E-scooter for 1400 euros at net

For 1400 euros at net

Electric scooter for special price: Discounter makes it better than Aldi

E-scooter for 1400 euros at net-Electric scooter special price Discounter

Econelo Electric scooter for special price: Discounter makes it better than Aldi

Currently net an electric scooter for around 1400 euros – this is more than the e-retro star of Aldi and Lidl, which we introduce you here in the video. But the surcharge is justified, after all, there is a giant advantage in terms of battery.

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In addition to spring, Corona also plays the scooter manufacturers in the cards, after all, many would still want to avoid public transport. There is also good the offer of net: an electric scooter, which is to be available according to the prospectus from Thursday, but already be ordered in the online shop (here is directly to the offer). The scooter costs free shipping 1.399 euros (at Netto view – display) and is allegedly reduced by 26 percent, should therefore normal 1.899 euros cost.

E-scooter for 1400 euros at net-Electric scooter special price Discounter makes

Econelo Electric scooter for special price: Discounter makes it better than Aldi

If you are looking for comparison prices, you will only find it on the German manufacturer’s side – there costs the DTR 1.799 euros. It seems like the discounter exclusive rights at the distribution of the Econelo brand, as well as the offer to the E-Cabbinal Roller a few days ago it suggests.Com reported). The scooter is delivered according to net within 10 working days on a palette to your home.

Econelo DTR electric scooter at net for 1.See 399 euros (ad)

What can the scooter?

The Econelo DTR electric scooter is a classic E-scooter that drives up to 45 km / h. So you can drive it with normal car license and only need a insurance license plate. TuV does not fall. The scooter comes in two versions: black and blue. This also becomes a Topcase supplied to stow the helmet. Because that does not accommodate under the bench. There is the lithium-ion battery stowed.

And here is the most serious difference to the scooter of Nova Motors, the Aldi and Lidl regularly in the past 1.5 years for 1.000 to 1.Extended 200 euros: You can remove the 10 kilos of heavy battery for loading – that takes about 4 to 5 hours, says net. This is facilitating the handling straight in the city enormously, after all, not everyone in the backyard or in the underground car park has the possibility to collapse the scooter directly to a power outlet. Another advantage: This is lithium-ion batteries that are more advanced than the lead batteries of the NOVA motor scooter.

Net Scooter Econelo DTR: Bosch engine and sizable range

Next plus is the 2.000w engine coming from Bosch. Together with the battery, he should bring you up to 65 kilometers according to net information. Provided that this indication is practical realistic, that would be a very good reach, after all, the e-retro star from Aldi only creates 20 to 30 kilometers, the significantly more expensive buddy 54 (4.000 Euro) brings it to 35 kilometers and the Vasla 2 for 2.500 Euro provides a range of 30 kilometers.

Econelo DTR electric scooter at net for 1.See 399 euros (ad)

Net scooter Econelo Dtr: exciting extras

If you throw a look at the equipment list, it falls on that the scooter still offers a lot, what we are given in view of the price of just under 1.400 euros would not have expected an e-scooter. So he offers a USB socket and even an alarm system. Allegedly, there is also a reverse gear – we can not believe that, after all, this is absolutely unusual and not necessary for a 75-kilo scooter. When we are already weight: the scooter packs up to 150 kilos – with a pillion you should pay attention to not exceed the total weight.

Tires occur instead of hose with density milk

Interesting thing is to discover in the tires: For the 10-inch tires you decided for tires without hose. The tire is filled instead according to net with a density milk, which can seal smaller holes directly so that the air escapes much slower at a leak. Allegedly, the rolling resistance and the weight of the tire would be lower. We suspect that such tubeless tires but unevenness poor dampers and hope that the shock absorbers take over these tasks behind and front.

Econelo DTR electric scooter: What about a repair?

If you buy the electric scooter at Netto, you have two years warranty. If a damage occurs, you have two possibilities: either you turn to an Econelo dealer, who even picks up the vehicle even with you. If no dealer is in your area, so you can – according to the Hotline of Econelo – also bring the vehicle to another roller workshop of your choice. For repairs over 100 euros Econelo requires a quotation in advance before hand is created. In short: the fear of acquiring a China scooter, which no one can repair in this country, should be made out of the way.

Econelo DTR electric scooter at net for 1.See 399 euros (ad)

Scorer.com says: strong offer that should be sold out quickly

The offer of net is a very good in our eyes. Above all, the advantage of taking the battery for loading is a huge plus. In addition, we like the design and reach (if you are in practice even then). In addition, there is not only the shipping costs, but also a topcase to stow the helmet well. Only the availability of the product is a minus point: Currently there are only a few pieces at Netto Parat.

This article was written by Lisa Brack

China E-Scooter for the City: Fair price and hardly weaknesses

E-scooter for 1400 euros at net-e-scooter

PCP China E-Scooter for the City: Fair price and hardly weaknesses

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9 thoughts on “E-scooter for 1400 euros at net

  1. Binziner scooter is cheaper than Elktro Scooter
    Nevertheless, with 1399 € is still too expensive. The 45km / h only creates with full battery. Are the batteries … On 70% full, the scooter then creates about 35km / h and when it is 50% battery then 25km / h. I prefer to continue the gasoline scooter of the 45km / h but usually 65km / h creates depending on weather conditions and roads. Repairing the scooter if something defective or cleaned eg carburetor costs 50 euros. Most can make themselves. But is better than the replacement battery for 600-800 € if defective is defective or only up to 500 times charges. I know many scooters over 20 years and older like Schwalbe, Duck, Simpson and it runs, runs, is running.

  2. Just why?
    Why only, these things always have to make a retro? Why not even a modern design?

  3. Quite great advertising !
    All bicycle and motorcycle dealers will be pleased if advertising is made for an e-scooter offering a discounter. Understanding: Discounter are basic suppliers, but an e-scooter regularly belongs neither in their assortment nor in the basic supply !

  4. In earnest?
    "You can remove the 10 kilos of heavy battery for loading – that takes about 4 to 5 hours" For me too long.

  5. Beautiful report,
    Apart from many spelling errors. One lacks. Has the e-roller model ABS? This question seems more important to me more importantly as usb connection to load uses unusations. A standard that the EU could have introduced instead of home radio chips at automobiles. The statement, with the car driver’s license you can drive the vehicle, is not as developing. I myself have the car driver’s license since 1988, from 1992 I also had a scooter in addition. However, really motorized two-cycling is learned only in the driving school. Hazard braking, dodging with or without brakes. Fortunately, I had to learn about the last year, where I graduated with son man together the A1.

  6. Yummy !
    According to chapter heading "Tires come with hose with thick milk". Hopefully it is still to be enjoyed in a breakdown.

  7. repair?….
    ….I laugh at me. As if the dealer would make the scooter pick up with me…and if then by spedi to my loads…Return of course also…Warranty? Well…in the first 6 months maybe…then I have to prove that the damage was not caused by me. Have fun with the appraiser and in court. Who buys such a part, he must be clear that it’s a one-time bought and when it breaks…Disposable part is….only where to do with it…You can throw the battery with net batteries in net batteries (they will be glad)…and the rest? Just put on the street?

  8. That’s all everywhere.
    Here comes the bulkiness of the goods, which meets but on washing machines u.a. equally too. If the pure mechanic lesson beats 100 €, while the residual value is continuously sinking, we are fast with economic total loss. Alternative: buy more expensive? Can also break. A battery, an electric motor, simple chassis technology, what should fail?

  9. Would I buy rather than a pedelec.
    The low price would be there only one argument. If you want to move extra, you can buy a conventional pedal bike from saving!

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