Levi’s V6 Cafe Racer 2018

Levi’s V6 Cafe Racer

Rebirth with a six-cylinder

Levis Motorcycles built motorcycles from 1911 to 1941. In 2018 the British manufacturer wants to celebrate its comeback with a spectacular Cafe Racer with a V6 engine.

Levi’s Motorcycles was once based near Birmingham and initially built two-stroke motorcycles, later adding four-stroke machines. The end for the British came with the Second World War. Entrepreneur Phil Bevan started his engagement in 2016. Bevan had the idea based on 2004 for the sports car VS.onnaught Type D GT developed two-filter V10 engine to develop a motorcycle. He was able to win Steve Kirk as a designer. He drew a Cafe Racer with a stainless steel tubular frame, a fork based on the Hossack principle and a V6 engine. Bevan was so enthusiastic about this design that he wanted to implement it. Without further ado, he bought Connaught to secure the right one on the engine. In September 2018 the time has come and Levis will present the V6 Cafe Racer at the Goodwood Revival Festival

From V2 to V10 everything is possible


The V-engine has a modular structure.

The V6 Cafe Racer is only supposed to be the beginning. Since the basic V10 engine has a modular structure with a bank angle of only 22 degrees, versions from the V2 to the V10 are also conceivable, which can then sit in a sports car, roadster or cruiser.

In the V6 Cafe Racer, the six-cylinder has a displacement of 1.2 liters and is installed lengthways. The power should be 120 hp, the maximum torque around 160 Nm. The six-speed gearbox with sixth gear as overdrive has been redesigned, plus an integrated starter generator. With rear-wheel drive you want to offer optional chain or gimbal.

The frame is based on stainless steel tubes that are visible on the outside and extend in arcs from the steering head to the swing arm mounting. The fork also relies on this design feature. The cladding panels are formed from stainless steel sheets that can either be polished or painted.

Costs from 114,000 euros


The two-part wheels are milled.

Numerous other add-on parts are milled from aluminum blocks. The front and rear struts are fully adjustable. The two-part wheels with valves hidden in the spokes are also milled from aluminum. The V6 discharges its exhaust gases through a 6-in-6 system with extremely filigree silencers.

In addition to the standard version, Levis plans to launch an Isle of Man special edition in 2020 to celebrate the first Levis class win at an Isle of Man TT.

Even if the model shown here does not yet correspond to the production status, the British have already set a price: The Levi’s V6 Cafe Racer should cost the equivalent of around 114,000 euros and be available from March 2019. The following roadster model is quoted at around 87,000 euros.

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