Jacket test Tucano Urbano Field Jacket Capital


Long waterproof and breathable jacket, 6 sizes from S to 3XL, 189 €, available in blue

Equipment well suited to urban use

The urban biker, who travels a lot and has appointments, can be sensitive to the problem of the look: how to reconcile an efficient and safe equipment while maintaining a "professional" look, not too "biker", precisely.. This problem, the Italian supplier Tucano Urbano has been responding to it for a long time now, with a complete range which has notably found its target among scooter users..

For our part, we decided to test a novelty of their 2017 collection, the "Capital" jacket, one of the peculiarities of which is that it only exists in blue. That’s good, it brings a little color in a biker world that is too predominantly black and gray. A long-term test that took place over several months, with daily use and during tests, mainly scooters but also small trails.

Jacket Tucano Urbano Capital

Presentation: qualitative !

The "regular" cut, the collar that goes up very high, the presence of four pockets on the front of the jacket, all of this is very qualitative. The deep blue color gives the same feeling, like the outer material, of "techno jersey", soft to the touch. This is good !


The surprises continue inside, with a cell phone pocket on the left side, which closes with a scratch, as well as another large capacity pocket on the right side. A quilted gilet is attached to the interior and acts as a thermal liner to add a zest of versatility.

Inside pocket

Among the small details, we appreciate the presence of a hood well integrated in the collar and reflective bands at the cuffs..


Reflective sleeve

There are D30 protections on the elbows and shoulders. Finally, the jacket closes with a zip, covered by a flap fixed by snaps.

In short: elegant, discreet and well equipped in practical aspects, this jacket has everything to make a splash, no ?

In use: appreciable flexibility and lightness, but…

Tucano Urbano has chosen an inner sleeveless vest that is fixed at a single point, inside the collar..

Liner hook

Argument of the manufacturer: like that, it can be used as a waistcoat in the evening. One button is easier to undo (then redo afterwards) than several. Other side of the coin, this "floating" lining is never in the same place and it is a little handicapping when you put on the jacket not to have the mouths of the sleeves in the same place..

We would have liked two more press studs so that the lining stays in place, free to those who do not want to use them to refrain from it.

Snap button

Since we are talking about press studs, I was surprised to see that one of the buttons of the lower right outside pocket broke out on the first day of the test, before I even thought of putting on anything in the pockets. Subsequently, after a few months of use, two other buttons were made in the trunk, one on the other pocket on the left, the other on the ventral flap. It’s a shame, even if it’s easy and cheap to put on snaps.

Because this jacket has a lot of qualities to please. It’s light, it’s comfortable to wear (so much that you almost forget it, in fact), is well cut, it’s waterproof enough to withstand a little rain and the taped seams are strong, which is a lot. arguments. In addition, as it is well adjusted, it does not face the wind at all when you start to inquire a little … On the other hand, despite the lining, we will not consider it an all-season jacket: the mid-season suits it perfectly well and not too much in summer either because, contrary to what Tucano Urbano suggests, it is not that breathable..

Conclusion: an uneven finish which spoils the pleasure a little

It could be the ideal jacket for the executive that multiplies the meetings in urban areas, but for that the snaps should not let go so quickly. The scratch on the phone pocket is starting to unravel a bit. And better fix the liner is also necessary. Nothing insurmountable that will surely be resolved for the next season, the brand improving its products year after year. Because at 189 euros, we start to be demanding !

Because for the rest between versatility, discretion, style, comfort and functionality, the basis of this Capital is very good … And in fact, we continue to wear it on a daily basis with pleasure.

Features jacket Tucano Urbano Capital

  • Three-quarter jacket "regular" fit
  • Hydroscud technology® patented – with high level of tightness
  • Breathable and wind resistant
  • Taped seams for waterproofing
  • CE D30 inserts on elbows and shoulders (back option, optional)
  • Reflective inserts
  • Removable thermal liner vest
  • Hood hidden in the collar
  • 4 external pockets, two internal
  • 6 sizes
  • Only one color: blue

Strong points

  • Comfort
  • Classy and urban look at the same time
  • Lightness
  • Raincoat
  • Full of pockets
  • D30 elbows and shoulders protectors

Weak points

  • "Ruffle" lining
  • Mid-season use only
  • Not breathable enough
  • Perfectible finish
  • Low resistance snap buttons

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