February – Motorcycle market February 2020: the buying fever of Saturday nights – Page 1 – The buying fever of Saturday nights

Motorcycle market February 2020: the buying fever of Saturday nights

February - Motorcycle market February 2020: the buying fever of Saturday nights - Page 1 - The buying fever of Saturday nights

As in January, the French motorcycle market grew by + 24% in February 2020! And like last month, the big cubes make your head spin with 11,184 registrations (+ 30.1%). MNC review of this second month of the year which had five Saturdays…

Page 1 – The buying fever of Saturday nights

The French confirmed in February 2020 their attraction for motorcycles and scooters over 50 cc (excluding mopeds therefore): 14,819 vehicles were registered last month against 11,997 during a month of February 2019 already "very flourishing"…

A year ago, motorcyclists and scooter riders had taken advantage of idyllic driving conditions: clear skies, dry roads, mild temperatures … This year, February was less fun for motorized two-wheelers with no less than seven storms in France.

This second month of 2020 nevertheless ends "the hottest winter in France since the beginning of the 20th century", reports Meteo France in its own monthly report. Average temperatures 3 ° C above normal over most of the country were enough to keep the buying fever going…

Between February 1 and February 29, no less than 14,819 motorcycles and scooters over 50 cc (excluding mopeds) were registered against 11,997 in February 2019. However, the two months had the same number of working days (20).

On the other hand, Site and its keen analysts observe that in this leap year, dealers opened their stores one day more than last year. And what a day August exactly ? A Saturday, of course, the most intense day for this type of business !

If the increase in activity is in absolute "only" + 5% (which is already not bad, imagine that your salary or your retirement increases in the same proportion!), The increase in orders and deliveries was undoubtedly much higher and would partially explain the new explosion in sales … among large cubes !

Because among the 2822 additional registrations recorded in February 2020 (Vs 2019), 2587 come from the sector of "more than 125 cc" which thus reached 11,184 registrations. Not content with having turned buyers’ heads, motorcycles and maxiscooters also make observers dizzy !

Two brands have recorded excellent results on the French large-displacement market thanks to important new products: Yamaha and Kawasaki! Suzuki made a nice breakthrough in the middle of the table, Ducati and Royal Enfield stood out at the bottom. Honda and KTM ensured while BMW and Harley slipped and Triumph skidded.

Among the 125 cc, the increase in sales is much more moderate: + 6.9% than erased by the exceptional opening of dealerships on Saturday 29 February. Some brands are following this evolution (Peugeot and Kymco), others are progressing (Yamaha, Sym, Suzuki) and still others are losing ground (Honda, Piaggio, Orcal, KTM and Mash).

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