Damon Hypersport: Innovative electric athlete can be pre-ordered

Damon Hypersport available for pre-order

Two new Premier liveries presented

Damon Motorcycles is working on a technology that will reduce the number of accidents through artificial intelligence and environmental scans. Due to the high demand for the first series bikes, two new model variants have now been presented.

D.amon Motorcycles has set itself the goal of nothing less than to revolutionize motorcycling. The new company, founded in Vancouver, is developing a technology in which the motorcycle can analyze its surroundings and thus predict dangerous situations. The first Hypersport series model is equipped with a system called CoPilot, which includes a 360-degree collision warning system with camera and radar sensors. Tea system should recognize dangerous situations in traffic, warn the driver early with visual warnings and vibrating handlebar grips and thus prevent accidents.

New Premier models can be pre-ordered

Damon Motorcycles has now also started the pre-order process for the production models. The so-called Hypersport can initially be pre-ordered in two different versions.

The basic variant called Hypersport HS, which incidentally received the award "Best in innovation" at CES 2020 in Las Vegas can be ordered for $ 24,995. A deposit of US $ 100 is required with the pre-order. In addition, the US manufacturer has now also revealed some details about Hypersport: The electric super sports car should provide a full 217 hp. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h should take about three seconds. Depending on the driving mode, there should be a range of up to 320 kilometers in mixed operation (combination of city and motorway). It should take three hours for the batteries to be recharged with 21.5 kWh on a level 2 column. Damon Motorcycles also commented on some other vehicle data: The vehicle should weigh a little under 200 kilograms. The manufacturer relies on 17-inch wheels for the wheels. 320 mm brake discs at the front and a single-disc brake at the rear are also on board. Apart from that, pilots should be able to easily change their seat ergonomics while driving. With the help of a so-called "Shift"-Technology should be able to adjust the seat height, handlebar and footrest position. You can choose between two modes "Sports fashion" and "Switch mode", which should change the sitting position. The bike should be connected to the internet at all times via 4G.

Damon motorcycles.

The Damon Hypersport HS is said to cost $ 24,995.

The more exclusive second model version called Hypersport Premier is said to have been sold out after four days. Only 25 copies were offered; Cost: $ 39,995. Each Premier model receives a special paint job, suspension elements from Ohlins and Brembo brake components. In addition, buyers of the Premier version are delivered first. Due to the first 25 Premier models, which sold out very quickly, the manufacturer has to step up and offer the Premier in two new paint finishes, which can be pre-ordered immediately and also in limited numbers. The two new paint jobs that can be seen in the lead picture above are called "Arctic sun" and "Midnight Sun". The two new Premier variants are also available for 39,995 US dollars. Incidentally, delivery of the first Premier models is expected to begin in around 18 months.

Prototype called Halo demonstrates the technology

We first reported on Damon Motorcycles back in summer 2019. At the time, the company was still called Damon Riding Innovation. In order to be able to work on the technology, a demonstration model called the Halo was first put on the wheels. When developing the bike, the focus was in particular on three cornerstones: the interaction of several sensors and artificial intelligence, connectivity and the so-called data science and electrification. The sensors and an algorithm ensure that the motorcycle can communicate with the environment at any point (360 degrees). The data recorded on the trips are transferred to a cloud system, which evaluates the data and further develops the system that is willing to learn accordingly. Speaking of trips: According to the manufacturer, the Halo motorcycle had already covered thousands of test miles at the time.

The project is financially supported by various other companies and organizations, allegedly a whopping 2.5 million US dollars were available in the summer of 2019. Other manufacturers such as BMW have also presented similar concepts for the traffic of the future "smarter" should do.


It becomes clear relatively quickly that the still very young company has set itself ambitious goals. Whether these information and goals will ultimately be met is another matter.

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