Catalog: Intermot 2004


Catalog: Intermot 2004

Catalog: Intermot 2004

All novelties

Athletes, cruisers, naked bikes ?? Clear the stage for the new motorcycles to be had in the coming year.

After Intermot 2004, the international motorcycle fair of that year, one thing was as clear as a sunny autumn day: The most beautiful and spectacular new motorcycles are large naked bikes that deliberately do not follow the classic design line. Three new super sporty 600s from Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha and the new Suzuki GSX-R 1000 can also please, but the fireworks of creativity and individuality that a KTM 990 RC8 Venom or a Yamaha MT-01 with their fellow competitors Triumph Speed ​​Triple, BMW K 1200 R, Moto Guzzi Griso, B.enelli TnT sport, they are not equal in luminosity. In addition to these machines, which almost inevitably have to be expensive, there is also the middle and entry-level class
get further impulses. The Kawasaki Z 750 S, two
relatively inexpensive models from Ducati, the Monster S2R and the Multistrada 620, or the Honda FMX 650 as well
The Suzuki Bandit 650 in particular represent this segment. The machines that were not presented in the highlights from page 10 are presented-
are now on the following pages.

Aprilia Pegaso 650 Strada

Pegaso 650 Strada
As a fun bike suitable for everyday use, Aprilia brings the completely redesigned-
nete Pegaso 650 Strada. Your water-cooled four-valve single with
660cc comes from Yamaha’s current XT, has injection and
two U-Kats. The new chassis is clearly aimed at asphalt
Cast aluminum wheels from OZ à la RSV 1000 R Factory in 17-inch format and relatively short spring travel (140 and 130 millimeters). In everyday life
help moderate dry weight of 168 kilograms, low
Seat height (780 millimeters) and two luggage compartments; the one above the 16 liter tank can be opened at the push of a button on the handlebars. To the
A wide range of accessories will include ABS from the end of 2005.
Single cylinder n 660 cm3 n 50 hp n approx. 7200 euros incl.

Benelli TnT Cafe Racer

TnT Cafe Racer
The TnT Cafe Racer is ergonomically different
due to its narrower and deeper handlebars
from the ordinary TnT. In addition, the foot-
Adjust the notches using an eccentric. Like all new TnT models, the Cafe Racer can be equipped with two different,
selectable maps can be driven at the push of a button; one brings 130 hp with lower fuel consumption,
with the other, the full 136 hp are available.
The rest is disguise: a higher one at the front
Washer, a keel on the engine and a pillion seat cover in the back.
In-line three-cylinder n 1130 cm3
130 or 136 hp n price k. A..

Benelli TnT Sport

TnT sport
The steps of improvement at Benelli are as follows: The TnT Sport has
The normal TnT is preceded by the red frame and the radially screwed brake calipers, above that the special model ranks
Titanium. It also offers a titanium exhaust system, forged wheels, a dry clutch and a number of carbon fiber parts. Everyone
What they have in common is the most powerful three-cylinder from last year, which has impressed everyone with its great torque.
Especially since the well balanced chassis gives the power of the triplet
well under control. In the Titanium this should be seven more
Press PS more than in the other model variants.
In-line three-cylinder n 1130 cm3
130 or 136 hp n 14,200 euros plus additional costs

Bimota db 5

db 5
Bimota db ?? this has been a tradition since 1985. In the form of the
db 5 it will be continued convincingly. How it is
heard, an air-cooled Ducati-V2 drives the noble country-
street athletes, the 1000 with double ignition and
92 hp. It sits in one of the most beautiful chassis there is. The swing arm mounting and suspension strut are held in milled aluminum profiles, and the front section is supported by a tubular space frame. The rocker also consists of a composite tube and milled parts. The finest equipment and a skin-tight cladding complete the, like all Bimotas, extremely expensive and sinful db 5.
V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3
92 hp n around 25,000 euros

Bimota Tesi 2D

Tesi 2D
A Tesi as a naked bike? With all the complex mechanics of the wheel-
hub steering, which consists of elaborately milled parts? Not an obvious idea, but one that was implemented convincingly.
The simplicity of the air-cooled Ducati twin that has the hose-
Spared the confusion of a water cycle, ensures a tidy one
Appearance, dynamic lines for speed even while standing.
The silencer allows itself a special gag. It’s under the engine, and its muzzle protrudes forward. Hopefully the exhaust will find the right way anyway.
V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3 n 86 hp n around 40,000 euros

Bimota SB8K Santamonica

SB8K Santamonica
Created in 2000, the SB8K never was
really in the market. Still, she is legendary because she was in Phillip Island under Anthony
Gobert has duped the world‘s superbike elite. The basis of the racing machine is now being reissued and can still be seen today. One
Chassis made of carbon parts and aluminum profiles
cantilever carbon hump and a Suzuki V2, which is supposed to produce 143 hp in the Bimota trim. The Santamonica model differs from the Gobert replica in that it has a different swing arm and fork, lighter wheels and radially bolted brake calipers.
V-twin cylinder n 996 cm3
143 hp n around 35,000 euros

BMW K 1200 S.

K 1200 S
Do you have to write something about the BMW K 1200 S? Perhaps
so much: it is not only the most powerful BMW that has been built to date. With their innovative chassis and that from scratch
engineered, 167 hp engine, it gave the big sport touring class a powerful boost. When it comes to wind-
Protection, comfort and security are what sets the standard. And she will
as a basis for further models? see the K 1200 R on page 10 ??
work even further. Your biggest shortcoming at the moment are the high maintenance costs due to a strong thirst for petrol and the impressive price.
Inline four-cylinder n 1157 cm3
167 hp and 15,112 euros including utilities

Buell Lightning XB9SX CityX

Lightning XB9SX CityX
The CityX replaces both previous Neuner models and
turned out to be much cheaper than the two 1200 types. Know-
Sign of the city crosser: wide tubular handlebar, hand-
protectors and a bench two centimeters higher. There is also translucent plastic for the cockpit cladding and the dummy tank. With the 12 models from 2005, the CityX shares the upside-down fork with 43 lower tubes in the unconventional chassis: bridge frame as tank, swing arm as engine oil reservoir and internal disc brake at the front. This works, as the comparison test in MOTORRAD 20/2004 shows.
V-twin cylinder n 985 cm3
84 hp n 9589 euros including utilities

Cagiva Raptor 650

Raptor 650
The new edition of the Raptor 650 follows the technical one
Development of the V-engine, which comes from Suzuki.
He already received an injection for the penultimate season
instead of carburetor. Together with a secondary air system and an unregulated catalytic converter, it creates the Euro 2 standard in the Cagiva, with an output of 70 hp. New to
The Raptor is also an attractive, but not particularly helpful in terms of wind protection, cockpit fairing and a flatter handlebar. The panel is adorned
in the new model year also the 1000 raptors. The chassis remains stable and has been carefully processed.
V-twin cylinder n 645 cm3
70 hp n price k. A..

Derbi GPR 125 Racing

GPR 125 Racing
A hot part is the new Derbi GPR 125 Racing, which is available in the com-
This spring is to come to Germany with her undisguised sister 125 Nude. Equipped with chassis-
components like a 40 mm upside-down fork, a swing arm
with stiffening upper cables and even a radially screwed brake calliper, the GPR seems straight from the racetrack
to be turned. A water-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine, which is supposed to meet the Euro 2 emissions standard, promises a reasonable one-
great temperament for the little super athlete.
Single-cylinder two-stroke n 125 cm3
Performance k. A. n price k. A..

Ducati 620 Multistrada / Dark

620 Multistrada / Dark
The new Multistrada 620 is intended for all those who aim high on narrow streets but have to keep costs low. With the tried and tested air-cooled two-valve engine, with a two-arm swing arm instead of the single-arm swing arm of the 1000 series and with double-piston floating calipers for the two 300 series brake discs at the front. The cockpit works without an on-board computer. The 620 Dark is available in a matt black finish and thanks to the 320 single-disc brake in the front wheel, it is even cheaper. Both models have a clutch mechanism,
which significantly reduces hand strength and is easy for beginners.
V-twin cylinder n 618 cm3 n 63 hp
around 8400/7900 euros plus additional costs

Ducati Monster S2R /

Monster S2R /
Another favorable offer: The chassis of the Monster S4R with the artfully welded single-sided swing arm has the air-cooled 800 series two-valve engine with an output of 77 hp
lies between the 620 and 1000 with dual ignition. With double-piston floating calipers in front and
a non-adjustable Marzocchi-
The S2R fork costs 8100 euros. There are also those based on a tried and tested pattern
S2R in a matt black dark-
Variant and with further slimmed down equipment (without rev counter, handlebars made of steel).
V-twin cylinder n 618 cm3
63 hp n around 8100/7600 euros
plus additional costs

Ducati Multistrada 1000 S.

Multistrada 1000 S.
Not a bargain, but something to indulge in. The Multistrada 1000 S is equipped with extremely fine Ohlins spring elements that
are fully adjustable. Just the super-sensitive fork
already costs 2600 euros in the accessories trade. The shock absorber even pampers you with a hydraulic adjustment of the spring base. Seen in this way, 1500 euros extra price is almost a bargain. also
the noble Multistrada receives a front fender and toothed belt covers made of carbon fiber. The technology of the powerful,
cultivated 1000 series two-valve with double ignition remains the same.
V-twin cylinder n 992 cm3
92 hp n 12,995 euros plus additional costs

Ducati 749 Dark

749 Dark
Because the new Ducati 999 on page 36ff. already while driving-
report appears, we show here the cheapest Duc
with Testastretta engine, the 749 Dark. She is the only one who keeps the old cast swingarm, all other super sports cars that Ducati because of the differentiation to
the SS models are called superbikes
the new, lighter and stiffer swingarm. The V2 of the
Dark is equipped with relatively tame camshafts, but stands very well in the forage. For MOTORCYCLE tests
he ensured spirited driving performance. The running smoothness of the “small” Testastretta is also excellent.
V-twin cylinder n 748 cm3
108 hp n 11,995 euros plus additional costs

Gas Gas Endupamp 400

Gas gas
Endupamp 400
Trialers are good for climbing, but not for sitting, ordinary enduros are discouraging beyond the tree line due to excess weight. The gap in between has so far only been filled by Betas Alp 4.0 with its 350 Suzuki engine. Now the Italian chamois is getting company from a Spanish one
Gas gas. The leisure enduro got the in-house one-
NEN 400 four-stroke with two camshafts,
four valves, injection and water cooling. A targeted 34 hp make every goat path
on the way to happiness, promise a good 120 kilos and 200 millimeters of suspension travel at the front and rear
the necessary ease. And the name will soon be Pampera.
Single cylinder n 444 cm3
approx. 34 hp n price k. A..

Gas Gas Endupamp 125

Gas gas
Endupamp 125
Some of the freshest contributions on the topic of “youthful research” come from small forges.
See the Endupamp 125, which can combine extroverted appearances with high recreational value. It is also suitable for climbing tours off all paved paths. An air / oil-cooled 125 four-valve four-stroke engine works in the chassis of the 400 series. That should make about 15 hp
and becomes neither the frame nor the marzocchi-
Fork or the progressively hinged Sachs spring-
leg ever overwhelm. The freedom of movement behind
Trial handlebars and narrow tank seems unlimited,
On the other hand, the pillion seat is tight.
Single cylinder n 125 cm3
approx. 15 hp n price k. A..

Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom

Dyna Super Glide Custom
All 2005 Dyna-Glide models receive a new clear-glass headlamp with a free-form reflector,
in which a Harley logo is integrated. Other changes: A new engine control unit enables
much faster data exchange and carries
for more efficient combustion. The brakes are supposed to decelerate more effectively with a different pad mixture. And last but not least, the Americans improved the chrome plating of the rims and spokes-
nipple. A special treat: The Wide Glide is the only one from the Dyna series to receive, in addition to the aforementioned updates, more attractive wire-spoke wheels with arched rim wells.
V-twin cylinder n 1449 cm3
67 hp n from 13,995 euros

Harley-Davidson Softail Springer Classic

Softail Springer Classic
“History of technology, thanks to the most modern CAD processes in line with the times.” Quote from Harley-Davidson. In plain language: a twin-cam 88B engine with 71 hp at 5450 rpm and 106 Nm at 3750 rpm, nostalgically packaged. Springer fork, tombstone taillight, retro metal logos, crossover dual exhaust system, running boards, beach-style handlebars, leather appliques-
cations. The Americans spice up the nostalgic look
with electronic immobilizer, alarm system, over-
engine control, optimized brake pads and powerful headlights. A brand new one
Bike that evokes the good old days.
V-twin cylinder n 1449 cm3
71 hp n from 19 140 euros

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Low

Sportster 883 Low
Harley-riding has always been an option for little people. By shortening the suspension struts and fork, as well as a flat solo saddle, the seat height was reduced from 69 to 66 centimeters. Also sits
the driver on the 883 Low closer to the handlebars, and the side stand is easier to reach and fold out for better handling. Further modifications for the 2005 vintage: reinforced rear axle and swing arm, clear glass headlights, wider handlebars, high-
Higher quality chrome plating of the spoked wheels, new speed-
Sensor. By the way: According to the manufacturer, the reduced spring travel does not have a negative effect on driving comfort.
V-twin cylinder n 883 cm3
54 hp n from 7890 euros

Harley-Davidson Screamin ?? Eagle V-Rod

Screamin ?? Eagle V-Rod
Harley equips all 2005 V-Rod models with reinforced rear axles for improved driving stability. In addition, the Americans modified the engine ventilation, the speed sensor and the front engine mount as well as the headlight and bracket. In addition, Harley offers with the Screamin ?? Eagle on a factory-tuned V-Rod. The displacement expansion by one of 100 on
The 105 millimeter larger bore achieves 1250 cm3 and, in conjunction with the CNC-milled cylinder, ensures-
heads and new timing for a lot more power. The Power-V-Rod is also visually enhanced by special parts from the huge range of accessories
and effect paint stand out from the basic versions.
V-twin cylinder n 1259 cm3
Performance k. A. n 26,350 euros

Honda CBR 600 RR

CBR 600 RR
The fireblade cut off the face is the one
new CBR 600 RR. Now the little super athlete also has an upside-down fork, with a 43 mm dip-
tubes, and four-piston stoppers screwed radially at the front. The lighter aluminum frame and other measures reduce the dry weight to 163 kilograms ?? around 195 kilos with a full tank. Narrowed inlet channels
should the extremely short-stroke four-cylinder
(42.5 millimeter stroke with 67 millimeter bore)
more torque at medium speeds-
breath. The injector should deliver a maximum of 66 Nm at 11,000 rpm, two Nm more than before,
and produce an unchanged 117 hp at 13,000 tours.
In-line four-cylinder n 599 cm3
117 hp n 10,340 euros plus additional costs

Honda FMX 650

FMX 650
»Funmoto ?? Honda calls the crisp 650s. Your air-cooled single-cylinder engine with four radially arranged
Valves comes from the blessed Dominator and with almost 38 hp and 52 Nm does not quite achieve the performance-
level of modern singles. That made it all the livelier
Design with distinctive lines, mini clear glass headlights and LED rear light. Renthal handlebars and stainless steel manifolds are elegant, the eleven-liter tank and the cockpit without a rev counter are spartan, the 45 mm upside-down fork is bold. The light weight under 180 kilograms when fully fueled
FMX rolls on 120 and 150 mm tires? and at a real hammer price.
Single cylinder n 644 cm3
38 hp n 5790 euros plus additional costs

Honda CB 1300 ABS

CB 1300 ABS
Big bang on the big bike: Honda’s CB 1300 will also be available with ABS from May 2005 for a surcharge of 600 euros. Otherwise are the new ones-
of a fine nature. Side covers each one centimeter narrower
than before, it makes it easier to put your feet on the ground while standing
come. The bench should have become more comfortable. The four-
cylinder power pack received a modified ignition and gasoline injection, for finer response and smoother load changes. Otherwise only the color combinations and graphics are new.
Inline four cylinder n 1248 cm3
116 hp n 10690 euros including ABS, plus ancillary costs

Honda Gold Wing 30th

Gold Wing 30th
Anniversary Edition
Gold Swing: Plowing for 30 years
“Golden wings” through time and space ?? the
first 1000cc with four-cylinder boxer was on
presented at IFMA 1974. High time for one
“30th Anniversary Edition” with anniversary emblems
on the front fairing, top case and in the cockpit.
In the same, the LCD information display shows a “special starting ceremony” when the engine is started and switched off. Technically, Honda’s touring flagship remains unchanged, only the metallic paints are new ?? red, silver and blue.
Six-cylinder boxer n 1832 cm3
118 hp n 24,790 euros plus additional costs

Husqvarna SM 610

SM 610
It’s actually the old bike, but it looks brand new. And it gets a huge boost in performance. House designer Miguel Galuzzi dressed the Husqvarna SM 610, a supermoto for the street, elegantly gray and elegant. The technicians donated some power components from the 570 sports engine to the 610 with electric starter, which should bring ten more horsepower. About 56 hp for one
legal street supermoto ?? that would be pretty
Husky secure the pole position in this segment. And at least make sure that the KTM Duke has to dress warmly.
Single cylinder n 576 cm3
about 56 hp n 7800 euros

Hyosung 650 R

650 R
Well dressed ?? so you can get the new hyosung
Really call 650 R. In principle, it is the fully disguised version of the 650 Naked, which has already achieved a very respectable result at MOTORRAD
ran in the top test. The 650 S is also a half-faired model that looks no less attractive than the R. In contrast to the Naked, both have an adjustable fork. What is striking about the new 650 series from Korea are the three-position adjustable footrests ?? a feature that otherwise only Ober-
Own great motorcycles of the rank of Ducati 999.
V-twin cylinder n 647 cm3
76 hp n price k. A..

Kawasaki Z 750 S.

Z 750 S.
One year after the presentation of the Z 750 with a small lamp cover in the street fighter look, you are presenting
Kawasaki a more everyday variant with a half shell to the side. The developers did not just focus on better wind protection, but also on more comfortable accommodation for the pillion passenger. The new Z 750 S with a one-piece, wider bench seat gives the passenger more space and the brackets ensure even more composure. The spring elements have also been re-tuned for the changed conditions of use. In the cockpit, a fuel gauge provides information about the fuel level, an immobilizer
serves to safeguard vested rights.
Inline four cylinder n 748 cm3
110 hp n price k. A..

Kawasaki ZX-6R

With the new ZX-6R, Kawasaki is bringing a breath of fresh air into the 600 class. Already on the outside with the new cladding, the tank-seat combination, the swing arm with upper cables and especially the one in the rear
To distinguish the hiked silencer from its predecessor, the 636 cm3 Ninja has not only significantly improved aerodynamics but also inner values
increased. A modified cylinder head with larger ones
Valves, sharper camshafts, two injection nozzles per cylinder and many other measures should increase the performance significantly. So armed,
the ZX-6R has a good chance of reaching the top of the 600 podium again.
Inline four-cylinder n 636 cm3
129 hp n price k. A..

Kawasaki KLE 500

KLE 500
Almost an endurance runner in the Kawasaki program should
optical retouching the sale of the Enduro with the 500-
Crank up the in-line two-cylinder engine a little. Strongest
The distinguishing feature to the previous model is the cladding-
upper part with the aggressive looking headlight
and the dark-tinted windshield above. also
Kawasaki tries to use the KLE with a completely new color scheme
colored frame and black wheels appear more attractive
allow. It remains to be seen whether these retouching will be enough to get more customers excited about the oldie.
In-line twin cylinder n 499 cm3 n 48 hp n Price n / a A..

Kawasaki VN 1600

VN 1600
Classic Tourer
Kawasaki has reanimated the Classic Tourer based on the American model. In addition to the increased displacement to 1600 cm3 with more power and torque, a significant gain in comfort is promised, especially for the pillion passenger. He can now lean against a sissy bar, hold on to stable handles and relax his feet
Place running boards. The additional chrome parts are certainly not inconvenient for Classic Tourer customers. Just like the sweeping windshield and the case, which are part of the standard equipment.
The Kawasaki offers relaxed tours-
Model therefore a whole lot for considerably
less money than the American model.
V-twin cylinder n 1552 cm3
Performance k. A. n price k. A..

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