Brief review of the Honda NX 650 Dominator


Short test, Honda NX 650 Dominator

Honda NX 650 Dominator

As an enduro with a fun bike impact, the Dominator has long been a hit. Now she storms the vastness of the room in a new dress.

M.ith playing football is a bit of a problem, but the Italians can build motorcycles. Now even Japanese, such as the Honda NX 650 Dominator. If you turn up your nose skeptically, you turn up too soon. On the one hand, the price of the NX 650 could be corrected significantly downwards by relocating production to the proximity of the customer markets, on the other hand, the processing quality of the machine gives no indication that the Italian Honda branch is less accurate than the Far Eastern parent company. The fact that the Dominator has remained essentially Japanese through and through: the engine, suspension elements, brakes – to name the most important assemblies – continue to be made at the original locations. That the 650 single-cylinder machine is eight years old does not stop them from showing youthful freshness in the latest edition. A modified panel, closer fitting and decorated with colorful decor, makes the Dominator appear less sedate. As far as its protective effect is concerned, the new plastic shell cuts a fine figure despite its slimmer cut. Without annoying fuss about doing her job, she punches a half-square-meter hole in the atmosphere, from which only the head and extremities of the driver protrude. The power output of the Dominator single-cylinder with a nominal 44 hp is not outstanding, but at Japanese class level. But at least in the case of the test machine, the 650 scores extra points for particularly eager service: the test person put 47 hp on the test bench role, significantly more than the Japanese class competition. With the secret performance plus, the Dominator manages its slight fat deposit – with 16 liters of fuel on board It weighs 183 kilograms – more than just compensating: it delivers above-average values ​​both when accelerating from a standstill and during the elasticity test. And these are often called up in practice, because on the one hand the single can handle high speeds easily and with little vibration, on the other hand it pulls the chain energetically and without ugly jerking even in the upper gears from 3000 rpm. Turn lively or let it go lazily? The decision is not made easier by the power transmission. The gears slide up and down easily and safely when things have to go particularly fast, even without a clutch, and load changes due to excessive play in the drive train are also alien to the Dominator. Rather, the fuel consumption speaks against excessive use of the throttle grip and gear lever: With a moderate driving style, the Honda can hardly be brought under five liters per 100 kilometers, seven liters run through the gas factory without further ado, nevertheless, the performance potential slumbering in the Dominator becomes Often used because it’s fun and because it’s so easy. Because the chassis with its modest suspension travel by enduro standards brings a number of pleasant traits under one roof on the road. Tight to medium-fast corners, interrupted by short straights, and the whole thing with potholes and bumps, offer the greatest entertainment value: the front disc brake easily manages deceleration rates up to the tire squeal limit, the machine leans itself into a lean position, and those who like to swallow Tightly damped suspension elements ensure directional stability and traction. The Dominator also holds up well in the edge zones of its field of activity: At top speed on the autobahn it runs cleanly in a straight line, and it makes detours in easy terrain at a suitable speed with surprising agility and without sweeping results on the fork and strut.

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Brief review of the Honda NX 650 Dominator

Short test
Honda NX 650 Dominator

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