Guide Motorcycle Care: How To Make Your Bike Spring-Fit

Guide Motorcycle Care

How to make your bike spring-fit

Guide Motorcycle Care: How To Make Your Bike Spring-Fit-motorcycle

Gtu Before the first exit in the spring, the motorcycle must be subjected to a thorough check

Spring is in front of the door – for sure. Motorcyclists should use the time and prepare their bike on the first exit. Because there is a lot to do.

If the first spring ride is due to the motorcycle, the bike should be well prepared. If the motorcycle is brought from the garage after the long winter break, a first is recommended Optical review. Parts have been solved? Are mirrors and attachments still intact?
After that you start a precise check. Survival for the driver is the perfect function of Tire, chassis and brakes, How the experts emphasize from TuV Rheinland. The pneus must have a minimum profile depth of 1.6 millimeters and must not have any damage. If you are porous or cracked, they are exchanged. By the way, this also applies to all tires older than six years. The age of the Pneus is recognized by the so-called dot number, which is stamped in the tire. There, the last four digits show the production week and the year. By the way: Whoever exchanges it should be careful when buying whether a manufacturing connection for the corresponding motorcycle exists, so whether a specific tire product is prescribed in the vehicle documents.


What you have to pay attention to the brakes

Control of engine oil duty. Even the dampers filled with oil must still be absolutely tight to work properly.
Worth a look at the Joints and ropes, they should be oiled and greased possibly. Your tension must be set correctly, so not too loose or tight. Before you enter the engine for the first time, the battery being checked. Voices the water level and the tension? If not, the chambers must be refilled with distilled water and the batteries are charged. If you do not care for an assessment, you can go to a workshop or testing center – preferably before the big rush. If the motorcycle is finally fit, you should think of yourself. Right, undamaged protective clothing is particularly important. If this fits, you should let it take on it after the winter break. After the short control ride can finally follow the big ride.


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