Hero Electric AE-47: Low budget electric bike

Hero Electric AE-47.
Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Hero Electric AE-47

Low budget electric bike presented in India

The Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Hero presented a new electric bike called AE-47 at the Auto Expo 2020, which is located in the low-budget area and still wants to score with appropriate performance and range values.

HIn other parts of the world, the manufacturer Hero is unlikely to be known to many motorcyclists. Viewed worldwide, Hero MotoCorp Ltd. but a not to be underestimated market participant and according to its own statements India’s leading manufacturer of two-wheelers, which is said to have sold over 90 million two-wheelers in the past 34 years. For January 2020 alone, the Indians report a whopping 501,622 two-wheelers sold. The focus is on scooters. With the Hero Electric AE-47, the Indian manufacturer has now presented the first “real” electric motorcycle.

Top speed of 85 km / h

Hero equips the AE-47 with an electric motor with 4 kW and a lithium-ion battery with 3.5 kWh capacity. The engine should allow the sprint from 0 to 60 km / h in just under nine seconds. The manufacturer specifies the maximum speed at 85 km / h. In eco mode, the AE-47 should travel up to 160 kilometers. If the driver switches to power mode, a range of 85 kilometers is still possible.

Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

The Hero electric bike will probably not make it onto the German market.

Otherwise, Hero gives the AE-47 a disc brake, traction control, a digital display, a reverse mode for better maneuvering, a USB port and a keyless start system. Apart from that, there are also some connectivity features such as real-time tracking and GPS on board. A smartphone app that can process the data is also appropriately offered by the Indian manufacturer.

Not designed for the German market

The manufacturer has not yet given a final price. The Hero Electric AE-47 should, at least in India, be in the price segment of the equivalent of less than 2,000 euros. It is doubtful whether the electric bike will ever make it to Germany. At least Europe is not necessarily one of the Indian manufacturer’s target markets. The focus is primarily on Asia. Some countries in Africa and South America also seem to play a serious role for the company.


There is no doubt that the Hero Electric AE-47 presented at Auto Expo 2020 in India is not intended for the European market. Nevertheless, the key data make you sit up and take notice – especially the price-performance ratio seems to be right with the electric bike at first glance.

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