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Hockenheim Classics 2019

Historic bikes and racing at its finest

From September 6th to 8th, 2019, the Veteran Vehicle Association (VFV) is organizing the 42nd Hockenheim Classics at the Hockenheimring. This "special chassis, from crazy to ingenious".

W.he years before, in addition to the action on the track, a special topic was also the focus. This year it is: special chassis, from crazy to ingenious. Because space was limited in 2018 due to construction work on the new Porsche Experience Center, the Hockenheim Classics still had to be held on the small course. This year, however, the Classics will take place as usual on the route variant "IDM course". There is again a place in the middle of the paddock for the target drivers.

Racing series at the Hockenheim Classics

VFV German Historic Motorcycle Championship: More than 20 different historical motorcycle racing series start in a wide variety of categories. The categories are divided into cubic capacity and year of construction. There are various motorcycle combinations to admire, including rare prototypes – not just from a distance, but up close in the paddock, where the drivers can also be approached.

GLPpro, professional uniformity test: This is about regularity runs on the circuit without timekeeping by the driver or co-driver. The vehicle fleet ranges from formula racers to touring cars and GT vehicles to sports prototypes – vehicles older than 25 years are permitted.

Matthias farwick

World champion Jonathan "Jon" Ekerold comes to the Hockenheim Classics. In 1980 he was world champion on a Yamaha in the 350cm³ class. He won the title with a 3 point lead over second-placed Toni Mang. In 1981 he became vice world champion.

IHRO-CRMCH – International Historic Racing Organization: The IHRO-CRMC was founded in 1985 with the idea of ​​maintaining the "Continental Circus" of the 60s and 70s – the first league of classic racers in Europe. Approved are 350 or 500 cm³ racing machines that ran in Grand Prix up to 1972.

FHRM – Swiss Championship: FHRM stands for Friends of Historic Racing Motorcycles. The Swiss Vintage Championship is organized and carried out jointly by FHRM and FMS (the Swiss Motorsport Association). The championship is subject to the strict legal regulations as well as the FHRM / FMS regulations, which define all technical, medical and disciplinary points.

Special chassis in motorcycle racing

Grundmeyer / Messe Bremen

The main topic in 2019 is dedicated to the special chassis in motorcycle sport.

This year’s pre-announcement for the Hockenheim Classics says:
Egli, Seeley, Rickman, Bimota, to name just a few, the names of these brands stood for something very special in the sixties and seventies of the last century. But in the eighties the face of racing changed. Away from the ultra-fast street courses, the action shifted to the permanent racetracks, which were often also called retort courses. The pilots demanded more maneuverability in the tight alternating curves and chicanes, handling was the order of the day. At the Hockenheim Classics 2019, the development of the modern motorcycle will be very easy to follow: groundbreaking things, but also some curiosities and wrong turns. According to this year’s motto: special chassis, from crazy to ingenious.

Tickets, entrance fees, parking spaces

Pre-sale ticket has already started.

  • Weekend ticket: 25 euros
  • Day ticket Friday: 8 euros
  • Saturday day ticket: 15 euros
  • Day ticket Sunday: 15 euros

All tickets including paddock access (Fri-Sun open from 8 a.m.).
Free choice of seats on the open grandstands (south grandstand G, inner grandstand C).
Children / adolescents under 14 years of age have free entry when accompanied by an adult.
People with a disability (at least 50 percent GdB) and their companions (“B” in the handicap ID) receive a reduction of approx. 50 percent.
Wheelchair users have free entry.

The following parking spaces are open to spectators from Friday to Sunday:

  • Parking area at the south stand (access via Continentalstrasse)
  • P1
  • P2

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