Bosch Help Connect: Automatic emergency call via smartphone app

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Bosch Help Connect: Automatic emergency call via smartphone app


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Bosch Help Connect: Automatic emergency call via smartphone app

Bosch Help Connect
Automatic emergency call via smartphone app

Bosch has presented a new safety system called Help Connect for motorcyclists, which sends an automatic emergency call via smartphone in the event of an accident. The app is required for this “Vivatar”.

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“Help Connect” names Bosch a new motorcycle safety technology that the group presented at the beginning of June. It works like a classic e-call system that some motorcycle manufacturers already offer as an optional ex-works accessory. The difference: With the Bosch system, the mobile phone app is sufficient “Vivatar”, which the driver can download to his smartphone. In the event of an accident, it should call for help as quickly as possible, which, according to Bosch, can reduce the time it takes for rescue workers to arrive at the scene of the accident by up to 50 percent and thus save lives. Prerequisite: The motorcycle must have the latest generation of the Bosch six-axis sensor (IMU) for cornering ABS on board (from year of construction 2020). Bosch was initially unable to provide any information about which motorcycle manufacturers actually want to use the additional function of the cornering ABS sensor for which models in the future.

Emergency contacts can be informed automatically

The emergency safety system also provides other functions. If desired, the app can be configured so that emergency contact persons are automatically informed in the event of an accident. The new Bosch safety system was developed in close cooperation with the company’s own accident research department. According to Harald Kroger, the managing director of Robert Bosch GmbH, the company must first understand critical situations before developing new products that increase the safety of motorcyclists. According to this, the accident researchers at Bosch can use real data from motorcycle accidents to provide impetus for new developments. In the case of Help Connect, Bosch carried out 18 crack tests to analyze specific accident scenarios and to prove the functionality of the new safety system.

Incidentally, the system is initially only available for customers in Germany. Users can also use the Bosch service in other European countries. For several years now, Bosch has been striving to develop intelligent safety systems that make motorcycling safer and prevent accidents. It all started with ABS for motorcycles, which was introduced 25 years ago. A similar system called Bosch E-Call has been used in cars since 2018.


Systems that save lives in the worst case are more than welcome by all motorcyclists. Owners of motorcycles that meet the requirements should definitely take a closer look at the new safety system.

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