How to get points with a motorcycle license?

November 21, 2018

Did you just get your motorcycle license? You can now ride in complete freedom. For your own protection and that of other road users, always comply with road safety rules. This permanent attention will prevent you from having a ticket. Running a red light, entering a prohibited direction, these traffic violations are likely to result in a withdrawal of points. Don’t panic: you can recover your capital, with the following solutions.

How to get points with a motorcycle license?

The different motorcycle licenses

The motorcycle license has undergone significant changes in recent years depending on the displacement that the pilot wishes to drive. Since January 1, 2011, holders of the B license who wish to drive a motorized two-wheeler from 50 to 125 cm3 with a power not exceeding 11 kilowatts have the obligation to follow a 7-hour training course (A1 license).

Since June 2, 2016, the A2 license is intended for all motorcycle drivers, from 18 years old, with or without side-car, with a power not exceeding 35 kW and whose power / weight ratio is less than 0 , 2 kW / kg.

The holder of a A2 license for more than two years can be issued, after a 7h training, a category A license, which allows you to drive all motorcycles and tricycles without capacity or power limitation as well as motorized quadricycles with a maximum power of 15 kW.

Whatever your driving license, there is only one point quota. For the A license, the car or heavy goods vehicle license, since 1992, each driver has a capital of 12 points. When obtaining the license, the driver is credited with a starting capital of 6 points: this is the probationary license. As a trial period, if no violation is found, the capital increases to 12 points after three years, two years for drivers who have followed accompanied driving.

Withdrawal of points on the motorcycle license

The scale of offenses and withdrawal of points is pre-established. This is an automatic procedure.

Not all fines result in a withdrawal of points, such as driving without a license plate, for example. On the other hand, speeding is more severely punished: exceeding the maximum authorized speed by less than 20km / h results in the withdrawal of one point, but 3 points for an excess greater than 30km / h.

Crossing a continuous line, driving on the emergency lane or not wearing a helmet – or unapproved helmet is punishable by a class 4 fine with 3 point withdrawals.

As for the blood alcohol level or the use of a device intended to detect speed cameras automatic: a withdrawal of 6 points. Certain infractions may result in the immobilization of the vehicle or cancellation of driving license, such as a repeat speeding offense> 50 km / h or a hit and run.

To find out the number of points remaining on your license, you can use the site. In the event of withdrawal of points that does not result in a total loss of points, you are informed by simple letter: in the event of an automated radar check, to the address mentioned on the registration document; in the event of a control by the police, at the address you give them.

How to recover points on your motorcycle license ?

Carry out a road safety awareness course

To recover his points, the driver can complete a points recovery course. This two-day permit allows you to collect four points. You have to wait at least a year and a day between two internships.

Doing an internship is only possible if you have a valid license. The invalidation of the license is notified by receipt of the 48SI registered letter: the driver will then have to return his license to the prefecture and retake the license after six months with a medical examination, psychotechnical test and examination of the highway code.

For the young drivers sanctioned by the loss of 3 points or more having received the letter 48N by registered mail, they will have to carry out a compulsory internship within four months.

Automatic point recovery

  • Points recovery time after 6 months: for the withdrawal of a point, the recovery period for it is 6 months (without infringement during this period).
  • Total replenishment of the points balance after 2 years: for 2nd and 3rd class infringements, the points are reconstituted after 2 years without infringement, from the final date of the infringement available on the Full Information Statement.
  • Total reconstitution of the points balance after 3 years: for 4th and 5th class infringements, a total recovery of the points balance is carried out after 3 years without infringement, from the final date of the infringement.
  • Partial restoration of the points balance after 10 years: this reconstruction concerns all classes of offenses. Points are awarded after 10 years even if another offense has been committed during this period. For this, the points balance must never have been 0/0 or 12/12.

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