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With the launch of on April 5, Kawasaki USA is the 1st motorcycle manufacturer to embark on large-scale online sales.

With the launch of April 5, Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA (KMC) will be the first motorcycle manufacturer to sell its products online. The solution adopted by Kawasaki is similar to that of the French car manufacturer Renault – which is also preparing to launch into e-commerce – in the sense that far from short-circuiting the dealer network which ensures it the essential proximity to customers, it integrates it 100% into the sales process. Thus, the American rider wishing to renew his left rear indicator will not only be able to view it online from all angles, order it and have it delivered to the address of his choice, but he can also choose the dealer in the network to whom he wants to pay for his order – and therefore encourage the one who kindly helped him out last week, or boycott the one who scammed him two days ago! Products available for sale online will initially be limited to clothing and accessories, but parts – and motorcycles themselves – are expected to follow shortly. The B2B (business to business) component of online sales is not forgotten either, since network dealers will be able to use the site to place their orders with the manufacturer. In addition, KMC takes full charge of order processing, shipping and restocking from its warehouses in Atlanta, Georgia. The local dealer just has to cash in his margin on online orders … or find out why he is systematically boycotted by motor users. And if, as is likely, the experience turns out to be successful, Kawasaki shareholders can start rubbing their hands and packing their golf bags. As for the sales representatives of the American concessions, they would be well advised to consider their reconversion now …


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