Kymco CV3: Taiwanese bring three-wheel scooters

Kymco CV3

Taiwanese bring three-wheel scooters

The Taiwanese two-wheeler manufacturer Kymco is launching its first three-wheel scooter with the CV3. A study at EICMA 2017 already gave an initial outlook on the new model.

Scooters with two front wheels can also be driven with a driver’s license, depending on the design. Piaggio offers corresponding models with the MP3, Peugeot with the Metropolis, Yamaha with the Tricity and also Quadro with the QV3. 2021 now also appears Kymco to want to enter this segment.

A first teaser video clearly shows where the journey is headed. The CV3 announced for 2021 relies on two front wheels which, similar to the Yamaha Niken, are guided and steered with a double fork construction and a parallelogram suspension. Unlike the Niken, the Kymco fork legs attach to the inside of the wheels. The disc brake system is also located on the inside of the wheel.

The look of the CV3 remains with the elongated beak and the slit-shaped headlights close to the study from 2017. The wide fairing offers a lot of wind and weather protection, the wide seat a lot of comfort. However, the upcoming CV3 does without the roof of the study.

For the drive, the well-known 550 cc twin cylinder with around 54 hp could come into play. That was already built into the study at the time. The CV3 is to be unveiled on November 26, 2020.


With the change in mobility needs in urban traffic, tricycles are becoming more and more important as an alternative to cars. The Italians and the French in particular are already into the tricycle concept.

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