Michelin Power RS ​​in the test

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Michelin Power RS ​​in the test
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Michelin Power RS ​​in the test

Michelin Power RS ​​in the test (best buy racetrack)
Comparison test sports tires (MOTORRAD 11/2017)

5th place: As a MotoGP tire supplier, Michelin has now filled the power family’s specifications with super-sporty content. The Michelin Power RS ​​scores on the racetrack, but the everyday practicality known from the Power 3 falls by the wayside.

Karsten Schwers, Jorg Lohse


Michelin Power RS ​​in the test

Buying tip for the racetrack: Michelin Power RS

the Michelin Power RS ​​is made in Spain. The front tire weighs 4.2 kg, the rear one 6.3 kg.

Provider: Michelin Reifenwerke, Tel. 0721/5300, motorrad.michelin.de

The Michelin Power RS ​​on the racetrack

Air pressure front / rear 2.1 / 1.9 bar, 96 points, 1st place

With the Power RS, Michelin is literally turning the racetrack performance of the Power family upside down. While the Power 3 was the last in the 2016 test, the RS now sets the top performance in the strong test field. Highlights: feedback, stability and endurance.

The Michelin Power RS ​​on the country road and in everyday life

New: 89 points, 4th place; after 4000 km: 85 points, 4th place

The ultra-stable rubber will not be for everyone on the country road. Compared to its predecessor, the RS has lost a bit of comfort and handiness.

The Michelin Power RS ​​in the wet test

86 points, 4th place

So far, the power types have been the first choice in bad weather. The RS now has to put up with criticism in terms of grip and limit areas.

Michelin Power RS ​​wear and tear

83 points, 6th place

High losses behind, last in comparison.

MOTORCYCLE rating: 439 out of 500 points

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