E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

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E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio
MA-DE Studio

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

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E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio
MA-DE Studio

An e-Vespa could look so chic.

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio
MA-DE Studio

At least if they were to be designed by the product designers at MA-DE Studios.

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio
MA-DE Studio

The embedded smartphone acts as a cockpit.

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio
MA-DE Studio

The original on the left, the new design on the right.

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio
MA-DE Studio

Independent, but noticeably close to the classically shaped Vespa.



E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

E-Vespa with a retro look
Design draft by MA-DE Studio

The original Vespa Elettra looks like a current Vespa. Many Vespa fans, however, want an e-Vespa with a retro look – the product designers at the MA-DE studio have now presented such a design.


The designs by the Italian design studio MA-DE Studio shown here paint a picture that many Vespa fans dream of in this way: a modern one Vespa in a retro look with electric drive. The Vespa Elettrica design by MA-DE Studio is to be powered by a 7 kW motor fed by a 5.6 kWh battery. According to the product designer, the top should be 95 km / h and the range should be 140 kilometers.

Smartphone acts as a cockpit

For the retro-look E-Vespa, the MA-DE Studio design provides for a keyless ignition system that is activated directly via the corresponding app. The smartphone required for this can be attached to the handlebar and functions as a cockpit embedded in the middle.

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio

MA-DE Studio

The cockpit of the E-Vespa could look clean and puristic – provided you have the right size smartphone ready.

Vespa Elettrica from Piaggio

Visually, the E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio is based on the original Vespa from the 1940s. Actually not a bad choice to use as a template for a successful new model, because the Vespa has been sold over 18 million times in this form. the Vespa Elettrica from Piaggio in turn, the design is based on the current Vespa scooters. The 45 km / h version costs from 6,390 euros. It generates 3.5 kW of power from a 4.2 kWh battery and is expected to have a range of up to 100 kilometers. The second version of the standard Vespa Elettrica runs at a top speed of 70 km / h and costs from 6,690 euros.

E-Vespa design by MA-DE Studio


The current Vespa Elettrica in series trim costs in the 70 km / h version from 6,690 euros.

Convert old Vespa to electric drive

the SIP Scootershop currently offers a conversion kit for 1,990 euros. The kit includes, among other things, a swing arm with a hub motor, for which the complete original drive train swing arm has to give way. The conversion kit is suitable for models with ten-inch wheels, with which most older Vespas and Lambrettas can be used.

opinion poll

Which Vespa would you choose??

Voted 701 times

For the current Vespa Elettrica from Piaggio

For a retro Vespa with electric drive.

I would like to convert an old one myself to electric.

Nix E, the good old two-stroke has to stay.


It is currently unlikely that this design will develop into an actual model. It is a finger design exercise for product designers. We hope, however, that Piaggio will be inspired by this, because the latest technology combined with retro charm will remain popular for the next few years.

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