FSBK – Vincent Philippe takes the advantage at Ledenon –

Vincent Philippe takes the advantage at Ledenon

FSBK - Vincent Philippe takes the advantage at Ledenon -

Despite the capricious weather in Ledenon for the first round of the French Superbike championship, Philippe took the advantage in Superbike and Enjolras won in Supersport while the young Mahias in Pirelli 600 did honor to his mentor Serge Nuques !

From the qualifying practice, the tone is set: the resumption of hostilities in the French Superbike Championship (FSBK) will take place on a track with changing conditions, blown by the wind and in rather chilly temperatures….

Lucas Mahias, the worthy Grolandais heir !

In the Pirelli 600 Trophy, Lucas Mahias (Yamaha) confirms what Site readers already knew (read): the young protege of Serge Nuques, the deaf mute orphan from Groland from Promosport, knows how to make powder speak !

Ultra domineering in practice despite the best time for Remy Echard (Yamaha) in 1: 27.666, Lucas Mahias did not leave a crumb to his opponents and completed his first lap 1.7 seconds ahead of Echard.

From the second lap, the gifted young Grolandais drives home the point with 3.2 seconds ahead, then continues to string together quick laps and increases his lead halfway to almost 9 seconds! He can then manage his race "quietly" and ends up winning with 5.267 seconds ahead of Remy Echard, Marco Boue (Yamaha) and Morgan Esnault (Yamaha), first Junior rider.

Julien Enjolras’ "Triumph"

In Supersport, the first race started with a dramatic twist: the Dark Dog Academy drivers Matthieu Ginès (victim of a fall during the warm up) and Clement Dunikowski were late for the start procedure and had to start from the last row, just like and Anthony Loiseau (Yamaha).

Julien Enjolras (Triumph n ° 69) struggling with Gregory Leblanc (Kawasaki n ° 38)

Julien Enjolras (Triumph) sets off ahead of Peter Polesso (Yamaha) and Gregory Leblanc (Kawasaki) who maintain a high pace despite precarious conditions. Starting from the last row, Loiseau climbs back like a ball to 11th place while Polesso and Enjolras engage in a merciless fight and exchange their places several times under the eyes of Leblanc.

David Perret (Yamaha ° 18) and Peter Polesso (Yamaha n ° 7)

As the track dries up more and more, Polesso escapes slightly and Leblanc passes Enjolras four laps from the finish! But Loiseau came back: he passed the two leading drivers in the same turn before launching in pursuit of Polesso, too far to be really worried. Places froze until the finish: Polesso won ahead of Loiseau and Leblanc.

For the second round, the Supersports have a taste of revenge for Leblanc who takes the command of authority ahead of Enjolras, Louis Bulle (Yamaha) and Ginès. Quite quickly, they will come apart in two groups to ride in regular and fast times.

Julien Enjolras (Triumph n ° 69) returns to the top of the general classification with 38 points

Enjolras patiently awaits his time and two laps from the end, carries a surprising but effective attack in the turn of the left triple! Time to recover, Leblanc is on the last lap and fails to regain the position he occupied for most of the race….

Matthieu Ginès (Yamaha R6 n ° 1) is ahead of Louis Bulle (Yamaha R6 n ° 9)

Finally, Gines shared the experience and climbed on the third step ahead of Bulle, who finished at the foot of the podium after a great race. In the provisional general classification, Enjolras therefore leads with 38 points ahead of Leblanc (36) and Polesso (34).

Superbike tire war

In Superbike, the first round begins with a game of poker: the track is very dry but the showers lurk and the best choice of tires is almost divination … Some people choose rain tires, others bet squarely on dry, still others opt for intermediaries and others finally mix the possibilities…

Vincent Philippe (Suzuki GSX-R1000 n ° 2) in the wheel of Freddy Foray (Suzuki GSX-R1000 n ° 78)

The choice of Vincent Philippe, intermediate at the front and dry at the rear, turns out to be the most profitable: Julien da Costa (100% rain) takes the best start but must gradually give back his hand as and when the dry circuit…

Sebastien Gimbert and Erwan Nigon (rain at the front and dry at the back) secured their places behind while Guillaume Dietrich fell on the penultimate lap. "Obviously I’m not happy with the weekend from an accounting point of view, but the good thing is that the speed was there and I could fight for the victory.", summary Guillaume who will finish 6th in the aggregate of the two races.

Sebastien Gimbert, defector from GMT94 on the BMW S1000RR n ° 1, leaves Ledenon in 4th position

Vincent Philippe therefore won ahead of Gimbert and Nigon, thus offering BMW a double podium for its first participation in a speed race in France. !

In the second round, Julien da Costa sets off ahead of Freddy Foray, who made an excellent start, and Erwan Nigon. After three laps, a short but heavy downpour causes Kenny Foray to fall and the race to stop…

Another great start for Freddy Foray who is still in between, but this time between Nigon and Da Costa. Kawasaki rider passes Suzuki to stick in Nigon’s wheel and for eight laps BMW contains Da Costa‘s attacks…

Julien da Costa (Kawasaki ZX10R n ° 86) and Erwan Nigon (BMW S1000RR n ° 7) neck and neck !

Four laps from the end, a somewhat virile attack by the Herault driver almost got the BMW driver out! After a gesture of apology, he leaves for the victory and Freddy Foray completes the podium.

In the provisional general classification, Philippe takes the lead with 38 points ahead of Da Costa and Nigon, tied with 36 points.

Next meeting in Nogaro on April 24 and 25: stay tuned !


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