Harley-Davidson appoints electric boss

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Harley-Davidson appoints electric boss


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Harley-Davidson appoints electric boss

Harley-Davidson orders CEVO
Americans appoint electric boss and bring in Ford boss

Harley-Davidson has made several commitments to an electric future. In March 2021, the company created a senior position in the electronics business for the first time. Now Ford boss James Farley is moving into the supervisory board.

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As the American motorcycle manufacturer announced on Wednesday (March 10th, 2021), Ryan Morrissey was appointed the company’s first Chief Electric Vehicle Officer (CEVO). Morrissey, who will take up his post on April 1, 2021, will in future be responsible for the development and sales of electrically powered models.

“Ryan has extensive experience working with leading OEMs and building companies to develop, market and support electric vehicles. I’m really excited that he is joining the team to help us lead the electronics space “, commented Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz the appointment of Morrissey.

Electric timetable will follow in 2021

As Harley-Davidson said when it presented the “Hardwire”-Restructuring plan announced in February that they want to set up a special electric timetable this year. The core of this plan is a completely independent department that only takes care of the design and development of electric motorcycles. So the Americans are serious about their electrical plans and Ryan Morrissey should implement them.

Harley-Davidson appoints electric boss


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Harley gets Farley

The appointment of Ford boss James Farley to the supervisory board of the motorcycle manufacturer also pays for the electric future of Harley-Davidson. Farley, CEO of Ford since October 2020, is also trying to trim the car manufacturer for an electrified future. Farley should use his experience to help Harley manage this change of direction. Farley himself is an avowed Harley fan and owns two older, self-restored machines from Milwaukee.

So far there is only that LiveWire as an electric motorcycle in the portfolio. In addition, Harley-Davidson had already presented various other electrical concepts in the past, but had not yet implemented them.

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Harley-Davidson is serious about its electrical plans and appoints a new top manager who will only take care of electrical models.

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