EVS Teleskop-Lift: Tried lifting aid for motorcycles

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EVS Teleskop-Lift: Tried lifting aid for motorcycles
Markus Jahn.


EVS Teleskop-Lift: Tried lifting aid for motorcycles

EVS telescopic lift
Tried lifting aid for motorcycles

Falling over is not an accident, but it is still annoying – and happens quickly. The EVS telescopic lift is designed to make it much easier to get the motorcycle upright. The first test reveals how well this works.

Tobias Beyl


Be it a wrong gait when turning, carelessness when parking or too much momentum when getting on. If the bike is on the ground, a mixture of technique, anger and adrenaline can help straighten the machine. With the light Honda Rebel in the picture above, that would not be a problem even for unsportsmanlike people. But with a fully packed tourer weighing over 300 kilograms, it quickly becomes a real challenge.

Not compatible with every motorcycle

The telescopic lift should then provide help. How it works: The two nested aluminum tubes are pulled apart, fixed with a knurled screw and placed over a handlebar end. This results in a longer lever, which reduces the force required to straighten up.

This also works in practice – but only under certain conditions. On adventure bikes, for example, hand protectors are often firmly attached to the end of the handlebars, meaning that they cannot be used here. With all other motorcycles it becomes difficult when the handlebars are firmly on the ground. If, on the other hand, the bike rests on a side case and the handlebar end is accessible, this lever arm actually helps to pick it up.

Noticed positively: Less effort when picking up the motorcycle

Noticed negatively: Can only be used under certain conditions, expensive

Length: 260/435 mm

Price: 59.95 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 2.5 stars out of a possible 5


For some it is only two expensive, almost 350 grams heavy aluminum tubes – for others, the handcrafted telescopic lift is the hoped-for rescue in an emergency when in doubt.

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