Business – Business: MV Agusta is not doing that well … – Second hand MV AGUSTA

Business: MV Agusta is not doing that well…

Business - Business: MV Agusta is not doing that well ... - Second hand MV AGUSTA

Four months ago, Giovanni Castiglioni drew up a satisfactory record of 2015 for MV Agusta. Today, the Italian boss announces that his company will have to restructure to face major financial worries. Explanations.

Money does not buy happiness … Not for MV Agusta in any case, who is currently working on its restructuring despite a turnover of 100 million euros last year (read), against 30 million euros in 2011 with the arrival of Giovanni Castiglioni at the head of the then entirely family business.

"Our motorcycles have become undisputed icons, as demonstrated by our sales increase of + 30% compared to + 12% of the global market", insists the brand of Varese in a press release published following alarming articles in the Italian press.

Money, too expensive, too big ?

"We have invested more than 15% of annual turnover in research and development", add the transalpine officials,"in order to penetrate new segments and ensure our products the undisputed excellence in quality and performance that fans expect from this brand".

Despite the claimed success of its latest innovations – and – and the high hopes based on its news, MV Agusta is in a worrying financial situation: the manufacturer would accumulate 40 million euros in debt !

"The real problem is that we are no longer fighting in a small niche market, but we are fighting against colossi", recently confided Giovanni Castiglioni to the local newspaper. MV Agusta would he have had the eyes bigger than the belly while attacking Ducati and BMW ?

This is what the young, handsome and big Italian boss admits, half-heartedly, now forced to review the structure of his company … Rumors suggest a larger stake – majority? – Mercedes, already 25% owner of MV Agusta (read and). Others explore the trail of Investindustrial, former owner of … Ducati, precisely (read in particular and) !

Officially, the Italian firm makes it known that with "active participation of all its employees and managers, MV Agusta has already identified the strategy to consolidate and strengthen corporate values, and to protect the company’s stakeholders". To be continued, on Site of course !

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