Ducati Diavel 1260 S test


Always so surprising

L-Twin Testastretta DVT, 1262 cm3, 159 hp, 129 Nm (13.1 mkg), 244 kg full made, 17 liter tank, € 20,490 and € 23,490 in S version

The Diavel owes its name to someone from the Ducati team who exclaimed upon seeing the bike early in its development process: "Ignore like Diavel!" ". Which means in Bolognese dialect: "Wicked like the Devil". We have to admit that the years go by, but that his capacity for enchantment remains. The first Diavel was presented to the press in 2011 in Malaga, southern Spain. Return to the scene of the crime eight years later: the news Ducati Diavel 1260 S is also taking advantage for its official launch of these incredible roads, worthy of Mugello as the Italians say. Blue sky, mild weather, just the right amount of sun to support your motorcycle jacket, the conditions are perfect to discover this new Devil.

Parked in spikes in front of the hotel, thirty-five Diavel 1260 S growl in slow motion, wisely resting on their crutches. The show is exceptional…. especially when you imagine the price of each: 23,490 €! I’ll let you do the math. Take a look at the dashboard, the beast only shows 547 km! The tires are new. There are days that start better than others…. But before getting on this Italian seductress, let’s take the time to discover her.

Ducati Diavel 1260 S reviewDucati Diavel 1260 S review


If it changes in depth, fortunately its aesthetic personality remains. The new Diavel is a kind of successful mix between the original Diavel and the XDiavel released in 2015. The latter had shaken up the stylistic canons by offering an ultra refined and designed version of Miss Diavel, first of the name.

The Diavel gets a nice stylistic updateThe Diavel gets a nice stylistic update

Slender silhouette, truncated rear, new frame, new engine, LED headlight with horse shoe lighting recognizable among a thousand, shorter exhaust outlet and directed upwards like US hot-rods: with its feet position -first (foot forward) the XDiavel relied even more on the muscle bike card, but with a perfectly Italian class and refinement.

The front LED headlight is accompanied by a DRL daytime modeThe LED headlight is accompanied by a DRL daytime mode

Compared to the XDiavel, the base model now seems clumsier, more massive, less graceful. For 2019, the silhouette is elegantly refined. The new Diavel 1260 retains the general pencil line, which refers in particular to the silhouette of a sprinter as he takes off from his starting blocks. If it stays true to its image, when you compare the old and the new, an impression of general sophistication emerges. The spirit is preserved, judiciously modernized, without the new design betraying the unique personality of this extraordinary motorcycle.

We recognize the line of the Diavel and its huge rear tireWe recognize the line of the Diavel and its huge rear tire

The very recognizable shape of the rear seat remains: very deep for the rider, with a fairly wide and flat seat for the passenger, it finishes the bike by overhanging the huge rear gommard and its sublime rim mounted on a single-sided oscillating arm. To accentuate the visual effect of the rear wheel, the dual exhaust outlet is shortened to stop tangent to the rear tire. The right side of the bike also benefits from the removal of the two large exhaust pipes to better highlight the Italian twin. Likewise, the side water radiators are now replaced by a radiator at the front of the engine.

The rear rim is perfectly put forward by the single-sided armThe rear rim is perfectly highlighted by the single-sided arm

Above all, if the frame remains a tubular steel trellis, it is completely revised since taken from the XDiavel, which allows Ducati to further highlight the heart of its machine, namely the essential twin in L Exactly 1262cc Testastretta DVT! This super-square twin is already successfully fitted to the Multistrada and the XDiavel. Equipped with a variable valve timing (DVT), it offers relative smoothness at low revs, trunk at mid throttle and fury at the top of the tachometer. Highly compressed, since it displays a rate of 13.0: 1, this twin develops 159 hp at 9500 rpm and delivers 13.1 mkg at 7500 rpm! Some will notice that it has lost 3 hp compared to the 2011 Diavel…. frankly, handlebars in hand, it doesn’t feel the least bit !

We find the L-Twin DVT of 1,262 cm3We find the L-Twin DVT of 1,262 cm3

On the scale, the Bologna devil takes 8 kg dry, her weight dropping from 210 to 218 kg. An overweight largely compensated by the new geometry which offers an astonishing agility to this visually imposing motorcycle.

Of course, like any good top-of-the-range Ducati today, the new Diavel features a first-class electronic range: three driving modes, Sport, Touring or Urban, fully configurable, the Ducati Safety pack which uses the Bosch inertial unit. six-axis (6D-IMU) thus providing the DTC Evo (traction control) adjustable on 8 levels, DWC Evo (wheelie control), also adjustable on 8 levels, ABS Evo active in bends (Bosch 9.1 MP), configurable on 3 levels as well as three engine modes, sometimes influencing the maximum power available in Urban mode (power limited to 100 hp), sometimes the response to the throttle: more brutal in sport mode and smoother in mode touring. All this being easily accessible and adjustable from the left stalk. A few taps of the thumb are enough to enter the menu displayed on the 3.5-inch TFT screen. Clear and intuitive, the ergonomics are flawless: no need for long speeches to find your way through this impressive multitude of settings. For those who are scared, the three factory preset modes will be more than enough !

THEThe instrumentation passes through a 3.5 “color TFT screen.

Finally, because electronic luggage does not stop there, the new Diavel 1260 S also offers cruise control, keyless start, a hands-free telephone system, the Ducati multimedia system and an up & down quick-shifter, hear hence that it is active on downshifting as well. And since I feel you are impatient to set off, know that the Ducati Power Launch Evo, allowing you to make starts at the Dovisioso, is also part of the game. !

The S version is fitted as standard withThe S version is fitted with a DQS up / down shifter as standard

In the saddle

Good surprise for those who already knew the Diavel: the driving position does not change at all. Nothing to do with the straight leg position of the XDiavel. The new Diavel 1260 S retains this natural position that we appreciated on the first model. The legs are not too bent for the older ones, and, conversely, the younger ones will benefit from the 780 mm saddle height (10 mm more than on the old version) to put their feet firmly on the ground. If the driving position is reminiscent of a roadster, it is on the other hand much less tilted forward than that of a Ducati Monster. Legs less bent, bust less forward, arms less bent, the pilot has more generous and comfortable space on board. This contributes to the pleasure of cruising, reinforcing the feeling of well-being and relaxation that certain customs provide. It is no coincidence, so much in the silhouette, as in the ergonomics in the saddle, Ducati sought to make the Diavel a mix between roadster and custom. Likewise, compared to the XDiavel, the feet less forward make it possible to minimize the shocks on the back and to maintain better support to control the machine..

The driving position remains strictly identical to the previous modelThe driving position remains strictly identical to the previous model

With this comfortable driving position, well wedged in the hollow saddle, the commodos falling naturally to the hand and taking advantage of the adjustable levers, the rider of the new Diavel enjoys a surprisingly easy handling. A custom bodybuilder of 1260cc and 159hp, however, has something to impress more than one. Nothing in this case is worth a try to discover the good manners that this handsome devil reserves. The multi-disc clutch in oil bath and anti-drip assist is flexible, the gearbox is precise and easy, the front braking, powerful, remains progressive without excessive bite; Ditto for the rear brake which allows to perfectly regulate its speed. As for agility, despite its huge 240 rear tire, it is quite surprising, the Diavel 1260 being guided by the finger and the eye, without significant effort on the handlebars..

Backlit controls allow you to navigate the menusBacklit controls allow you to navigate the menus

In the city

It would have taken longer urban evolutions and in denser traffic conditions to check whether the heat given off by the twin is still significant enough at low speed. During this 200 km run, mostly done on beautiful small winding roads, we were not hindered in any way. The few crossings of towns and villages were carried out without problem, the Testastretta DVT taking advantage of its variable distribution system to offer a flexibility which was lacking on the first 1200 Testastretta 11 °, in particular on the first Multistrada.

DVT offers more flexibility at low revsDVT offers more flexibility at low revs

With this new Diavel, we allow ourselves to let the tachometer come and tease the 2,000 rpm, whatever the gear, including on the 6th and last, to get back on the gas net without a hitch. Of course, the twin stamps a bit, but nothing serious if you take care to accompany it. Proof of his good will. That said, since the beast comes standard with an efficient shifter active in both gearshift and downshifting, you might as well use it. In terms of the operating instructions, to go up the gears with the shifter you have to keep the throttle open and to downshift on the contrary, you have to cut the throttle, both operations then being carried out without having to touch the clutch. Still, in town, at low revs, using that good old clutch lever can sometimes save a few jerks. Finally, you can also if you wish, switch to Urban mode to keep only 100 hp out of the 159 initially available and benefit from a greater degree of electronic assistance intervention..

In town, we prefer the leverIn town, we prefer the clutch lever to the shifter

Motorway and expressways

The motorway is not Diavel’s favorite area, as it is unprotected. Ducati does, however, offer a screen as an accessory as well as a pair of small side cases with a capacity of 18 liters each. Finally, to perfect this style which recalls the Stradale version that Ducati had a time proposed as standard, an optional sissy-bar comes to maintain and reassure the passenger during muscular acceleration! Despite its lack of protection, the Diavel takes advantage of its well-fitted driving position to easily accept cruising on the motorway at 130 km / h, without this turning into an ordeal. Finally, to permanently contain the cavalry, the Diavel S is equipped with a standard regulator. Obviously, the commodos are surrounded by red lighting for the most beautiful effect, which will make it easy to find your way around after dark.

Despite theDespite the lack of protection, it is possible to ‘cruiser’ at 130 km / h without suffering too much


This is precisely where the Devil leaps from his box! The Diavel 1260 S is a must! A surprising treat which, once again, left a number of colleagues stunned when they discovered this strange motorcycle. Looked like a power-cruiser, equipped with a sporty roadster chassis and a Superbike engine, the Diavel amazes its rider in the virolos. Despite its huge 240 rear gommard, a dimension that usually does not rhyme with agility and performance, the Diavel dives effortlessly and connects curves, braids, laces and threads with surprising ease..

THEThe huge 240 tire does not affect the agility of the Diavel 1260

Better, perfectly suspended, equipped with irreproachable braking, packed with reassuring electronic assistance, the Diavel 1260 S gives you confidence, despite its savage cavalry and impressive acceleration. Thanks to its size of 17 inches and resulting from a close collaboration between Pirelli and Ducati, the Diablo Rosso here in its version III, offers a grip and a total absence of resistance to the setting on the angle. At no time, as is often the case with motorcycles equipped with a large rear tire, does one experience this sensation of a motorcycle turning in two stages, the front first and the rear following. then. On the contrary, the Diavel offers homogeneity and benefits from perfect weight balancing. A glance at the point of rope, a light pressure on the inner footrest or a light counter-steerage are enough to guide Miss Diavel on the trajectory of your choice. Progressive and powerful, braking allows you to improvise in complete safety when entering a bend, if it closes more than expected.

The machine is very homogeneous in terms of the cycle partThe machine is very homogeneous at the level of the cycle part

The twin tows in force whatever the speed or the gear engaged. The availability range is impressive. Only the vigor of the acceleration out of a corner will be modulated according to the gear chosen, it varying from efficient to devilish! The electronic aids associated with the Pirelli’s grip and the excellent workmanship of the Ohlins suspensions that equip this S version also allow you to open wide on the angle with full confidence.

The character and availability of the twin are a treatThe character and availability of the twin are a treat


By borrowing the cycle part of the XDiavel, this new devil has changed its geometry. Its steering column angle closed by one degree from 28 ° to 27 ° and its aluminum single-sided swingarm was shortened. However, the wheelbase has been lengthened by 15 mm, from 1585 mm to 1600 mm. A rise resulting from repositioning the engine further back due to the migration of the water radiator to the front, when it was positioned on the first version on either side of the engine. Beyond the numbers and these technical data, the important thing to remember is that agility is always there. And although not having had the two models on hand at the same time to compare, the new Diavel seems even easier than the previous one to take, with in addition an increased ground clearance, the footrests coming less licking the bitumen. In use, however, care must be taken not to drive with a worn rear tire that is too flat, which could cause some heaviness when setting on the angle..

The Diavel 1260 S seems even easier to take along than the previous oneThe Diavel 1260 S seems even easier to take along than the previous one


The S version of the new Diavel is adorned at the front with a pair of Brembo monobloc M50 calipers, activated by a PR16 / 19 master cylinder. All pinching a pair of 320mm floating discs. Brembo also takes care of the rear with a dual piston caliper on a 265mm disc. What if it is not that the result is above reproach. Powerful and progressive, the feeling is perfect. Gone are the days when, in order to be sporty, braking had to have excessive bite, to stick your teeth in the triple tree. But good braking is the result of a set of elements that work together perfectly: tires and suspensions must be ad hoc! On the Diavel S, the Ohlins suspensions associated with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III work in concert with the Brembo braking and Bosch Cornering ABS to offer you first-class efficiency and safety, the Diavel taking advantage of its geometry long enough to s ” sit perfectly when braking.

The braking system, well assisted by theThe braking system, well assisted by Bosch Cornering ABS, is above reproach

Comfort / Duo

On the comfort side, as the roads in the Malaga region are fairly well paved, we should reserve our judgment as to the approval on bumpy roads, the Diavel can then show a certain dryness on small shocks. If the duo is not necessarily the credo of the Diavel, it is nonetheless quite possible and envisaged since a pair of footrests is present as standard as well as a retractable passenger handle under the saddle. . This, although not having an original backsplash, is rather wide and therefore quite welcoming: we have seen much worse !

A retractable handle is located under the saddleA retractable handle is located under the saddle


During this first contact, we were unable to measure consumption with the fuel pump in hand. It will therefore be necessary to rely on the on-board computer which showed on arrival, after 207 km, an average consumption of 6.2 l / 100 km; knowing that the pace has not been (often) for the bucolic stroll…. Associated with the 17 l tank, the theoretical autonomy (reserve included) in view of this indicated consumption is therefore 274 km. Finally, on the maintenance side, Ducati now announces a service every 15,000 km and a valve clearance every 30,000 km.

The 17-liter tank allows a range of 250/300 km depending on the driving paceThe 17-liter tank allows a range of 250/300 km depending on the driving pace

Video review of the Ducati Diavel 1260S


You will understand, the Diavel 1260 S is an extra toy for an immature adult. The new Diavel 1260 S achieves the feat of elegantly modernizing this unique concept in motorcycle production, without distorting its spirit. A successful cross between a custom and a very sporty roadster, the Diavel S will delight its rider regardless of his mood or his level of driving and experience. There is versatility in this bike. Not in the sense we generally understand it, this qualifier being generally used for all-purpose trails. The versatility offered by the Diavel, is to be able, with equal ease, to allow its pilot to ride cool, to cruiser pleasantly, to roll efficiently and even to arouse copiously, to use ‘a leisure or daily way, while adapting to small and large sizes. All with an exceptional level of finish, equipment and performance. And if you have any doubts, go try it in the dealership. It’s a safe bet that you might, like some experienced journalist colleagues, be pleasantly surprised..

From the ride to the cool to theFrom the ride to the cool to the copious arsouille, the Diavel is quite versatile.

Strong points

  • Strength and availability of the twin DVT
  • Agility, efficiency and enjoyment of the chassis
  • Finishing and equipment
  • Devastating look
  • Concept and versatility

Weak points

  • High prices

The technical sheet of the Ducati Diavel 1260 S

Availability / price

  • Color Diavel 1260: Sandstone Gray
  • Color Diavel 1260 S: Sandstone Gray / Thrilling Black & Dark Stealth
  • Price: from 20,490 euros and 23,490 euros in version S

Diavel 1260 series equipment

  • 3 modes: Sport, Touring, Urban
  • Traction Control Evo (DTC) configurable in 8 positions
  • Wheelie Control Evo (DWC) configurable in 8 positions
  • Bosch Cornering 9.1MP active cornering ABS Evo, configurable on 3 levels
  • 3.5 “TFT color display
  • Hands-free phone system
  • Keyless start
  • Speed ​​regulator
  • Ducati Power Launch Evo (DPL)
  • Backlit controls on the handlebars
  • Fully LED lighting system
  • Automatic activation of daytime / nighttime lighting
  • Automatic turn signal switch-off
  • Inverted fork diam. 50 mm, fully adjustable
  • Brembo brakes and M4.32 monobloc calipers

Additional equipment of the Diavel 1260 S

  • Inverted fork diam. 48 mm Ohlins, fully adjustable
  • Olhins monoshock, fully adjustable
  • Daytime running lights (DRL)
  • Quick Shifter up & down (DQS)
  • Brembo brakes and M50 monobloc calipers
  • Radial master cylinders PR16 / 19
  • Ducati Multimedia System (DMS)
  • Specific Marchesini rims


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