Michelin TPMS: Tire pressure control system tried out

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Michelin TPMS: Tire pressure control system tried out
Jens Moller-Tollner.


Michelin TPMS: Tire pressure control system tried out

Michelin TPMS
Tried tire pressure control system

Systems that check tire pressure while driving are often part of the standard equipment on new bikes. With the Michelin TPMS, older motorcycles can also enjoy this benefit.

Jens Moller-Tollner


The set can be retrofitted in a few simple steps: simply swap the valve caps for the pressure sensors for the front and rear wheels and lock them with the supplied nut. This ensures a secure fit and protects against thieves. Then just place the holder for the receiver module on the bike – which can be a bit of a challenge: The metal shell for the receiver module should be placed in the driver’s field of vision using adhesive strips and magnets, but many parts such as fork bridges are often made of aluminum – nothing sticks magnetically.

Parts are bombproof

In our case, a KTM 690 SMC R, the handlebar risers had to serve. Although their base is much smaller than the shell and the receiver module, both parts sat bombproof during the lean-angle test on the kart track. After a few meters, the LC display on the receiver module automatically and alternately shows the pressure of the front and rear tires.

Michelin TPMS: Tire pressure control system tried out

Johannes Muller.

The Michelin control system can be retrofitted in a few simple steps.

When checked, there were deviations from the measurement with a precision tester of a maximum of 0.1 bar for cold tires and of 0.05 bar for warm tires.

Noticed positively: Easy retrofitting, accuracy, long battery life

Noticed negatively: Magnet does not stick everywhere

Price: 99.99 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 4 stars out of a possible 5


The Michelin TPMS tire pressure monitoring system made a good impression in the first test. We especially liked the easy installation and the exact measured values. However, the magnet does not stick everywhere. Nevertheless, the system is definitely recommended for owners of older motorcycles.

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