Bol d’Or – 11:00 am: explosions at the head of the race! –

11:00 am: bursts at the head of the race !

Bol d'Or - 11:00 am: explosions at the head of the race! -

At the head of the race, the bursts followed one another between the three leading machines: while the Yamaha n ° 94 took the lead, the Suzuki n ° 2 went out in Estoril, returned to the pits and set off again after 10 minutes. ‘immobilization…

Before 9 a.m., dramatic change in the Open category: engine failure for the Metiss, which had been leading the race in the category for long hours !

At 9.41am, David Checa, who has just taken the handlebars of Yamaha n ° 94, immediately strikes a blow on the decanter of his competitors by signing the new lap record in the race: 1’42.774, after more than 18 hours of racing !

Suffice to say that his stint is starting off under the best auspices after the exploits of his team-mate Sebastien Gimbert. The GMT # 94 Yamaha thus recovers the first place it had won half an hour earlier, thanks to the pit stop for refueling of the Suzuki # 2. The exciting Yamaha – Suzuki crossover continues live on Site !

And for good reason, shortly after 10:00 a.m., the Yamaha 94 GMT starts to widen the gap and is about thirty seconds ahead of the Suzuki n ° 1 of the SERT … the atmosphere is tense in the SERT team (see video). The Yamaha stops at the pit for a relay.

Suzuki n ° 2 took the opportunity to regain the lead of the race but made a straight ahead … it was 10:21 am. The Yamaha takes off with a comfortable lead, to say the least, its first direct competitor, the Suzuki n ° 1, then in third place is at 11 laps !

10:38 am: Guillaume Dietrich arrives at the pits with the n ° 2 which has finally started.

After a 10-minute standstill, Suzuki n ° 2 took off again in fourth position at 10:48 am in the hands of Max Neukirchner! The Yamaha n ° 3 of Phase One Endurance took the third place behind the Suzuki n ° 1 of SERT: the new pursuer of the GMT is ten laps behind the Yamaha n ° 94…


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