Business – BMW: 136,963 motorcycles sold worldwide in 2015 – Used BMW

BMW: 136,963 motorcycles sold worldwide in 2015

Business - BMW: 136,963 motorcycles sold worldwide in 2015 - Used BMW

The motorcycle branch of BMW recorded in 2015 its fifth consecutive sales record in the world: 136,963 motorcycles and propeller scooters sold last year, an increase of + 10.9% compared to 2014. The German manufacturer takes stock.

Like Ducati (read very seriously), BMW Motorrad broke its record: the number of BMW motorcycles and maxiscooters sold worldwide jumped from 136,963 last year (+ 10.9%).

Best seller of the German manufacturer, the R1200GS sold slightly less well than last year … but its Adventure version was more successful than in 2014! As a whole, the R range still represents more than half of "Behème" sales (see box below).

Leader in 26 countries in the segment of "high-end motorcycles over 500 cc", BMW has won more than one in four sales on its national market. The Bavarian brand recorded an impressive increase of + 17.4%, or 23,823 machines sold..

In the United States, the Germans claim to have sold 16,501 "Motorrads" (against 15,301 in 2014). Again on the BMW Motorrad podium, France represents a total of 12,550 units (vs. 11,600). Italy follows in order with 11,150 units, the United Kingdom (8,200) and Spain (7,976).

BMW Motorrad 2015 sales worldwide

List (non-exhaustive) of sales of BMW motorcycles worldwide in 2015:

  • R1200GS: 23,681 copies (24,380 in 2014)

  • R1200GS Adv: 18,011 ex (16,242)

  • R1200RT: 10,955 ex (12 140)

  • R nineT: 9,545 ex (8 488)

  • R1200R: 6,951 ex (NC)

  • R1200RS: 4,208 ex ()

  • S1000RR: 9,576 ex (NC)

  • S1000R: 6,473 ex (NC)

  • S1000XR: 5,061 copies in six months ()

  • F800GS: 6,603 ex (7,040)

  • F800GS Adv: 4,129 ex (4 287)

  • F800GT: 6,561 (3,901)

  • F700GS: 6,282 ex (6,499)

  • F800R: 5,971 (3 953)

  • K1600GT / GTL: 4,866 (NC)

  • C600Sport / C650GT: 4,530 ex (6,391)

  • C Evolution: 927 ex (550)

And the manufacturer intends to continue to grow, "naturlich"! BMW Motorrad President Stephan Schaller tosses – and not in the air – that "our goal for 2020 is to supply 200,000 units to our customers. 2015 sales figures show our motorcycle strategy is working".

"Between spring and summer 2015, we launched no less than five new models: F800R, S1000RR, R1200R, R1200RS and also S1000XR, recalls the German big boss, convinced and satisfied that "their contribution was decisive for the successful sales of BMW Motorrad"(see box opposite).

After consolidating its status as a Premium generalist, BMW is embarking on a new challenge in 2016 aimed at substantially increasing its sales worldwide: "we will continue our offensive with the current models in the high-end segment of over 500 cc and this year we will enter the capacity class below 500 cc with a real BMW machine, the G310R".

With this unprecedented small displacement and future "innovative products in the field of urban mobility and electromobility", the German manufacturer is simultaneously seeking to expand its activities in its historical markets (100 years of history this year!) and to"enter new ones".

Without surprise, "Asia and South America are at the top of our list", specifies Herr Schaller, considering that his"Global dealer network will grow dramatically, from around 1,100 dealers currently to a total of 1,500".

"Our product and market offensive will be accompanied by a repositioning of the BMW Motorrad brand", he adds. According to the big boss, the new slogan of the brand"Make Life A Ride"- translated to us by an astonishing"Every day wake up right away"! – should raise the value" emotion "to the same level as"our traditional qualities of innovation, safety and quality".

"The signals we receive from the markets make us confident and optimistic", concludes Stephan Schaller."Motorcycles are clearly showing an upward trend, once again. There is a positive mood in the motorcycle markets in Europe and America. And we are also intensifying our efforts in Asia, especially in China". Everything is rolling for BMW !

From a financial point of view, BMW Motorrad increased its turnover by + 18.5%, to a total of 1.99 billion euros (1.679 billion in 2014). Its profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) jumped by + 62.5% (!), Reaching 182 million euros this year, and its profit before taxes climbed by + 67.3%, or 179 million. euros. No really, it works for BMW…

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