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IDM season opening 2017

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IDM season opening 2017

IDM season opening 2017
Rank and name give full throttle

The new IDM will start the new season at the Nurburgring from May 12th to 14th, 2017, spectators will benefit from more action than ever and cheaper prices.

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After long negotiations with many question marks, the International German Championship (IDM) starts the new season at the Nurburgring. From May 12 to 14, 2017, the first points will be fought for in the national top series of German motorcycle racing. At the same time, a new chapter in the history of the championship begins. For the first time, the participating brands BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha have allied in a working group under the umbrella of the Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM). There has never been such a closed unit. Everyone pulls together. The fact is: As the new IDM promoter, the working group will set standards and also give new impetus to the promotion of young talent in Germany. The MOTORRAD action team acts as the organizer of the series. In the contract negotiations, it was not only convincing as a sports-savvy organizer, but also with a large package of media services.

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What would the IDM be without sidecars?

When the engines warm up on the Nurburgring, things really take off. The announcement in the renowned Superbike 1000 class is around 220 hp and top speeds of over 300 km / h. Here the works fight for their image and they have spared no effort to sign potential winning candidates for the title hunt. BMW comes up trumps with two-time German Superbike champion Markus Reiterberger (Obing), who wants to recharge his batteries for his planned return to the Superbike World Championship. Then there are Jan Buhn (Kronau), Danny de Boer (Staphorst / NL) and Arnaud Friedrich (Limbach-Oberfrohna). The young and savages are displacing the old hands more and more. The IDM is also a springboard for international youngsters in the larger classes. Yamaha holds against it in the title fight, especially with Florian Alt (Gummersbach), the runner-up from 2016. The Gummersbacher is 21 years old and now knows the matter very well. Honda relies on a new motorcycle and the Czech Jan Halbich (Prague). Suzuki is also launching a brand new machine. The bearers of hope are Luca Grunwald (Waldkraiburg) and Dominic Schmitter (Widnau / CH). Kawasaki has hired Romain Maitre (Vesoul), a Frenchman with long-distance experience. According to the current status, 31 participants have registered for the IDM Superbike 1000 five days before the hot start at the Nurburgring. Entries will be accepted until the start of the event.

In the Supersport 600 class, a small but fine field with 18 pilots rolls in. The title favorites include Yamaha riders Kevin Wahr (Nagold) and Thomas Gradinger (St. Marienkirchen / A) as well as Kawasaki competitor Christian Stange (Heidenau).

The IDM Supersport 300 class is brand new and just under construction. Here, youngsters aged 15 and over get the chance to compete under almost the same conditions. Not much should be changed on the motorcycles, which have around 46 hp. The IDM is working together with the Dutch to ensure that the track really buzzes. The two national championship fields merge for the races, but drive with separate valuation. 

What would the IDM be without sidecars? The tricycles continue to have their place in the championship and their fans. As in the solo classes, the sidecars also have two races per event.

As part of the supporting program at the Nurburgring, the Suzuki GSX-R 1000-Cup and Twin-Cup go hand in hand. There is action all weekend long. That applies on and off the racetrack. Even at the opening event, two very important things happen: More is offered, but less is asked for. The fans get their money’s worth with test drives with motorcycles from the current model series from Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha, at the motorcycle parade on the track, at the paddock party on Saturday evening or the pit walk on Sunday. At the public press conference after the race, you can experience the winners up close, live and without a helmet. And all of this with an admission price of 14.00 euros each on Saturday and Sunday. The combined ticket for the whole weekend costs 25.00 euros. This already includes entry to the paddock and the pit walk. Admission is free for young people aged 17 and under. If you want to treat yourself to something special and spend a few euros on it, you can book a VIP ticket from Honda and Suzuki and enjoy food in their hospitality.

Series manager Normann Broy, who has a mammoth task to cope with with his organizational team, is optimistic: “We have to bring the spectators back to the track, that’s the be-all and end-all. And with it, the IDM in people’s heads. Not only as a national series, but also as a championship from which young national motorsport talent is recruited for international tasks. ”The new IDM has picked up speed and is really accelerating.

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