Live chats – David Lecat (Bridgestone): we intend to establish ourselves as a major leader on the French market! –

David Lecat (Bridgestone): we intend to establish ourselves as a key leader in the French market !

Live chats - David Lecat (Bridgestone): we intend to establish ourselves as a major leader on the French market! -

Transcription of the chat that took place on September 29, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. live from the Site stand at the 2007 World 2: MotoGP future, products, competition… David Lecat, Marketing Director of Bridgestone France, answered your questions.

Site: Hello everyone, the chat will start in a few moments…
David Lecat – Bridgestone France: Nice to come and chat with you !

Question from "lolo27130": I find it unfortunate that Bridge is very little, if not not present at all in the French Open Sprint Championship. Knowing the Bridge products, I would find it interesting to see our French drivers racing with something other than Dunlop and Pirelli … And that could also bring a sponsor budget to the championship. Something else: lower the price of tires !
D.L. : Hello Lolo. Because of Bridgestone’s involvement in MotoGP, it is indeed important for the French market to take over Bridgestone’s investment and bring it down to local championships. We are working on the file with the authorities of the FFM.

Question from "full": Hello, will the BT21 be approved for the Hayabusa 2008 ?
D.L.: No, because the tire chosen because of the philosophy of this bike (sporty in spite of everything) is the BT-15, which will be available as 100% original equipment on this bike..

Question from "marina8": Hello David, are there any products to clean the tires after long use, or for someone who has accidentally rolled in oil (it’s real life!) ?
D.L.: Today, to my knowledge, that does not exist … As in MotoGP, it is advisable to give up your hand after having driven in a puddle of oil and to clean the tire by small successive braking and acceleration. One would tend to think that cleaning with acetone alters the compound of the gum.

Question from "tony": In your opinion, should MotoGP become a single-manufacturer discipline? ?
D.L.: Indeed, these are the current rumors … Bridgestone’s position is very clear: the development of tires for daily use is undeniably linked to the development of tires from competition. And to evolve, it is only by confronting our competitors that we will advance motorcycle tire technology! The new regulations redistributed the cards in GP. The choice of tires before the weekend no longer allows modifications before the race (which favored our closest competitor because of the distance for races in Europe) … Having a versatile tire which, whatever the conditions and the circuit, bringing satisfaction to the teams is the key factor in Bridgestone’s success. Once again, development and research have enabled us to significantly improve the tires for the 2007 season compared to 2006..

Question from "zoum67": What influence has the development of technologies concerning tires on that of motorcycles? Is one influencing the other or the other way around ?
DL: It is first and foremost a compromise: adapting a tire to a motorcycle depends initially on the specifications of a manufacturer who addresses the manufacturer who has the capacity to provide him with a product "on measures".

Question from "darkdog-fjr-1300": Have you encountered any longevity issues on front-mounted BT021s on (heavy FJR1300) machines? I had done 12,000 km with a BT020 train as original equipment and 5,000 km with a front BT021 worn like a rear tire (flat on top) and witnesses reached on the blanks. The wear of the rear tire remains normal and it is far from being "flushed". Are the recommended inflation pressures the same as BT020?
D.L .: To my knowledge, there are no abnormal problems. However, it is important to note that the BT21 is very sensitive to rolling below the pressure that we recommend. For the FJR1300 as for a good number of road machines (BMW R1200RT, Honda Pan European, etc.), it is 2.5 at the front and 2.9 at the rear.

Question from "Alex 636": Bridge having always been a Kawa partner, why are the Z750 and Z1000 now equipped with original Dunlop? These tires also give a questionable feeling on these models…
D.L.: It is sometimes an economic logic more than a technological one which is favored by the manufacturers. But Bridgestone remains an important partner of Kawasaki. Almost 30% of motorcycles delivered in France are equipped with Bridgestone.

Question from "zoum67": How does Bridgestone stand on the two-wheel tire market in France and elsewhere? ?
D.L.: We have 30% of the market share in original equipment and nearly 25% in replacement equipment. Bridgestone is the world’s leading manufacturer and competes for leadership with all of its competitors. Nevertheless, we intend to establish ourselves as an essential leader on the French market. !

Question from "weeds": What advances do MotoGP tires (made to last between 1 and 30 laps) allow on our everyday tires? ?
D.L .: We’re talking about MotoGP here, so speed! But most of the technologies used are translated for everyday tires on a safety aspect: maximum temperature rise with a minimum heating time, safety on the maximum angle, braking, acceleration, evacuation on wet ground … The only differentiating parameter for everyday tires is longevity. However in MotoGP, the consistency of the tires in performance is important.

Question from "riri": Hello! Will we one day see "self-repairing" tires like self-repairing inner tubes at Decathlon? ?
D.L.: No, not that I know of. Nevertheless, a technology of "run flat" tires in automobiles (of the Bridgestone Run Flat type) could be a track for the future of motorcycles … This techno resides in a concept of self-supporting sidewalls on the high automobile market. of range. But let’s not forget that reinforced sidewalls can disrupt the comfort and the flexing and deflection effects of the tires on a motorcycle, which is important on two-wheelers..

Question from "Gerard": Where are the gums manufactured for the general public and those for competition? ?
D.L.: All our motorcycle tires are manufactured in our factories in Japan, which explains our performance in MotoGP with the new regulations. We are forced, due to the distance between the factory and the GP circuits, to understand all the possible race scenarios (temperature, surface …) that we could encounter during the race … Congratulations to our Japanese engineers !

Question from "Seb78": Do you offer mounts for very old motorcycles? ?
D.L.: If we are talking about a dimensional offer, yes, with the BT45 which has the advantage of bringing new technologies (dual compound). This product has existed since 2000 on the French market. It is an advantage to be able to equip an old motorcycle with today’s tires. The only difference is in the aesthetics of the tire. And if we are talking about the old-fashioned lined profile, we have an "Exedra" range with a lined profile..

Question from "Jean-Michel Derangeres": David, what is your opinion on the regulations in terms of tires in MotoGP? And in SBK ?
D.L.: I think I answered the previous questions: to keep the interest of the races, only one solution: the confrontation with our competitors !

Question from "JBT": Hello David. There are many sites on the net offering tires at unbeatable prices but not – necessarily – fitting! Are there companies specializing in this service ?
D.L.: Indeed, it is an emerging phenomenon. Nevertheless, I strongly advise you to maintain relations with your usual repairer, who will always be able to advise you on a tire that corresponds to your motorcycle and your use. What the internet does not allow … Put yourself in the place of your dealer who sees you arrive with the tires under your arm (lack of profitability) while for an equally competitive price, you will have the human skills and the smile to repair your motorcycle.

Question from "tonyZZR": Hello David! What role do you play in the development of new motorcycles?
D.L.: Hello Tony, my role is only to promote sales and marketing at Bridgestone France. All development is managed by our parent company in Japan. I would like to thank all the readers who are interested in our brand and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Casey Stoner, the Ducati team and the Bridgestone engineers for giving us this title of world champion: for a team of salespeople, nothing more motivating! Thank you all !

Question from "Site": End of the chat, thank you all and see you tomorrow at 6:00 pm with Jean-Pierre Mougin, president of the FFM! Good night !
D.L.: Thank you all !

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