Lohmer-Suzuki V-Strom 1000

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Lohmer-Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Lohmer-Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Thomas Schmieder


Once upon a time there was a mighty motorcycle with a brilliant V2 engine that, at 237 kilograms, was considered a real lightweight in its class ?? even if not as the prettiest in the country. In addition to a strange name, his fathers also gave it a tendency to pendulum at higher speeds. But in order not to tempt anyone, the developers in distant Japan electronically cut the top speed to 200 km / h.
Don’t worry, the story will end well: Suzuki’s chubby V-Strom 1000 already found many princes in the series trim. Someone who means it particularly well with her is called Klaus Lohmer and lives behind the seven mountains, in Euskirchen near Bonn.
In fact, he makes the 17-inch rim look attractive with extremely precise craftsmanship
Widen 5.5-inch. He slips over it
a street shoe in the format 180/55 instead of the 150. A Bridgestone BT 54 rotates at the rear, the Trailwing can be used at the front
remain on the 19-inch standard rim. And because wishes sometimes help, there is rim extension for them too
V-Strom 650 and the Honda Varadero.
Brave Klaus can at all, like at
of the test machine, with a set of BT 020 touring tires (front in
110/80 ZR 17), as well as Wilbers springs for front and rear; otherwise the shock absorber remains as standard. The road tires cling to the asphalt with great grip, trust grows quickly like cornering speed. The V-Strom alternates curves harmoniously and can be directed precisely. The high gyroscopic forces of the large front wheel only require more energetic steering impulses when changing lean angles quickly, when the speed seems to be abandoned by all good spirits.
Tour riders will find a table-deck-you. The bench, the core and cover of which is individually adjusted by a saddler, supports the lumbar vertebrae. The fork with the new springs responds more finely, it processes closely consecutive impulses better, and there is almost no tendency to chew. Finally, when braking, the front no longer dips that far.
The straight-line stability is heavenly stable compared to the standard V-Strom. To demonstrate this, the brave Lohmerlein dismantled the speed cutter in fifth and sixth gear for MOTORRAD for test purposes. Now the 1000er clamps 98 horses in all speed levels, turns up uninhibited. It’s a shame, the admission fairy refuses to give her blessing on this conversion. After all, the Lohmer-Suzuki runs much faster than the original and remains calm at all times.
Thanks to the noble Magura radial pumps, the clutch and brake are wonderfully easy to operate, and Lucas steel braided lines improve the pressure point of the standard brake calipers. The optics of the front spoiler of the SV 1000 S are tuned? it fits without modifications? and the slimmed-down rear: a newly manufactured bracket allows license plates up to 220 millimeters wide, including license plate light, to be placed upwards, and the seat lock moves into the left side cover.
The icing on the cake would be the narrow »silencers«, which nestle close to the frame and narrow the rear even with suitcases. But the overly loud Remus pots, type Revolution, are only good for rioting in the neighborhood. Mini indicators and taped headlight angles make the massive stem sleeker. The latter are illegal in Germany because they hide the parking light bulbs. And unfortunately that is not a fairy tale. tsr

Modifications and costs

Widening of the standard rim to 5.50 x 17 inches, painted, including TuV entry, assembly and tires Bridgestone BT 54 in 180/55 ZR 17 (original front tires) 920 euros
Complete set of tires
Bridgestone BT 020 on request
Polishing the rims (per wheel) 50 euros
Wilbers fork springs 90 euros
Wilbers spring on
Standard shock absorber 90 euros
Magura coupling fitting
with radial pump 392 euros
Magura brake fitting
with radial pump 392 euros
Custom-made bench 295 euros
Belly pan from SV 1000 S 105 euros
Bracket for elevating
the license plate 20 euros
Lucas steel braided brake line for
front and back (colored) 210 euros
Remus rear silencer with
Kat and ABE 968 euros
Crash bar from SW-Motech 129 euros
Touratech oil cooler cover 40 euros

Zweirad Lohmer, Kuchenheimer Strabe 144, 53882 Euskirchen-Kuchenheim,
Telephone 02251/4043, www.2rad-loehmer.de

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