Excelsior-Henderson comeback: Bajaj secures rights

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Excelsior-Henderson comeback: Bajaj secures rights


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Excelsior-Henderson comeback: Bajaj secures rights

Excelsior-Henderson about to make a comeback
Bajaj has secured appropriate rights

The American motorcycle maker Excelsior-Henderson may be on the verge of a comeback. The Indian two-wheeler giant Bajaj has secured the naming rights for various countries.

Uli Baumann

December 17, 2020

After Bajaj got the naming rights Excelsior-Henderson has already held for India and various other markets, the trademark was now also registered with the European Patent Office for the Indians on December 17, 2020. The registration permits the use of the Excelsior-Henderson brand for motorcycles, accessories, clothing and accessories.

Now, the patent registration is not necessarily synonymous with a revival of the brand – but obvious. The KTM shareholder and Triumph partner would do what other Indian suppliers have already done. The Indian Bajaj competitor TVS bought Nortont and is currently bringing the brand back on the market. The Indian Eicher Group owns the Royal Enfield brand and the trademark rights of BSA and Jawa are owned by the Indian industrial giant Mahindra.

Failed comeback attempt

Excelsior-Henderson has its roots in the Excelsior brand founded in 1907 and the Henderson brand founded in 1911. In 1918, both companies were taken over by Schwinn, but continued to be run separately. In 1931, during the global economic crisis, motorcycle production for both brands was discontinued. In 1993 the entrepreneur Daniel Hanlon revived both brands as Excelsior-Henderson. In 1999 the model went Super X in production. But by the end of 1999 the motorcycle manufacturer ran out of money. A total of around 1,950 machines were built. Excelsior-Henderson files for bankruptcy.

In January 2018, the Excelsior-Henderson brand, along with the remaining production equipment, models and rights, was offered for sale at the Mecum auction house. But at that time there was no buyer.


Another traditional brand could be revived with Excelsior-Henderson. Once again, an Indian motorcycle manufacturer has a hand in this. Large V2 models as a Harley or Indian competitor are not to be expected.

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