Exhaust test Suzuki Bandit 1250-S

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Exhaust test Suzuki Bandit 1250-S


Exhaust & silencer

Exhaust test Suzuki Bandit 1250 / S

Exhaust test Suzuki Bandit 1250 / S
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Part 1

Large-displacement motorcycles usually only pass the legal noise regulations if they are equipped with silencers that work according to the reflection principle and are therefore correspondingly voluminous. At least the vehicle manufacturers seem to be of this opinion. The Suzuki Bandit 1250 / S is a case in point. The manufacturers of retrofit systems, on the other hand, mostly rely on absorption dampers, which can be much slimmer due to their design and are therefore popular with many bandit owners as a prettier alternative. Another reason for the willingness to convert is the poor sound of the series system. In the opinion of their owners, powerful motorcycles can also sound powerful – ideally within the legal framework. This is supposed to be guaranteed by the EC operating permit (EG-BE), which is only given silencers whose exhaust and noise values ​​are in accordance with the law. The fact that accessory silencers are usually much lighter than the original exhaust and often cost significantly less also makes them interesting.

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Test criteria

MOTORRAD invited 13 inexpensive retrofit models in aluminum and stainless steel to a large comparison test. All candidates manage without a catalytic converter, as this is in the Bandit’s collector under the engine and is not affected by the conversion. The test criteria include the following:

$ (text: b: Processing (10 points):) $ Unclean weld seams, protruding, sharp-edged clamps or non-deburred end tubes are quality defects and will be punished with point deduction.

$ (text: b: fit / assembly (15 points):) $ How easy is it to assemble the silencers? Is the accuracy of fit on the pipe transitions and on the brackets correct? Do you have to assemble a lot of small parts or do a few simple steps suffice for the attachment? How many tools do you need? Few manufacturers include self-explanatory assembly instructions. The one-piece Shark-Conic muffler can be installed particularly quickly and easily. The whole thing is much more difficult with the Ixil, where the lower strut mount has to be dismantled for the supplied main stand stop.

$ (text: b: weight (15 points):) $ Every kilogram saved improves the bandit’s power-to-weight ratio. Although every gram doesn’t really count with the 1250, a lightweight muffler has never harmed a motorcycle. All tested accessory pots are between two and four kilograms lighter than the 6.5-kilogram series.

$ (text: b: top performance (30 points):) $ How well is the test system in the feed? Does the accessory pot even lose valuable horsepower compared to the series? Increases in output of 20 hp as with the 1200 bandit models, which in the 1990s were still throttled to 98 hp via the exhaust, are no longer possible by adding a retrofit damper to the Bandit 1250. With more than six HP more power than the standard system, the Leovince muffler is ahead in this rating. Adding the GPR and Ixil models leads to a loss of around ten horsepower.

$ (text: b: power development (30 points):) $ A harmonious, even power and torque development without serious drops over the entire speed range brings plus points.

$ (text: b: stationary and driving noise:) $ MOTORRAD checked the noise levels in cooperation with the specialists from the Dekra Technology Center. It was found that only a few of the tested accessory silencers comply with the legally relevant driving noise limit values. That is why not all candidates receive a MOTORRAD verdict in this test. This is confirmed by the Bandit developers, who have given the large-displacement machine a very voluminous reflective muffler. It may not look nice, but it easily complies with the applicable noise limits.


The driving noise limit breaks the neck of many a hopeful candidate. If you get caught in a check with one of these pots that are clearly too loud, you shouldn’t be surprised if your bike is taken out of service – despite EG-BE. Only six participants will receive a MOTORRAD judgment. Laser grabs the test victory, the cheap Hurric receives the buy tip. Even Holeshot in fourth place gets a “very good”, and for the overweight series system it’s enough for one “Good”. Due to the comparatively complex assembly and significant performance losses, there’s for the Ixil “sufficient”.

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