all the pursuit of success and wealth, Nils fell victim to his passion for motorcycles. “I can no longer get out of the industry.”

The YouTube channel was also created in this way. As convinced as Nils is of himself and his path, he likes to be taught better. Anyone who wants to advance 1000PS is listened to. If the attitude doesn’t match, there is no mercy either. “I’ll quit quickly. If you are not bold enough, then I’ll say that. “

1000PS is older than Youtube

By the way: 1000PS is much older than Youtube. Behind the channel is a company whose core business is completely different. It all began in 2000 when Nils programmed websites for motorcycle dealers and set up an online marketplace with his customers’ advertisements, plus a forum – 1000PS Internet GmbH was born.

Backstage at 1000PS: You have to do it right


Nils Muller, CEO of 1000 PS: “You have to do it smoothly.” Leiwand, that means something like good / cool / great.

“I wanted to be the richest person in the world,” says Nils. His precisely calculated plan as a prospective industrial engineer: Build a company in a weak industry and sell it as quickly as possible in order to make the “really big number” with the money. The plan initially worked. 1000PS grew quickly, Nils hired employees – but never sold in full. He still holds 24 percent of the shares, is himself CEO and employs around 30 people. With all the pursuit of success and wealth, he fell victim to his passion for motorcycles. “I can’t get out of the industry anymore.” Now 1000PS is supposed to become the most relevant motorcycle medium on the planet. “It might be another 20 or 50 years, but at some point it will be. And when we’ve done that, I want to go to Mars, ”says Nils.

Motor Presse Stuttgart has held a stake in the Austrian 1000PS Internet GmbH since 2008. The MOTORRAD parent company currently holds a majority of 76 percent in Austria’s leading motorcycle medium. The remaining 24 percent of the company’s shares are owned by the founder, Nils Muller.

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