Bol d’Or – The war of nerves! –

The war of nerves !

Bol d'Or - The war of nerves! -

The hunt for the No. 1 SERT Suzuki continues with the No. 94 GMT Yamaha lying in ambush within one turn, itself followed a turn later by the No. 11 Suzuki and Kawasaki with the two Hondas in ambush … the night will be hot !

The classification seems for the moment concrete in the first places, but the Kawasaki n ° 11 and Suzuki n ° 2 engage in a permanent cross chase.

The two machines only separate by a few tenths between third and fourth places, the two leaders remaining unchanged from the start of the race with the Suzuki n ° 1 which keeps one lap ahead of the Yamaha n ° 94 of the GMT team..

The Honda n ° 5 and 6 of National Moto are still installed respectively in 5th and 6th position. The classification is therefore still very tight despite the Yamaha n ° 41 of the Deletang team which is inserted for a moment between the Honda n ° 5 and 6 and small hazards for some: a stop and go for Sebastien Gimbert following excessive speed in the pit lane or a selector stuck in the low position for the Honda n ° 5……

Lower in the rankings, small problems also strike as in Stocksport with the Suzuki n ° 72 of the Junior Team which leaves the first place in the category to the crew of the R1 n ° 99 of Biker’s Days Acropolis following a puncture at the front wheel. After returning to the pit, the Suz nevertheless managed to climb back up to n ° 99.

Further still, in 18th place, the Honda n ° 91 of DAP Moto replaced its swingarm because the rear wheel refused to come loose when changing tires. !

At 8.45 p.m., the Suzuki n ° 18 of the fire brigade team fell, who were forced to retire … Very tight bastion between the Kawa n ° 11 and Suzuki n ° 2 … Ditto for the head of the category Stocksport between 72 and 99 !

The night promises to be hot !

Eric MICHEL and Marcus HIMSELF

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