Bicycle trends 2019

Bicycle trends 2019

E-bike boom and no end: the bicycle novelties of the year

Bicycle trends 2019-city Study shows this possible17

Bicycle trends 2019: An industry is electrified

More manufacturers, more technology, more types are pushing in the far-growing market of bicycles and e-bikes. Fans of two wheels can look forward to many great novelties.

The bicycle business in Germany continues on growth course. Drivers are above all the e-bikes that will delight themselves unabated rising demand. Accordingly, the innovations and trends of the coming season are concentrated.

As in previous years, we will continue to experience a further growing number of pedelecs with fully integrated batteries in 2019. All important drive manufacturers, from Bosch via BaFang to Shimano, have appropriate solutions in the portfolio, which are often integrated by more and more bicycles in well-known or new series worth seeing value. Accordingly, the selection of chic and high-quality pedelecs increases. A good example is the Kreidler brand, which has long been stylistically simple food, but has meanwhile put into service with the VITALITY ECO 20 in a technical as optically challenging e-bike.

Designer pedelecs in the trend

In the integration of drive components, start-ups with avant-garde designs are trying to profile in parallel. How about the design pedelec of the new German brand Geos, where a steel frame is in the center, which integrates a powerful battery pack despite classical bicycle aesthetics. A particularly daring design is the RV01 of the French Newcomer Stajvelo, which impresses not only with a framework integration of the battery and the engine, but also with defeats of both wheels and injection molding composite materials produced. Also considered in France and produced too big parts there, the COLEEN is produced with a cross-frame antiquated in the first moment, in which a 529 whis battery is hidden. The expected by 7.000 Euro expensive noble-e-bike is also characterized by a Spartan style and many individual metal components and several high-quality components.

Bicycle trends 2019-2019

Cannondale Cannondale also develops conventional racing bikes. The SIX system sets new standards in Puncto aerodynamics

Road bike manufacturers are also increasingly electrified, which, despite certain contradictory, to the ethos of the scene in the growing number of models with engine. In addition to the particularly compact and thus almost invisible Faaza drive, BaFang or Bosch are now mounted. With the Swabian drive solution approximately the Cannondale Synapse Neo started. Again, the drive is quite elegant, but at the same time introduced the cheating technique as an earlier e-racer.

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Staging and faster through the city: Study shows how this is possible with autonomous cars

Bicycle trends 2019-city Study shows this possible

Site / Wochit Staging and faster through the city: Study shows how this is possible with autonomous cars

Mountainbikes also with e-support

The discussion about meaning or nonsense of an e-support has long since been unnecessary among the mountain bikes. Here, electrified models, especially in the upscale price segment, have already taken over the supremacy, as is increasingly more sophisticated and high-quality models on the huge tide. For a premium manufacturer like deer, according to the Marketing Responsible Ole Wittrock, the E-Mountain Bike has been "indispensable!. Whether the electrically supported road bike is a similarly steep career or it will be rather niche product, remains to be seen. In any case, with conventionally powered racing bikes, innovations will be spilled. Cannondale has set new standards in terms of air resistance with the SystemSIX family. The manufacturer offers different expansion stages, where the aerodynamics also increases analogously to the price. If you want to drive a maximum of wind clumps, you have to invest five-digit.

In addition to the diversification of e-bike types, the number of drive systems is also growing, which should be part of the growing cake with partly interesting innovations. An exciting example of this offers Kervelo from France with the Quartz 48 volt drive, which integrates a 12-speed planetary gearbox into its compact motor housing.

Bicycle trends 2019-2019

FITCAR PPV The car also approaches the bike. At least with the FITCAR a pedal drive was installed

The pedelec boom can hardly escape a bicycle manufacturer. Even brands, which so far the E-Bike showed the cold shoulder, has changed the great demand for clarity. Among other things, the Berliner Edelschmiede Schindelhauer rises in 2019, which so far exclusively built conventional wheels, with a whole e-bike family with partly quite different types and concepts. The traditional brand Rabeneick also has taken three models with the so-called E-Series – a Urban, Sports and Trekking Pedelec – completely new to the program. Even the folding wheel specialist Brompton wants to be the next year’s announced promise of an e-variant years ago.

Everything about electromobility

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You can also make a test drive for your desired car directly for free and as uncomplicated to start e-mobility.

Also carmaker build bicycles

The lucrative market is increasingly awakening the attention of automakers. So far, the two-wheeled division of Peugeot extends its e-bike offensive with new trekking, racing and city models significantly. Even the Old Economy Icon General Motors wants to enter the e-bike business in 2019. So far there is a stylish compaction wheel, which on 31. January should receive his official name. However, a concrete market start date has not yet been mentioned. Another car hire, which goes into the Velo business, is VW: In 2019, the production of a Cargo bikes in Hanover is going to start, which offers as a special clou a so far unique kinematics, which also holds the transport goods horizontally and stable in curves.

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The ramsch wheels for 69 euros

Bicycle trends 2019-2019

Site / Glomex The ramsch wheels for 69 euros

Anyway loading wheels: Again, the resulting year will continue to increase the sales figures. According to Eurobike in 2017, after all, 15 were already 15.000 these mostly unwielded commercial vehicles. Also load-wheel sharing providers such as Donk-ee from Cologne report rising numbers of users. Of course, nothing works without a motor. Among other things, this has recognized the still young brand Muli Cycles and launched the E-Mulli. The e-bike manufactory also prepares your first e-load wheel for the early market launch. In addition to more technical sophistication, as with the VW draft, the design is stronger in this segment. Impressively shows the Velosled of the Danish manufacturer COH&Co, which has brought a particularly light carbon frame in astonishing shape. Another development focus concerns the payload, which may be high in professional applications: quite high here is about the A-N.T. Heavy Duty Cargo Bike The bar that recommends thanks to innovative steering system and nearly 300 kilogram payload as an interesting alternative to the small truck for trader. Similarly resilient is the new tender of Urban Arrow, which also starts in the 300 kilogram class.

Bicycle trends 2019-trends

Zeg The A-N.T. Heavy Duty Cargo Bike is supposed to master a good 300 kilogram load

Load wheels for downtown

The car again closer than loading wheels come so-called Velomobile. Neither of these new car bike migration with pedelec drive in the market, but that should change promptly. Among other things, the Norwegian company ELPEDAL wants to offer the Podbike, which for the price of around 5.500 euros with a closed cabin all-round driver should inspire. Also from Norway, CityQ comes with a four-wheeled and covered city mobile with Pedelec drive for the small family. Finally, the German Jonas Kremer announced to bring with the CITKAR Loadster a mini truck with covered passenger cabin and Pedelec drive to market. The kettcar for small logistics should be good 7.000 Euro costs.

By the way, in the meantime, there is also the reverse case, because in addition to Pedelecs, which approach the car, at least one car technically approached the e-bike. In this case, the Dutch company BPO implanted a Pedelec drive to an Audi A4. In the project called the FITCAR PPV, this replaces the pedals for clutch, gas and brake. Who strams, transmits the acceleration request via sensor technology. If you want to drive faster, you have to struggle stronger. How the project further develops remains to be seen. BPO has announced in the near future for the converted A4 Avant in Holland to apply for EU type approval.

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9 thoughts on “Bicycle trends 2019

  1. Every bike more is a blessing!
    Even in winter, many drive with the bike. I think it’s good. Every bike, which is more on the … Road is traveling, is vllt. a car less. That’s good for everyone! I think the trend will continue. Who knows how it looks in a few years.

  2. It is sad
    Young people buy a fake bike and drive grinning and posing through the area. It used to be the recommendation that we should save energy. What left about it? Why will use these fake bikes senseless energy and raw materials? No topic, older people or people with a certain handicap brings back mobility, a very good thing. But if healthy and especially sporty people put themselves on a fake bike during leisure, then I lack any understanding. The main thing is to be comfortable and no one has to be more effective is the motto. And wealth belly grows and grows. Since this is often manipulated at these fake bikes, a license plate duty would be useful for all. As a normal cyclist, it becomes increasingly dangerous!

  3. They confuse sports with traffic
    For many, the wheel is a means of transport and from 15km route is the e-bike a good alternative to the car. By the way, why there are tons of tons of oversized (fake!-) Car with 250km / h top speed, if you can rare over 130 (s)? Also only for poses and splashes and there are so really resources spill.

  4. Now I have three Cannondale
    Classic and still handmade in the USA I can relax with luggage on the Baltic Sea. An E box does it because of 25 kmh are only a brake. The bicycle industry is a fun brake and all play with. Already at braking was scolded. I prefer to drive slice.

  5. At Pedelec…
    it seemed at the beginning that such wheels are just something for seniors. Now we have a boom whose end is not foreseeable at all. Pedelecs are more expensive than conventional bicycles, but offer considerable advantages for which you can buy the extra charge. It is similar with E cars. They used to be something for eco-spinners. In the meantime, it looks very different. Many people are ready to accept the additional costs when purchasing an E-car to enjoy its benefits (noise and local emissions free of charge, better driving characteristics, cheaper operating costs). The electric boom is already overdressed on the e-cars. We only have not noticed it.

  6. The e boom
    Lets waiting and globally the E car hardly plays a role! Whether the eco terrorists are forcing or not.Furthermore, it is a difference if I account for 3000-5000 euros for an e-bike or 55 000 for a model 3 of Tesla! E – one has to be able to afford and this is not true for the vast majority of German motorists.

  7. Oh well
    Is already okay only in the face of electric blocks a boom of normal bicycles really environmentally friendly! Similar to very favorable warehouses, people lose appreciation when something is very cheap and the e-bike is on the way there.As with the car, especially at EU4.5 diesel, this sad development is everyday life and if one now considers how much energy and raw materials are used and wasted, this is the strange dash!What this could pronounce a lot of the slightly weaker countries that repair everything and cultivate our 20-30 years old cars and drive but yes is the green wealth with our disposable cell phones and plastic packaging! Fun and then declare to scrap! lithium&Cobalt Gate FTW!

  8. If the legislator
    Finally, the maximum speed of Pedelecs would increase to 30km / h, the boom of the transfer is still greater. 25km / h is just a bit of little and therefore many bikers grab the "Tuning instruments", To accelerate the wheel. You can see that from the outside Z.T. not at all. The real "ebikes", So self-accelerating wheels, which are beyond the 25km / h and need a insurance code and subject to a whole series of prohibitions, I hold for Quark: Then I buy a scooter or equal to a motorcycle. We have been driving through the area for 3 years with Pedelecs and I’m still more than thrilled.

  9. You can forget
    For me, an e-bike / pedelec is not synonymous. There is only a normal bike in question, I bought a new trekking bike. For an e – car I would be more open…

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