Honda Pan European ST 1300 test


Long-term GT test

The Honda Pan European ST is Honda’s 1989 response to BMW for a GT roadster that can cut miles in comfort without investing the price of a GoldWing. First presented in 1100 cm3, it will evolve deeply in 2002 with in particular an increase in displacement to 1300 cm3 then will benefit from significant technical but above all aesthetic improvements in 2008 which mean that it has in the end not lost a wrinkle during all these years. What about a model celebrating her 2nd tenth birthday in 2013? ?

Honda Pan European ST 1300 in town


With such a story, everyone knows the Pan, as they say. Long-haul vessel, the ST 1300 stands out due to its size, which makes the BMW K1200RT and Yamaha FJR 1300 seem like half-portions. In fact, it is much more mass-related to the K1600, which appeared much later. Long, wide, it is despite everything almost light for its category with its “just” 329 kilos fully packed. And about full, it carries 29 liters precisely. For all these years, we have consistently distinguished the characteristic twelve-star logo on the grille..

Honda Pan European ST 1300

If the general line has changed little since 1989, which makes it invariably recognized from all current production, it has received several facelifts, especially at the front end. So she stays young with a look that is reminiscent of the VFR.

Honda Pan European ST 1300

Under the very encompassing fairing, showing just one end of the engine, you could almost believe that it is equipped with a 6-cylinder. But no, it just has a 90 ° V-4 with dual overhead camshaft, 16 valves with the brand’s beloved PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. The shaft transmission (cardan shaft) guarantees longevity and reduced maintenance for a traveler who aspires to cross Europe. Combined ABS braking is the final touch to safety.

Honda Pan European ST 1300 top view

In the saddle

The 1.70m rider barely, but really barely touches the ground with his toes, in part due to a comfortable but relatively wide saddle in the standard position. Fortunately, the latter can be adjusted between 775 and 805mm. In the low position, the same pilot puts the tips of his feet and this simple difference facilitates operations at very low speed. Conversely, the ST 1300 is easily raised for the same pilot. He then discovers a vast dashboard, which is more like the automotive world than that of the motorbike with two huge counters for speed and tachometer, while on the right an orange backlit auto-type screen. displays all the information from the on-board computer: fuel gauge, clock, instantaneous consumption, partial double trip, totalizer, engine temperature and exterior temperature…. Everything is extremely readable, even under strong sunlight. Note the electric adjustment of the headlight. On the other hand, no 12V socket, no speed regulator or traction control.

Speedometer and dashboard Honda Pan European ST 1300

On the left stalk, we find the button to adjust the electric bubble, adjustable in height. And we don’t forget the warnings.

Honda Pan European ST 1300

It’s wide in the center, but you can squeeze it well between the thighs. The position allows you to have a straight bust. When stationary, with your feet barely touching the ground, you are careful, especially since the handlebars are ultimately quite narrow and do not offer much leverage. The first kilometers of hours are therefore done with caution. Of course, the Pan comes with crankcase guards that are beautifully integrated into the line, but that’s no reason to put it down.

Honda Pan European ST 1300


The Pan European snorts with a deep gasp of a turbine that is not unlike some 3 cylinders. It’s serious, velvety and deeply captivating. A kind of deep and quiet force then emerges, like a message and a promise for a very long, distant and safe road..

And then, once launched, we forget the pounds. It would even be almost light with maneuverability from 10 km / h that allows you to take it without thinking, smoothly. The box is easy and precise and is totally forgotten. Only the clutch handle is a bit hard and allows you to do a weight training exercise in the city when you do not have to come down to neutral when stationary.

Honda Pan European ST 1300 engine

In the city

Red light, stop, start. The overall weight means that the starts are straightforward. We could even find the times a little brutal on the first two reports. But his overall demeanor doesn’t encourage playing with it, especially since one has the distinct impression of being fast right away. Large with its 860 mm, it is above all its mirrors at the same level as those of the cars that lead to staying more often in the flow of traffic than trying to zigzag between cars. And yet, the front axle is particularly neutral and allows easy maneuvering. Interfacing is possible on expressways, but difficult in city traffic jams, only because of the width of the whole, rather than being overweight. Regardless, you are well seated, well wrapped up in your overall size and time takes on another meaning where speed is no longer a virtue. It will find its limits at the end of a somewhat narrow street where the U-turn will require more effort and concentration than those achieved with an F6B. The look is important, you have to turn your head well, and maintain enough gas to not get carried away. The first few days of getting started are a bit tricky and then you get used to it and gain confidence to finally realize that it doesn’t take as much effort as it did at the beginning. And all the more so since the V4 is an example of flexibility, accepting to resume at any speed, without hiccuping or snorting, and whatever the speed, thus able to wind on the 5th and last report to 30km / h. You can drive in town at 50km / h at 1,500 rpm. The daily pleasure is really extraordinary…. if not the weight felt as soon as you come back to close to 0 km / h.

On the highway

The Pan European takes off on the motorway with speed and never seems to want to stop…. running straight and approaching large curves as riveted on a rail. At 120 km / h, it is still only 4,000 rpm, or below half of the rev range possible. We can accelerate again and again or on the contrary make the throttle without parasitic movement…. in the absence of wind and top-case. Sidewind grip is important and if you find yourself on a windy stretch of highway, driving feels blurry and rippling at high speeds that encourage you to give up your hand and return to legal speeds. . A feeling mainly present in solo and in strong winds and in a straight line. Crossing a protected area at the almost maximum speed of 230 km / h at 8,000 rpm will, on the contrary, give a feeling of safety and impeccable road holding. It will be the same on large curves at high speed where it fits on a rail without parasitic behavior.

The bubble height adjustment is particularly useful here in order to vary the pressure according to the pipe, the size of the pilot and the speed. But even in the high position, the bubble does not generate any eddies in the helmet or infrasound, as can be seen on other models.

We can thus inquiller 450 kilometers without the slightest stop, in peace, on the 5th and last report. It just lacks the radio in fact ….

Honda Pan European ST 1300 in duo


The Pan is just as much fun on small roads and on secondary roads, with a rhythm alternating depending on the mood of the driver between dynamic driving in the laps or cushy pace at 2,000 rpm in the last gear. If the turns are tighter, of course its weight means that it takes its crew a bit, but a simple pressure on the brakes and on the handlebars and the trajectory is adjusted with confidence, even on the angle. ST offers possibilities for improvisation at this level that few models of this size allow. And at the end of a bend, there is always enough under the accelerator to restart the machine without thinking about it.

Honda Pan European ST 1300 in duo


The saddle is pleasant and is comfortable, both for the pilot and for the passenger. The defects of the road are particularly well erased, even in the event of major degradation and without being flexible. The smooth saddle is really smooth but that’s a daily detail.

Honda Pan European ST 1300 seat


The Dual C-ABS allowing to combine the front and the rear, usual at Honda, still works wonders with an efficiency still present, despite the debauchery of electronics of the competition. As a result, it brakes well and hard with a good feeling and always in line, without ever stepping out. Braking is thus largely up to the machine and its ambitions..

Brakes Honda Pan European ST 1300


The on-board computer is scary in the city, easily climbing to instantaneous consumptions of around 18 liters / cent. Obviously, the first is sufficient on its own in town and we spend at most the second. Suddenly, half of the fuel gauge arrives from 160 km. Consumption goes down to a reasonable figure on departmental and oscillates between 6 and 7 liters per hundred, which remains reasonable for the cubic capacity. At a stabilized speed and 90 km / h on the national road, it can even stall on 5 liters per hundred. Suddenly, with the 29-liter tank, it is quite possible to envisage long trips of more than 400 kilometers, or even 450 kilometers especially with a cool driving on departmental roads, the 4 cylinders allowing without worry to be on the last report to 3,000 rpm. As soon as the motorcycle falls on reserve, the indicator indicates the number of estimated kilometers remaining.

Honda Pan European ST 1300 tank


The two side cases offer an excellent capacity with their 35 liters. They are especially better integrated into the bike (and therefore less wide on the outside) than on other models, which makes you less afraid of not passing.
The saddle can be adjusted to three positions very easily. Just lift it up, choose one of the 3 notches at the front and wedge it to one of the 3 notches at the rear. The operation takes just over a minute.

Honda Pan European ST 1300 suitcase storage


It’s not the funniest bike, nor the most technological compared to the competition which has evolved more since. The Pan European, on the other hand, confirms its reputation as an excellent GT capable of swallowing the kilometers in solo and duo effortlessly and with comfort. Officially 2,000 euros cheaper than an FJR 1300, it can be negotiated even less at dealerships, positioning it at the best quality / price ratio on the market, and all the more so with Honda quality. And yet, it is a far cry from a second choice with day-to-day performance having little to envy much more expensive models. An excellent choice for those who want to travel far in peace.

Strong points

  • price
  • comfort
  • protection
  • finishing

Weak points

  • weight
  • highway stability

available in bronze, red

Honda Pan European tech. Sheet

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  1. I have a 16L tank and I can make 280 terminals so it depends on the driving and the bike. to smile

  2. The look is really disappointing, we don’t really know what they wanted to do, the old one was nicer.

  3. And that, a comment from someone who doesn’t repeat things at all without knowing what he’s talking about? pipe

  4. It looks pretty early on this bike. Practical mid-size, light for not too much em … in the city, in maneuvering, to please you in the virolos, and powerful enough for good sensations … exploitable power, a good saddle and wrists to bring something ‘one on occasion. And financially affordable. TT like the new Aprilia Shiver 900.

    What is left for the fat ones?

  5. QuoteAristoto
    What remains for the fat ones ?

    Obviously it works well with large engines since between the 650 and the 1000 there is less and less stuff (dorsoduro 750 which goes to 900, shiver which goes to 900, zJeSaisPlusHow much goes to 900, etc …).

  6. @olivierzx precisely I always do less km than what the testers announce … I must have a less sunk driving and I have always said to myself that the testers were doing their best in sobriety…

    Personally, I have always done 20% less than what is announced in the tests, even when driving quietly …

  7. But it’s cute like all that !!

    I’m going to drop by to say hi to my bm dealership, I think


  8. Hello

    Mr BMW, did you know that spoke wheels exist? even with inner tube ?

    this is not an all-road motorcycle ?

    The pencil stroke is contemporary.

  9. Not bad ; in the spirit it reminds me a bit of my 125 Kawasaki KE in … 1977 !

    … and then to drive at 80 km / h, have fun while preserving your budget, finally why take a big cube?

  10. QuoteGod the Father
    On the highway

    The G310R sets off with vigor and will on the highway quickly reaching 130 km / h, while it is only at 8,000 rpm. We then nibble the following kilometers hours up to 10,000 rpm to accept a 145 km / h (counter) or 140 km / h (real). Its liveliness in town at low speed significantly reduces stability at maximum speed, especially since the howl of the engine and the overall lightness will make you descend more reasonably at legal speeds.

    –> mute

  11. I tried it (loaned by CO2) a few weeks ago on a short portion of the motorway (porte saint cloud exit porte de versailles) to check its cruising speed which is around 110Km / h or around 20km / h less than my Yam mt-03 2016. beyond there are the vibrations the impression of forcing the mechanics the box is indeed quite hard .

    I prefer the yam engine for its flexibility, its times its bluffing acceleration for the displacement. it is good everywhere including on the motorway while the BM is more intended for the city and the departmental .

    Price level 400 euros approximately separates the 2 models since the yam is again distributed in France although Yamaha France has not communicated on its return.

  12. After 5 months and 8000 km on it, my first motorcycle

    Motorway: it’s niet, it vibrates too much, and the little margin with my maximum speed makes it dangerous,

    On 4 lanes at 110, my daily commute is great, it accelerates well, it brakes well and it is reassuring for a neo biker that I am

    On the road at 80, it’s his hobby, it picks up well, it’s agile while being stable, big confidence building

    In town, it’s the other part of my daily commute. It’s pretty cool when you know the gearbox and know what gear is engaged depending on the speed rolled. Otherwise, it hits! (It’s a mono).

    Conso a little higher than that sold … I am at 4.5l / 100 on 50% of way at 110 and 50% of city.

    This is possibly due to my size (1m85 pou 90kg).

    If you need more information, do not hesitate!

  13. After 14,000 km, the motorcycle vibrates a little.

    The major point, recall campaign on brake installation, motorcycle immobilized for at least a week … without BM action, without replacement vehicle, I am on foot … think carefully before taking a BM … If like I’m your main vehicle…

    The defects of the bike still pass, but that is unacceptable.

  14. Is it possible that the speed is restricted because beyond that the crappy suspension would make the machine unmanageable?

  15. Apart from this dark story with the bridle horn for 162km / h, it seems to be a very serious competitor to the new (psedo) Goldwing…

    Wait and see…

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