Bell Broozer: modular helmet put to the test

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Bell Broozer: modular helmet put to the test
Arturo Rivas.



Bell Broozer: modular helmet put to the test

Bell Broozer
Modular helmet in a practical test

With the Broozer, helmet specialist Bell is offering a new model that can be converted from a jet helmet to a full-face helmet with little effort. How does the modular helmet fare in the first test?

Mona Pekarek

June 16, 2020

There it is, Bell’s latest answer to the ongoing trend of neo-retro bikes. Somehow modern, but somehow also classic, it fits Bell Broozer does well in this segment. Of course, we not only tested it at the Cafe Racer Kranzchen: The helmet, which is relatively light at 1,380 grams, makes a valuable impression, but is difficult to put on.

The chin section is relatively short

Once pulled over, the relatively short chin part is noticeable – depending on the length of the nose. Fortunately, this can be removed and turns the full-face helmet into a homologated jet helmet in no time at all. The levers for this are relatively small, but easy to use – not so on the visor. This has a prong to grip on both sides, but it only works if you pull both at the same time. Take both hands off the handlebars to raise your visor? Not a very good idea.

Otherwise, the helmet comes with two ventilation controls, an anti-fog lens and an additional dark visor. Buyers can choose from sizes S to XXL. The Bell Broozer is available from 259.99 euros. Buyers can choose between five different color variants – but all versions are rather dark. Those who prefer colorful designs will not find what they are looking for at the Broozer. It is quite possible that Bell will be adding new designs here in the near future.

Noticed positively: Large field of vision, removable chin part

Noticed negatively: Narrow entry, visor lock

Sizes: S to XXL.

Price: 259.99 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 3.5 stars out of a possible 5


If you are looking for a convertible motorcycle helmet that can be used as a jet or full-face helmet, the Bell Broozer could be the right place for you. The large field of vision was particularly impressive in the first test. Getting started is not easy, however.

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