Honda Vision NSC 110 test


When cm3 don't wait to be big

Three-week trial

Revolution! You knew the 125, we are tackling the 110! But a 125, it is already dragging the tail! So, a 110 !? You have to equip it with a NOS kit to get something out of it, a fortiori in 110 cm3, only ?

But because we do not shrink from any sacrifice to make you discover something other than the bike, after the Forza and SH, we returned to Honda to test the smallest of the fake 125 with the Vision 110, or NSC 110 which is in fact a 108cc. So what can we expect from such a small displacement, with a price to match … 2,149 euros, "only" or already too much? Test


Honda Vision NSC 110 side: 1,925 x 686 x 1,115


Hmmm! Is that a 110, really? Looks like a 50cc! Everything is small here. The weight first of all at only 102 kilos, the saddle height at 755 mm, the length of 1855 mm. In fact, it looks like an SH 125 but in miniature or scale version.

Single cylinder, 2 valves, air cooled

The only thing that is big are almost the 14 "wheels. And as the SH line is not far away, we also find a flat floor and a long saddle, without cylinder. However, it is not not a discount scooter and the finish is there, from the metallic paintwork to the perceived quality of the plastics. There is even both a side stand and a central. It's small, cheap, but it ' is Honda. And bonus, it only requires the A1 license.

Italian style


In the saddle

At only 755mm high, it is the lowest of the scooters of this displacement range and the feet are therefore placed on the ground naturally even for very small sizes. The hands rest on the small handlebars and easily adjust the mirrors to normal size, quite effective in terms of the vision provided.

Under the eyes, the dashboard is reduced to its minimum version, with a simple meter but a fuel gauge! No partial trip, but a single analog totalizer in the center of the meter with its ambitious 140 km / h.

Fuel meter and gauge


Brake lever engaged and contact. The Vision slowly shakes with a muffled noise. You can come back in the middle of the night or leave without ever waking up the neighbors. The request of the right handle is manifested by an immediate departure, without disturbing increase in regime. It's crisp and fast. And at the next traffic light, the engine stops. Because yes, even the NSC110 has Start & Stop, like the Forza or the PCX.

In the city

Despite its small 108 cm3 mono, the Vision starts off frankly and its featherweight allows for frank acceleration, solo. We forget here any vibration and the NSC evolves on velvet. As a duo, we clearly feel the weight of the passenger who significantly slows down the ardor of the driver. The fact remains that we can still flash the radars so we must remain vigilant because we can quickly find ourselves at more than 70 km / h a few meters after the fire. Small, narrow, the Vision slips everywhere in a mouse hole, especially since the hunting angle is particularly straight and allows you to make a U-turn in a pocket square. It is besides this extreme maneuverability of the handlebars, closer to the bike than to a scooter which destabilizes at first glance. And then as the days go by, you get used to it. Those who have made the Vision choice of their first motorized two-wheeler will instantly find themselves in familiar and easy terrain..

Urban scooter

On the highway

The Vision sets off with will on the highway to cap well launched at a small 110 km / h counter at the switch, or a real 102 km / h. But that's its maximum with all the right conditions together. If a false flat occurs, the speed drops below 100 km / h, or even goes down to 80 km / h in the event of a small climb. We are thus 15 km / h lower than an SH 125 under the same conditions and 25 km / h lower compared to a Forza. So we stay here in the right lane, praying not to be overtaken by a truck. But the A4 is not refused in the Paris region and by holding on to the handlebars and being vigilant, we can move forward, failing to overtake, except when the traffic jam is formed..

Honda Vision NSC 110 in town


No ABS on such a small displacement, but there is still the combined CBS braking, very pleasant in everyday life. The feeling is a bit soft, as is the power, but that will reassure a beginner. In any case, the speed velocities are not extraordinary either and the whole thing does the job, without excess or surprise. As a result, it is very difficult to block even in the wet.

Brakes Honda Vision NSC 110


The Vision defends itself in terms of comfort … solo. Even with a light passenger, the shock absorbers are already compressing and the slightest defect in the road is easily felt. The fact remains that the cobblestones in Paris or on the Place de la Concorde are keenly felt in the lower back for both the driver and the passenger and a fortiori if the pace is fast. This remains acceptable solo, even if we are clearly behind the big brother SH 125 whose performance is very much above.

Saddle at 770mm


The trunk under the saddle offers the possibility of putting a jet or even a small integral. The open storage compartment at the front of the apron allows you to slip a pair of gloves or a smartphone.

Empty pocket

Reduced service intervals every 4,000 kilometers will also reduce maintenance costs.

Space for a jet helmet in the trunk


Honda announces a consumption of 2 liters per hundred and we are indeed barely above about 2.2 liters per hundred. It must be said that you wring out the handle when starting and that this is not the ideal type of eco-driving. But at a cooler pace, consumption can actually approach 2 liters per hundred, thus allowing a range of 250 kilometers with the 5.5 liters of the tank. On the other hand, for having tried the 100 kilometers of highway at the cleat, consumption then goes up and you will do just 200 kilometers.


The Vision 110 is a good find. We start from an assumption and we discover an endearing machine, well finished, coherent, which does well for the price of an electric bike. Because at 2149 euros, we are on floor prices that we usually find rather in small brands with a quality and a longevity then disparate. We will gladly take him to go get the baguette on Sunday and even inquire 100 kilometers in the day without worry.. .

Strong points

  • maneuverability
  • finishing
  • start and stop
  • price

Weak points

  • comfort

Honda Vision 110 technical sheet

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: city + interurban highways
  • Motorcycle mileage: 400 km

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  1. We don’t have quite the same definition of low revs, then, because the H2 pulls short. And when an engine takes 14,000, for me 4000 is low to smileAnd the H2 remains perfectly usable at 2 or 3000 rpm on a trickle of gas.

    Afterwards, for the consumption you are right, the turbo is better…


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