Corporate life – Qianjang joins forces with MV Agusta and launches new Benelli motorcycles – Occasions BENELLI MV AGUSTA

Qianjang partners with MV Agusta to launch new Benelli motorcycles

Corporate life - Qianjang joins forces with MV Agusta and launches new Benelli motorcycles - Occasions BENELLI MV AGUSTA

Could 2021 be the year of the real rise of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers? Still, the Qianjiang group (QJ-Motor) is firing on all cylinders with a partnership with MV Agusta and a salvo of new products launched by its Italian brand Benelli, including a new 3-cylinder road bike! Explanations.

The Chinese invasion … Many times announced, this takeover by China in the motorcycle market – feared in particular by the Japanese neighbor – remains for the moment Cantonese confined to "exotic" products lacking notoriety or to associations with European brands such as BMW with Loncin, KTM with CF Moto or even Mash with Qingqi and Shineray. 

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But the appetite comes with eating: real strategies are starting to emerge from the Middle Empire, starting with the Qianjiang Group which describes itself as "one of the biggest and most important two-wheeler manufacturers in China" . Qianjiang, owner of the Benelli, Keeway and Generic brands, sends a new illustration of its ambitions through an unprecedented partnership with MV Agusta.

Objectives: extend the commercial presence of MV Agusta in China thanks to the important network of the Chinese group, which will also now ensure the importation of Italian motorcycles. MV Agusta and QJ-Moto Co. are also forecasting "significant industrial developments", which would be "in the process of being defined"…

This somewhat cryptic formulation suggests that joint motorcycle projects are under study: either MV Agusta more accessible than the current elitist range because they are manufactured in China by its new partner, or Qianjiang motorcycles developed around technologies from Varese. (Italy). These two alternatives can also be pursued simultaneously ! 

An Italian, a Russian and a Chinese are on a motorcycle…

"It is a very ambitious long-term partnership which will make MV Agusta the first Italian brand of premium motorcycles in China in the next five years", foresees for his part Timur Sardarov, co-owner of MV Agusta since 2016 via his – obscure – investment companies and .

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An Italian brand under the control of a Russian entrepreneur, who made an alliance with a Chinese manufacturer: this description which can make you smile actually translates the inevitable (?) Globalization of motorcycle production, a business identical to the others with its obligations results and its search for load compression.

MV Agusta had also already sent a test balloon to China by forging a partnership with Loncin to jointly develop new medium-displacement motorcycles, but to date without following up this Sino-Italian alliance. This new partnership with QJ-Motor revives future possibilities !

A small displacement for Harley and new Benelli models !

Another project currently occupies Qianjiang: the preparation of a future motorcycle at a low price for Harley-Davidson. Announced by the American brand, this novelty already surprised at the prototype stage – under the name "338R" – inherits a parallel twin-cylinder of 353 cc cooled by water. A first in both engine capacity and architecture on the Milwaukee side !

  • MNC of July 31, 2018 : A maxi-trail and small displacement in preparation at Harley-Davidson !

This truly "disruptive" Harley motorcycle actually derives closely from an existing Qianjang model: the 36 hp QJ350 roadster below, which clones to the Benelli 350S on the European market. Harley-Davidson has nevertheless indicated that this project was delayed due to the coronavirus, or even could be put on hold: to be continued.

 Business life - Qianjang joins forces with MV Agusta and launches new Benelli motorcycles - Used BENELLI MV AGUSTA

Other files to keep close at hand: the new Benelli motorcycles revealed by QJ-Motor Co. at its national China International Motorcycle Exhibition (CIMA), which took place from September 19 to 22 in Chongqing. No less than four new products have been launched, including an imposing road with a 3-cylinder engine of 134 hp from the Benelli organ bank (ah, the temperamental!).

Will the revival of the road bike come from China ?

No official photo of this big "Sino-Italian" GT is currently available: only a few pictures published by our colleagues and allow them to have a preview. This new Benelli 1203 cc takes the general look of the reference in the segment – the BMW RT – and comes with integrated cases and top-case.

Corporate life - Qianjang joins forces with MV Agusta and launches new Benelli motorcycles - Occasions BENELLI MV AGUSTA

Electric windshield and mirrors, heated saddles, regulator, keyless start, audio system, Brembo brakes and LED lighting skillfully complete the important list of its standard equipment. On the other hand, we note an "old-fashioned" cockpit with speed and engine speed by needle while a beautiful color TFT screen still takes pride of place. !

Likewise, the left commodo reveals a huge satellite overloaded with buttons that directly evoke the old Honda Goldwings, when the push buttons integrated in the side panels refer to the old RT. In short, this new road distills hot and cold from a technological and aesthetic point of view…. 

Still, its appearance could shake up a category left in the dark by most manufacturers! With the disappearance of the Honda Pan Europeans, Kawasaki GTR1400, Yamaha FJR1300 and other Triumph Trophy, this segment has shrunk to heartache: the place is now occupied by maxi-trails which have become the new road references..

Return of the Benelli TNT 899 and new engines in preparation

QJ-Motor.Co has also revealed its intention to relaunch the explosive TNT 899 roadster from Benelli, of which MNC had tested the Tre 899 K trail variant. A rough, stormy and demanding motorcycle, in keeping with the brand image of the Benelli of yesteryear !

The owner of the Italian brand is also planning to launch a new version of the elegant Scrambler Leoncino called "Cross", arguably more off-road oriented. A TRK800 roadster must also make its appearance with the 80 hp twin of the Leoncino.

Finally, new engines are announced: monos and twin cylinders from 250 to 750 cc as well as new 4-cylinder 650 cc and 1000 cc, all to Euro5 standards for future Qianjang, Benelli and, why not, MV motorcycles. Agusta ?! The photo of the future big Chinese "4-legged" resembles in any case, as if by chance, that of the Brutale 1000 and F4 of his new partner of Varese !

MNC said it in the introduction: QJ-Motor is firing on all cylinders! Stay connected !

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