Bol d’Or – Bernard Rigoni is waiting for the rain! –

Bernard Rigoni waits for the rain !

Bol d'Or - Bernard Rigoni is waiting for the rain! -

While the No. 94 GMT Yamaha downgraded to 20th place due to an overheating problem, the No. 11 Kawasaki still sits between the two SERT Suzuki in the top three. The Honda n ° 60 of Bayle and Charpentier, 21st, waits for the rain….

Shortly before 5:00 p.m., while the Kawasaki n ° 11 still holds the lap record (1’42.336), the four leading machines (Suzuki n ° 1 and 2, Kawasaki n ° 11 and Yamaha n ° 94) are held always in the same lap.

In front, the Suzuki n ° 1 tries to sow the Kawasaki n ° 11 while the Yamaha n ° 94 of the GMT and the Suzuki n ° 2 of the SERT compete for the third place…

They are followed in one turn by the Yamaha n ° 99 of the Acropolis team which will have to be watched closely, after its beautiful third place at Le Mans (read) !

At 5.30 p.m., the Yamaha n ° 38 of Endurance Moto 38 returned to the pits in slow motion while at 6:25 p.m., it was the turn of the Suzuki n ° 411 of MCS Racing to make a mistake. Jure Stibilj returns to the pit but after some checks and the "straightening" of a bent pot, the machine starts again.

Shortly after 6.30 p.m., the Team’s # 60 Honda CBR 1000 Motorcycle Review returns to the pits with Sebastien Charpentier at his handlebars to leave the controls to a Jean-Michel Bayle determined to continue the ascent: they had demoted from 7th to 24th place during the previous stint, due to an unforeseen refueling while the machine was in the hands of Thierry Traccan.

An unexpected refueling to say the least which made the team lose heavy minutes. When Sebastien passes the controls to Jean-Michel, he is then in 20th place. And with the help of the weather, the ascent will not stop there according to the team manager, Bernard Rigoni (see our video opposite).

At 7:05 p.m., a few droplets of rain made their appearance again on the Nivernaise track and two minutes later, the marshals presented the grip change flags..

On the handlebars of the Suzuki n ° 1, Matthieu Lagrive raises the tone but Erwan Nigon on the Kawasaki n ° 11 resists, before giving way to Ivan Silva who sets off for his stint.

Twist at 19:23: victim of an overheating problem, the Yamaha n ° 94 is mysteriously immobilized at the stand to undergo mechanical repairs on the right side! Steve Plater waits and leaves at 7:25 p.m. … in 20th position…

At 7:30 p.m., the Suzuki n ° 72 of the Junior Team Lycee Le Mans Sud, 5th scratch, is leading the Superstock ahead of the Suzuki n ° 95 of Qatar Endurance (11th scratch), the Honda n ° 60 of Moto Revue (17th scratch) and the Yamaha # 57 of Team LTG (18th scratch).

At 7.45 p.m., BMW n ° 17 fell, which left immediately. With the arrival of the rain, it is the turn of Suzuki n ° 92 to go to the mat then Yamaha n ° 74.

Note the beautiful 14th scratch place of the Metiss n ° 45, leading the Open category ahead of the two BM HP2 Sport (24th and 26th) and the Ducati 848 n ° 78 (48th), the last Ducat ‘in contention following the abandonment of the 98.

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