EICMA feature 2015: Sena anti-noise helmet

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EICMA feature 2015: Sena anti-noise helmet

EICMA feature 2015: Sena anti-noise helmet



EICMA feature 2015: Sena anti-noise helmet

EICMA feature 2015: Sena
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At the EICMA 2015 in Milan, Sena is exhibiting a pre-production model of a motorcycle helmet that eliminates driving noise by means of anti-noise. Sounds a bit like science fiction; How well the system works can be tried out for yourself at the Sena stand in Hall 15 / C13.

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In recent years, Sena has made a name for itself with well-designed, functional electronic gadgets for everything to do with motorcycles. “Our boss is a motorcyclist – and he always comes up with something that could be useful when riding a motorcycle, or at least that would be a nice gimmick” – this is how Mirko Nagler explains the brainstorming process at Sena.

Now enter Sena New territory and is presenting a helmet at EICMA – full of electronics, of course. Four microphones pick up the ambient noise and superimpose them for the driver via helmet loudspeakers with opposing sound waves. The desired effect: As much peace as possible under the helmet.

A suitably programmed electronic filter should ensure that noises that are important to traffic, such as sirens, still get through to the driver. A conversation mode can be activated by pressing a button; then, despite a helmet, you should be able to perceive spoken language around as well as if you weren’t wearing a helmet.

A short test at the booth with driving noises from the loudspeaker was extremely impressive: under such synthetic conditions, the anti-noise helmet does what it promises. MOTORRAD will try out how it performs in real driving as soon as possible.

The system is almost ready for the market – but it will not be a bargain: Prices should start at 600 euros and, depending on the additional features of the helmet, can be even higher.

The anti-noise helmet on the Sena website

EICMA feature 2015: Sena anti-noise helmet


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