Mattress meets motorcyclist

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Mattress meets motorcyclist
Screenshot: CCTV Brisbane


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Mattress meets motorcyclist

Video: mattress meets motorcyclist
Hard attack, soft landing

Aaron Wood, a motorcyclist from Brisbane, had a terrible shock: In a tunnel in the city center, a mattress fell from the truck driving in front of him.

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A traffic surveillance camera recorded what was happening on video. Aaron was traveling at about 80 km / h at the time when the mattress hit him and then got entangled under his motorcycle. “I thought it was over now”, he is quoted in the Queenland Times.

In fact, after about 50 meters of driving, he was able to stand with the mattress wedged between his wheels – without any damage. Other road users who had observed what was happening quickly blocked the lane and helped Aaron out of his predicament.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the driver of the truck has been fined 275 Australian dollars (approx. 195 euros) for driving with unsecured cargo.

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