IDM 2018 Oschersleben Superbike 1000

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IDM 2018 Oschersleben Superbike 1000
Toni Borner

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IDM 2018 Oschersleben Superbike 1000

IDM 2018 Oschersleben Superbike 1000
Mikhalchik wins second run

Ilya Mikhalchik won the second Superbike race in Oschersleben ahead of Bastien Mackels. Dominic Schmitter with Suzuki on the podium.

Toni Borner


Race 2

In the second race, Alpha Racing Van Zon BMW driver Ilya Mikhalchik turned the tables and secured victory over Bastien Mackels. He won by two tenths of a second. Third was Dominic Schmitter in a Suzuki – 0.191 seconds ahead of Julian Puffe, who was fourth for the second time that day.

At the start of run 2, everyone had made it through the first corners well and there were no failures or falls. Mikhalchik had the best start, being the first to take the lead and henceforth taking over the lead for a few laps.

But the winner of the midday run, Bastien Mackels, should not be shaken off and took the lead around halfway through the race. The Ukrainian soon snatched back the top position and was able to hold onto there.

Toni Finsterbusch, Jan Halbich, Stefan Kerschbaumer, Lucy Glockner, Pepijn Bijsterbosch and Bobby Bos should round off the top ten.

Race 1

IDM 2018 Oschersleben Superbike 1000

Toni Borner

Bastien Mackels won the first run.

Bastien Mackels from the Wilbers-BMW-Racing Team won the first round of the IDM Superbike in Oschersleben. The Belgian beat Ukrainian Ilya Mikhalchik from the Alpha Racing Van Zon BMW Team by 0.432 seconds. Third place went to Honda Holzhauer Racing Promotion driver Jan Halbich from the Czech Republic.

In the front, the two dominators from qualifying quickly pulled away from the pursuers. Bastien Mackels took the lead but couldn’t really shake off Ilya Mikhalchik. On the contrary: the Ukrainian watched the Belgian very closely and waited. On the final laps, however, Mackels was able to repel Mikhalchik’s attacks and secure the first win of the season.

Third place initially looked like a sure thing for Jan Halbich. The Honda driver couldn’t keep up with the pace of the top duo, but he was also able to break away from the rest of the field himself. Only on the last laps did Julian Puffe get closer. In the sprint to the finish line, the Schleizer didn’t quite get past Halbich and missed the podium in fourth by just 0.067 seconds.

Danny de Boer, Stefan Kerschbaumer, Toni Finsterbusch, Bobby Bos, Pepijn Bijsterbosch and Ricardo Brink rounded off the top ten.

With the superbikers it wasn’t problem-free through the first corner. Daniel Kartheininger collided with Lucy Glockner at the start. “Lucy had to open the door and braked again, so I couldn’t avoid it and drove into her back”, Kartheininger revealed to us. His Yamaha had got stuck on the rear of Glockner’s Kawasaki and drove a few meters further. Finally, the R1 broke away from the ZX10, drove over the track without a driver and fell over on the guardrail. Glockner headed for the pits, but came back into the race one lap behind.

Hertrampf-Suzuki driver Dominic Schmitter had to give up at the pits, and Janusch Prokop didn’t see the goal either.


IDM 2018 Oschersleben Superbike 1000

Toni Borner

Ilya Mikhalchik has secured the pole position for the two races of the IDM premier class Superbike in Oschersleben.

Pole position for the alpha Racing Van Zon BMW team and the Ukrainian Ilya Mikhalchik. In the second qualifying session, the BMW driver reduced the fastest time to 1: 26.178 minutes, pushing Belgian Bastien Mackels into second place. The wilbers-bmw-racing driver Mackels could not improve in the afternoon and stayed with his time of 1: 26.244 from the morning session.

With Jan Halbich, the Honda Holzhauer Racing Promotion Team celebrates the entry into the front row for tomorrow’s two races. The Czech lost only 0.308 seconds to the best time in the end.

Starting position four, right at the front in row two, went to Schleiz and to the team-mate of the pole-setter Julian Puffe. That was able to increase by over seven tenths of a second in the second qualifying and in the end drove a 1: 26.650. He placed himself just ahead of the Dutchman Danny de Boer, who was the best Yamaha in fifth. Directly behind was the Swiss Dominic Schmitter in a Hertrampf-Suzuki sixth.

Toni Finsterbusch (Suzuki), Stefan Kerschbaumer (Yamaha), Bobby Bos (Yamaha) and Marc Neumann (BMW) rounded off the top ten.

Janusch Prokop took eleventh place on the grid with his Suzuki, ending up just ahead of Lucy Glockner on Kawasaki. The second lady in the field, Sarah Heide, qualified in 21st place.

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