Live chats – Philippe Aubegès (ICA Security): in France, the theft of two-wheelers is on the decline –

Philippe Aubegès (ICA Security): in France, the theft of two-wheelers is on the decline

Live chats - Philippe Aubegès (ICA Security): in France, the theft of two-wheelers is on the decline -

Transcription of the chat that took place on October 2, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. live from the Site stand at the 2007 Mondial du 2 Roues: anti-theft strategy, smart alarms, new features… Philippe Aubeges, head of ICA Security, answered your questions.

Question from fil916: Do you have data concerning thefts: the most stolen model, the most coveted, the most exposed region …? Thank you.
Philippe Aubegès – Head of ICA Security: The most stolen models concern the best-selling machines because they are generally used to supply stolen spare parts, which is not the case with engraved spare parts! By ICA of course :-). As for the region, there is no logic in France, except that mega-cities like Paris, Lyon and Marseille are particularly affected. Regarding Marseille, we realize that there is also lax means of protection: people in the South protect their motorcycles less! Question of mentality…

Question from ZRX: Is it better to have a U or a blocked disk? ?
P.A.: The disc lock is easy to use and guarantees adequate protection during a short stop because you are never far from your machine. This is still + true with the Alarm Xena disc blocker (to be won on Moto-Net 🙂 which will warn you thanks to its siren (since you are not far!), Which allows you to react. Regarding the U, if it is just used to block the wheel by passing through the fork sleeves, without being attached to a point firmly fixed to the ground, it is the same as using a disc lock … My advice : during a long stop, attach with a U or a chain (approved) and you will be sure to find your machine. For a quick shutdown, use the Xena Disc Lock !

Question from Edgar: Hello, are you a biker ?
P.A.: I currently own more than fifteen motorcycles. Passionate about ancestors (De Dion Bouton, Gnome and Rhone, the first Motobecane, Rene Gillet, etc.), I ride a BMW K12LT every day. For the second year, I take part in the Dark Dog Moto Tour and provide rapid assistance to my KTM Superduke riders (look at Philippe Donischal’s results n ° 61!) And at the weekend I ride a 280 TXT Gas Gas in Perche trial areas !

Question from juju: Your alarms are installed without worries on motorcycles equipped with a multiplexing circuit ?
P.A.: Yes, our alarms have been validated by the CNPP (National Center for Protection and Prevention) test centers and comply with SRA rules. We are also NF approved. Our technicians establish the assembly rules for all motorcycles sold in France, a guarantee of perfect adaptability of our alarms.

Question from Cansada tambien: Hello Mr. Aubegès. Why offer unlicensed anti-theft devices ?
P.A.: Our non-approved anti-theft devices meet the demand of individuals in regions where theft is not a problem (Creuse, Lozère, etc.) and for bicycles. Regarding motorcycles, only approved equipment has the quality required for perfect protection. ICA is the only company in France to market all anti-theft systems for two-wheelers (alarms, engraving, mechanical anti-theft devices, electro-mechanical anti-theft devices, Xena and satellite tracking system).

Question from Kukuxumusu: Hello, what nationality is ICA Security ?
P.A.: ICA Security is part of the KLR SAS holding company which I created in 1991 and which I own 100%. I am French and above all European! And I travel the world in search of the best security systems … ICA stands for Identification, Communication and Animation. Remember you discovered ICA with anti-theft engraving.

Question from jane doe: What are the new 2008 products? ?
P.A.: Yes, especially Xena’s Bullett. It is a U anti-theft device which required two years of work to create the first U alarm approved SRA and NF. As our advertisement says: "If you forget me, you will hear me!". In this sleepy market of the mechanical lock, we wanted to bring our knowledge of the needs of the motorcyclist because frankly, it never happened to you to start your motorcycle having forgotten your mechanical lock? Me yes … I created it for you :-).

Question from pabeurk: Thieves follow bikers to their homes and operate quietly in garages. Do you offer equipment to securely fix your motorcycle? ?
P.A.: Absolutely! Besides, we like the English term: "Ground Anchor", or an anchor on the ground! Our fasteners are split in the ground and guarantee high quality security !

Question from nuagisime: Hello. Audible alarms, which were very fashionable in the 1990s, did not become widespread on all cars. Fortunately! Because often there are innocent sleepers, who bear the brunt of an untimely awakening, or even of a sound animation which they would have done well without, during a whole night (this happened to me personally and the vehicle did not even without being broken into) .Without wanting to be unpleasant, I think it is necessary to find solutions that do not infringe on the comfort of life of others and I therefore take a dim view of your flagship product, as probably the majority of non-users.
P.A.: Well analyzed … But you delay! Since 1997 (SRA and NF standard), alarms must be "intelligent" and not be triggered following a flight of a drone flight! In addition, for our Bullett, the great innovation, in addition to being a U Alarm, with the key that you use to close it, you can either arm or not the siren. Watch our ad !!!

Question from joeletaxi: Where can I buy ICA locks ?
P.A.: They are available from 3000 resellers in France. To find the nearest to you call 0820 300 400.

Question from philfilou: Are you working on safety accessories for the pilot? Thank you.
P.A.: No, not for the pilot proper. But despite everything, to know what gear you are in with our Acumen DG8 or to know if your tire is under-inflated, too hot or with a slow puncture (Zadi Pressure detector), we seek to secure your movements after having secured your stops. The Acumen DG8, installed by our technicians or specially trained pros, constantly indicates to us on an LED screen the gear engaged.

Question from cassiopee: You say you travel the world in search of the best security systems but have you seen some really strange or original things? ?
P.A.: The most original, so far, is a biker in Australia to Perth who had cast the front wheel and the rear wheel of his motorcycle (a Yamaha XVZ12TD, commonly called The Adventure) in concrete !

Question from frim24: What is your level of collaboration with motorcycle manufacturers? ?
P.A.: Not important enough for my taste, because our knowledge could seriously hold their attention, especially in the field of the transport of the mechanical lock, which in my opinion is extremely important to protect the vehicle well, because if your lock can be used easily, you will put it on during your stops.

Question from Lucy: How many two-wheelers are stolen each year in France? And in other countries? Do you have statistics according to their type (sports, scooters, GT, etc.) ?
P.A.: In France, theft of two-wheelers is on the decline. Certainly thanks to ICA :-), but also with the new protection rules imposed by insurers who ask their policyholders for approved equipment.

Question from kasstou: What are ICA’s flagship products ?
P.A.: Anti-theft engraving, the Xena alarm disk unit and the Bullett marketed since September (huge success).

P.A.: Thanks everyone! And to the entire Moto-Net team !

Collected live by Site readers

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