Govecs brings back the BMW C1


Govecs brings back the BMW C1

Govecs brings back the BMW C1

License agreement concluded with BMW

The electric scooter specialist Govecs has signed a license agreement with BMW that includes the use of the safety cell developed for the C1 scooter. The goal is an e-scooter with a roof and no helmet requirement.

R.Scooter driving without a helmet and with a purely electric drive – that is the vision of the scooter manufacturer Govecs. The security concept is based on the security cell of the BMW C1.

With a roof and without mandatory helmets

Among other things, this included a roof and a seat belt. Based on the property rights licensed by BMW for this purpose, Govecs plans to develop and produce an e-scooter in the performance categories L1e and L3e (50 and 125 class) with special safety features.


The concept of the Govecs scooter is based on the BMW C1-E study.

With the safety cell, Govecs hopes to obtain road traffic approval for this scooter without requiring a helmet. The aim is to inspire a completely new clientele to ride a scooter and also score points in the area of ​​sharing services. With an innovative design and a competitive price, the scooter with roof is to be positioned in the premium segment

The market launch of the new e-scooter model is planned for 2021.

In 2009, BMW itself presented the C1-e study, an electric scooter with a safety cell, but then did not pursue the idea any further.

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